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Itay Noy Part Time Watch

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

In a studio in Tel-Aviv, the creative mind of Itay Noy conceives made-to-order timepieces that are sure to catch the eye. His latest offering – displayed at Baselworld 2015 – is the Itay Noy Part Time. Available in four color schemes, limited to 24 pieces each, the concept of the Itay Noy Part Time is simple: the dial is divided into two parts, one for the day, one for the night. When the day side is active (from 6am-6pm) the night side sleeps and vice versa. The temporal segments are split by a vertical line, running from 12 to 6 o’clock. At the very bottom of the dial, the series number is engraved and, at the very top, Itay Noy’s name decorates the dial in his distinctive personal font.

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

There are two separate designs, each with two color options. I think the most striking of the two is the “day and night” dial, which has a sun motif on the left and a moon and stars scene on the right. It’s certainly unique how the ‘active’ portion of the dial is indicated by either the sun or moon coming to life, but is, in my opinion, a little basic. Both circular apertures reveal a colored disc when it is their turn to tell the time: the sun becomes yellow; the moon becomes white. As effective as this is, it is hardly going to set the horological world alight. Sure, it’s different to have effectively two dials each doing half the job of a normal dial, but the question is “why bother?”

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

In this case, the answer seems to be “because it can be done, so shall we do it!” Truth be told, a little whimsy now and then does no one any harm. My only concern is that this watch does not do enough in the areas it could to be considered a success. There are several unique elements about this watch: The case, the dial aesthetic, the mode of time display, the modified base calibre, and the strap. There are merits and demerits to each USP, but I’d argue that the latter slightly outweighs the former. And here’s why…

The case does one thing well: It creates an identifiable silhouette. So when blacked-out, this 44.6mm behemoth might look okay. But when you shine the light on the details, you might be less impressed. The case is built in three layers, stacked atop one another like a Victoria Sponge cake. These layers are held together by some pretty weak-looking screws that I’m not sure I’d trust. On the plus side, this is nice and balanced, with each segment the same thickness. However, the lugs, which extend directly from the middle tier, are consequently petite.

That said, the lugs may save themselves from ridicule on two fronts. Firstly, they are built to take a screw bar as opposed to a spring bar. This is something that pleases me, especially when such an enormous case is in play. Secondly, the lugs are quite pleasantly shaped and ergonomically contoured, and do a good job of keeping the 44.6mm housing as small as possible on the wrist. My favorite style and color scheme is undoubtedly the Itay Noy Part Time-DN.BK. On this watch in particular, the lugs look good, because the grayness of the dial softens the whole relationship between the face and the case. The lugs, as a result, seem to blend into the dial and create a clean and natural continuation from display to wrist.


Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

Cutting to the chase here, let’s look take a closer look at the unique dial designs of the Itay Noy Part Time. Because of the basic concept, the time display does seem a bit disjointed – reading the time at a glance is not as easy as in the case of some other proprietary dial designs, but then again, because there are no overlapping indications, overall legibility is not too bad either. The bottom right sub-dial around the 5 o’clock position is the hour indicator. The centrally-mounted hand is the minute hand. The bottom left sub-dial around 7 o’clock is the seconds indicator. The apertures above the sun and the moon indicators are ’12 hour indicator dials’. Only one of these 12 hour indicators operates at a time. It is exactly the same concept as a 24 hour dial, but split over two half dials. As the daylight hours progress, the sun rises from the left and sets to the right. When the day-time 12 hour indicator reaches 18:00, the night-time counterpart takes over and the moon begins its transit. If you want a visual of all this in play, check out this video here.

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

The watch features the IN.DD&6498-1 movement, which boasts a 38 hour power reserve, 21,600bph and 17 jewels. If those specifications sound familiar, that’s because you might have seen them attached to an ETA 6497/8. The calibre in the Itay Noy Part Time is a modified tractor movement, so tough and robust it could punch its way through a wall. I love the 6497/8 as a base, and love the fact Itay Noy has actually done a bit of proper watchmaking in the creation of this quirky timepiece. Plaudits to him for this effort. In this category, it is hard to gripe with the execution of an idea within his reach. I mean, the complication works, so it can’t be totally lambasted, but it is not dynamic enough to delight, nor clever enough to inspire. It feels more like an exercise well completed than the final realization of a jaw-dropping conception.

