The newly released Bell & Ross BRS range of watches was a beautiful addition to the Bell & Ross line which is typically focused on instrument watches. The BRS line was strictly fashion oriented in design. You could see this trend starting with the BR-03 that was a smaller (42mm) size version of the BR-01 (46mm). The BRS is smaller yet at 39mm in diameter. Though it does not feel small as it sits square on the wrist, as the case is… well square). Further, the BRS is extremely thin. This, in addition to the more manageable size makes it easier to wear with a variety of wardrobes.

First for the Bell & Ross BRS line were all ceramic watches in black or white. The cases looked amazing in glossy back or white, but things got a bit confusing when you started seeing diamonds on them. Was it a man’s watch? A woman’s watch? Both? It was hard to tell honestly, especially from Bell & Ross, a watch company that doesn’t really make too many watches for women. So the first BRS ceramic watch were beautiful, but not for everyone. Still bound to be classics though.

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Now there is something new from Bell & Ross, the BRS Gold, which is actually three new watches. Each one shares the profile of the BRS ceramic in dimensions and the dial design, but the character is all different. Unlike the BRS Ceramic that came with either a quartz or manually wound mechanical movement, the BRS Gold only comes with a manually would mechanical ETA Peseux 7001 caliber movement. This is a proven movement with a lot of accuracy and reliability. The fact that it is manually wound helps keep the watch case so thin.

Although the cases all look different, they are each done in gold. The first is what is called gray gold, and the other two are rose gold. Gray gold is something really interesting actually. Unlike white gold, gray gold is an alloy that does not use any nickel or palladium, but just gold, copper, silver, and manganese. It is satin finished for a machine like look that shares the luxury and elegance of white gold.

The looks are very interesting. The gold and galvanic black version is obvious in its appeal with its contrasting colors, legible face and comforting looking hands. To understand the appeal of the other two, you need to look back into history and to a time when blued hands where all the rage, and luxury had a more civilized approach. Whereas today, luxury often takes the form of flamboyant communication and an over abundance of expensive materials. The BRS never loses Bell & Ross’s instrument attitude, with the exposed screws on the dial and case. The gray gold case matches well with the yellow custard cream dial and then again with the gray colored alligator strap. The looks is almost “fancy industrial.” The pearl white dial colored watch is very European in looks. Reminding me of British sports cars and men’s clubs. Adding functional looks with high quality materials. All of them very nice looking in their own way. Bell & Ross again, fails to disappoint. Prices are $11,000-$12,000 retail (depending on the type of gold). Expect some wiggle room of course.

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