In addition to the piece unique watch that Bell & Ross has created for the Only Watch 2011 watch auction, it looks like they will have a few of these “Bell & Ross BR01 Casino” watches for sale. The Only Watch 2011 version has a black and gold dial and is done in all 18k pink gold (some of it is PVD coated black) . The standard version will be more traditionally toned like a roulette wheel.

These watches are based on the Bell & Ross Radar watch from last year. A concept that Bell & Ross keeps playing with. There has been the Radar II, as well as other models based on the BR01 case and dial that uses three moving discs to tell the hours, minutes, and seconds. The movement is based on a modified Swiss ETA 2892 automatic.

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Are these 46m wide slowly moving roulette wheels cool in a Casino setting? Of course. Who wants to know the time at the tables anyways (the casino certainly doesn’t want you to know). Reading the time isn’t super easy, but it is doable. The green “0” is the hour indicator and the moving ball is the minute indicator. The center disc shows the seconds.

While there will only be one of the BR01 Casino Only Watch 2011, I am not sure how many PVD steel BR01 Casino pieces Bell & Ross will make. It is likely not a limited edition piece, but something unique that you won’t find all over the place. Actually, according to Bell & Ross, the BR01 Casino will be available excursively in casinos that are either in Las Vegas, Monaco, and Macau. Look for them in October 2011 (the month after the only watch auction ends).

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