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Itay Noy is a totally Tel Aviv, Israel based watch maker. The brand is named after its founder, Itay Noy, who is the heart of the manufacture. He’s won several international design awards, which makes sense given the impressive character and refinement of his designs. With an impressive collection of watches so far for the brand,  I’d like to focus on his Duality line of watches only today. The Duality collection is literally two things in one. Two watches, with two contradictory attitudes. While not the first time a watch has been made with faces on both sides, this is the first time that I’ve seen an actual theme be applied to the concept. Thus, each watch in the collection is comprised of opposites, with associated symbolism on the watch designs themselves.

Before discussing the various pieces on the Duality collection, lets look at the overall design of the watches. A very modern and minimalist approach is taken with the case design. A lug-less construction places the reversible leather strap inside the case as part of the construction. Essentially, the watch is comprised of two 42.4mm wide watch cases sandwiched together, with crowns (one for each movement) at the 3:30 and 8:30 position. The cases are made of steel, and the leather straps are two-toned (light on one side, dark on the other). The faces feature finely cut or engraved metal dials and hands which display the designs and patterns are displayed. Each side of the watch has its own design, which extends to even the bezel. The “duality” of the watches is more than surface level, and has a deeper more symbolic component. There are four watches in the Duality watch line; the Exposed Concealed, Modern Classic, Decorative Informative, and Holiday Everyday. As you can see the models are named with opposite terms, and the style of the corresponding face is meant to match one of the terms. The two images above are of the Duality Modern Classic watch. You can tell that one side has a beautifully crafted modern minimalist watch face, while the opposite side has an engraved metal dial with classically styled Roman numerals and decoration. Each side hints enough at the themes, but overall still work together. That artistic dimension to these watches is clear, and the message that opposites can work together and find harmony is a more important message (especially in Israel where such sentiments are probably welcome).

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Inside the Duality watches are two Swiss ETA 995.112 quartz movements. Other Itay Noy watches offer mechanical movements, but the thin nature of quartz movements was needed to keep the watch relatively thin at 13mm thick. Two mechanical movements would have greatly increased the size of the Duality watches. The dials feature hand painted enamel while each watch is also hand assembled for each customer with handmade leather strap. The Duality collection watches are all part of a limited edition as well.

twofaceThe talent and cleverness behind the designs are what make Itay Noy watches stand out. I particularly like the symbolism of the Holiday Everyday watch. The ‘everyday side’ has rows of repetitive numbers (see in the gallery below) that represent the hectic and often tedious nature of everyday life. The type of cluttered existence that requires one to “wipe the slate clean” every once in a while. Thus, the ‘holiday side’ is just blank. Expressing that a true vacation is one away from the modicum of everyday life as well as the stress and responsibilities thereof. A holiday is freedom, and the best type leaves your schedule totally open. Still the date is placed on the austere dial. Why? Perhaps to add to the functionality, or to remind us that while vacations are nice, they don’t last forever, and we are always within calculated range of returning to our everyday lives.

Duality collection watches from Itay Noy are fun and artistic, but they are also like Two-Face (image provided). You get a unique and great looking watch, but you also get something that talks about who you are. Most people embody some form of duality, and each person will be most drawn to at least one of the Duality line of watches offered here. The watches cost $3,800 for Israel’s nicest watch brand.

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Also, Itay Noy watches are alternatively available at Ace Jewelers here.

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