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1. SIHH 2013: Panerai PAM510 & PAM511

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Pam 510

At SIHH 2013, while many were fawning over the new “Bronzo” PAM 507, Panerai also quietly released the PAM 510 and 511. What’s significant about them is that they are equipped with the new in-house P5000 movement, which has a significant 8 days of power reserve.

Looking at photos of the PAM 510, the similarities between it and the PAM 111 are striking, leading many Paneristis to believe that Panerai could very well be beginning to phase out its Unitas-based watches. Whether this will make the older Unitas Panerais more collectable is anyone’s guess, but offering only watches with in-house movements does signal Panerai’s intent on becoming a bonafide horological powerhouse. The PAM 511, on the other hand, is identical to the PAM 510 but has a red gold case and matching gold hands.

Source: Panerai PAM510 and PAM511 watches

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2. BASELWorld 2013 DIVER RoundUP

Blancpain 50

Dive watches are amongst the most popular types of watches, because they are highly legible; often solidly constructed; and some, like the iconic Submariner, are versatile enough to be worn both at the beach and in the office.

And if you like dive watches, then you must check out OceanTime’s roundup of all the major dive watches that were announced at Baselworld 2013. The list is by no means exhaustive of course, since I noticed that they missed out on the Ahoi, NOMOS’ new dive watch, which I’m fond of. However, this is a pretty good list to start with if you are thinking of getting a new dive watch this year.

Source: Baselworld 2013 diver watch round-up

3. Finishing: What is Beveling?


In today’s world of haute horology, there is an increasingly emphasis placed on the finishing of watches and their movements. A. Lange & Söhne, for example, has made a reputation for itself thanks to its exquisitely finished timepieces.

In this article, we explore “beveling,” a finishing technique which results in highly polished edges of a watch component “breaking” at a 45° angle. Contrary to what you might think, beveling is not purely for aesthetic purposes as it can help maintain proper function of the watch. You can learn more about beveling and the current trends of watch finishing in this article.


4. Stepping Back in Time: An Horological Visit to Lancaster, PA

Lancaster [Update: July 8, 2014 – In light of recent events, aBlogtoWatch is not able to endorse RGM as a company. While we value the quality of their product, what we’ve learned about the company’s management gives us pause. – Ed.]

If you love traveling to places with a rich history in horology, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, might seem an unlikely destination, but bear with us. For almost a hundred years, from 1892 to the mid 80s, it was home to the factory of the Hamilton Watch Company, one of the America’s greatest homegrown watchmakers. Today, although Hamilton longer no makes watches in Lancaster, the old factory has been converted into a rich museum with a collection of Hamilton timepieces, both old and new. Additionally, there’s a School of Horology run by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, where visitors could sign up for basic watchmaking courses. Finally, Lancaster is also home to the RGM Watch Company, a small watchmaker renown for its in-house American-made movements. Who says Switzerland is the only place with horological history?

Source: Visiting Hamilton watches in Lancaster, PA


Rolex Cerachrom

The name Mike Francis might not be familiar to you, but the name Christopher Ward should be. Mike Francis happens to be one of the three men who founded the company and in this article he shares his thoughts on the recently concluded Baselworld exhibition. It’s always interesting to read articles from watchmakers to hear what they have to say about Baselworld and it’s even better when the article is written with the wit and humor that Mike so clearly has. Well worth checking out.

Source: Baselworld 2013 from Hublot to Hubris

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