1. Historic Swiss Brand Angelus Is Back

Angelus Factory

Some of the biggest news in the past week was that La Joux-Perret, who is now owned by Citizen of Japan, has just revived an old and revered brand in watchmaking – Angelus. Angelus is perhaps most famous for its Chronodato watch – the first chronograph with calendar indications – and is also closely associated with Panerai, which used Angelus’ 8-day movements in its vintage watches. This article also provides a good history of La Joux-Perret and is recommended reading for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Angelus and La Joux-Perret.

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Source: Quill & Pad

2. A Visit To La Fabrique Du Temps Louis Vuitton In Geneva

La Fabrique du Temps

Unless you are a devoted watch lover, the name La Fabrique du Temps will not ring any bells for you. However, if I said Louis Vuitton, there’s a high chance that at this very moment you are thinking of the brand’s distinctive monogram. Actually, La Fabrique du Temps is the newly acquired watchmaking arm of Louis Vuitton. La Fabrique du Temps was established in 2007 and has enjoyed a long working relationship with Louis Vuitton, so much so that that Louis Vuitton decided to acquire them in 2011. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what goes on at the workshop.

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Source: Watches by SJX

3. Interview: Stephen Forsey Offers A Balanced Perspective On Exclusivity, Design, And The Impact Of Smartwatches On Mechanical Watchmaking

Stephen Forsey

Stephen Forsey is the co-founder of Greubel Forsey, a brand that surely needs no introduction. In the world of haute horology, Greubel Forsey is at the apex. Though the brand is arguably more well-known for its outrageous designs, not many are actually aware of the brand’s philosophy towards watchmaking. Their attitude towards craftsmanship is second to none in the world of horology and in this interview, Stephen talks about the challenges of starting a watch company, the importance of artistic integrity and weighs in on smartwatches.

Source: Hodinkee

4. Sean’s 5 for $2,000

King Seiko

Building a watch collection consisting of five watches for $2000 is not a difficult task, but neither is it an easy one. Obviously, there are a lot of watches out there that will fit comfortably into this budget, but not all of them are interesting and worthwhile. So how can one go about amassing a five-watch collection that is both authentic and worthy of a watch enthusiast? One way is to look for vintage watches, and here is how a watch lover did it.

Source: Worn and Wound

5. Apple’s Trick for Using “as Little Gold as Possible” in Its New, $17,000 Gold Watch

Apple Watch Edition

When Apple revealed last September that it will be offering the Apple Watch in gold, most people thought they were mad. And when they finally stated a few days ago that its gold Apple Watches would cost anywhere between $10,000 to $17,000, many could not fathom how that was possible. As it turns out, Apple is not as bonkers as it would seem.

Source: Slate

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