Lastly I come to the leather strap. This is a really nicely made thing, with a real sense of craftsmanship in the design. I don’t know if I would wear it myself on aesthetics alone, but as a fan of trade skills, I think I could see something like this on my wrist.

Itay Noy Part Time Watch Watch Releases

Itay Noy is an independent brand for people who like to make a statement, for those who enjoy the bizarre and fanciful, and for people who believe in supporting skilled artisans and their work. The Itay Noy Part Time is a polarizing watch, with a host of contentious design elements that will pay back your monetary investment in conversation topics.

The price is $4,800 for one of the 24 pieces. The watches début at Baselworld 2015. The brand can be found in hall 2.2. at Booth F33.

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  • Fraser Petrick

    From Monty Python: “And now for something completely different.”
    I love this, um, er, whatever it is. I’d wear it, particularly when applying for a government grant at the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  • thornwood36

    Although i cant always say i like what comes out of the minds of horologist minds when they get round a table and bounce ideas off each other in this instance , its worked. I love the whole understated look of this watch.. Nice day to day talking point, but definitely not my main watch. I love the moon dial complication and this takes up the whole face ( ok, i know i can look up, but that’s not the point !!)

  • WimadS

    Quote: “it is hardly going to set the horological world alight.(…) It feels more like an exercise well completed than the final realization of a jaw-dropping conception.”

    Very true, but I also wonder what raises this expectation? All his previous designs are hardly haute horology, and nor would I expect anything jaw dropping from his hand when it comes to the movements or the way it tells time.
    Nevertheless I am usually quite charmed by his designs. They are visually very appealing, and the dials are quite unique and I can appreciate the apparent creativity and craftsmanship in them. 
    Although I must say this particular design doesn’t appeal to me personally as much as some of his other designs,

  • joshgraves


  • Would it have killed him to make the hands larger (so you can actually read them)? It’s like chronograph subdials for what I assumme is the hours for that portion of the day.. The central hand could be longer too. I like quirky watches but (and this is just imy opinion) I really dont find any of them attractive in the least. Interesting techinal/conceptual thing though. I’m glad he makes it but I’d never wear one.

  • iamcalledryan

    Itay Noys me too.

  • Time2Go

    I suppose this is an interesting idea, but the parts of the watch that one looks at to actually tell the time (crazy, I know) look like they weren’t given a thought at all..  No “design”.  No “pretty”.  Not even the dreaded chopped-off digit or anything.

    No want.

  • Grinnie Jax

    Cannot actually figure out why – but I feel visual discomfort looking at it.

  • Looking at the ‘come visit our booth’ graphic, it would appear the the sun and moon don’t snap in and out of view, but gradually do so showing crescent shapes: is this the case? If so, that’s pretty cool. Although, maybe appropriate for the moon dial only, and the sun on should have a horizontal line that rises from the bottom up, giving the appearance of a setting sun.

  • notech47

    The watch case has an appealing and different look. The rest looks like it came from the mind of Salvador Dali…

  • Twinbarrel

    I really like the design and its functions of these watches. It also emphasizes it’s uniqueness by the display of its number of the ltd production range. It’s different and I appreciate the guts it takes to produce something like this that you obviously know is marketed for a small niche of clients. The price point is excellent, just right and I would definitely wear it.
    I am curious to see next years designs too.
    Two thumbs up!!

  • An explanation about the sub dials should have been included in the article, even if it wouldn’t save this contraption.

  • joblow

    I like the watch, especially the black & white(or silver?). It represents the watch’s concept of night & day.

  • Josefina Patiño Núñez

    ¿De qué nacionalidad es?

  • egznyc

    Nice thought. But is that a bad thing? I love Dali!

  • egznyc

    Interesting pieces. Very whimsical. Not exactly to my liking but I am curious to see what else he has done. I assume the hours are jumping and digitally displayed, the minutes are in the center, and there are two second hands: one that operates during day and one at night. But I cannot be sure. Also don’t see why.

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