1. Paint it black

Urwerk 1001

A recent trend in the world of watches is the all-black watch. But did you know that not all black-colored watches are created equal? Some watches are black because of the materials that they are made out of. Audemars Piguet, for example, has a couple of watches that are black because the case is made of forged carbon – the very popular Royal Oak Offshore Bumblebee is one example. On the other hand, some are black because they have been coated or treated with processes and coatings like ADLC, DLC, and PVD. Everything you need to know about blacked-out watches is in the link below.

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Source: Revolution

2. Seiko Prospex Pepsi Turtle PADI Edition

Seiko Padi Turtle

One of the watches that I have most eagerly been awaiting is the Seiko Prospex PADI automatic diver. This watch is based on a reissue of Seiko’s legendary “Turtle” dive watch, and celebrates Seiko’s special relationship with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). What makes this piece attractive is its brilliant blue dial and its Pepsi-colored bezel. The fact that it is a limited-edition piece makes it even more desirable. Hit the link for a closer look at this watch.

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Source: Tick Tock Forever

3. A Watch Collection Begins: GaryG And His Bucherer Chronometer

Bucherer Chronometer

For many of us, our fascination with watches began with that one watch. It could be a gift from someone close, or could be something you bought for yourself. For the author of this post, his love affair with watches began with a Bucherer (now Carl F. Bucherer) Chronometer that was purchased under unlikely circumstances. Read this to find out how he stumbled across this watch and what this watch means to him today.

Source: Quill and Pad

4. Amidst industry slump, Swatch Group / ETA looks to reopen supply of movements


One of the most controversial news stories recently is that the Swatch Group is looking into the possibility of reopening the supply of movements to third parties. If you haven’t been following industry news, the Swatch Group has, for many years, lobbied for reducing supplies to third parties. It said that by reducing supplies to third parties, which had become reliant on the Swatch Group for watch movements and components, it would encourage independence and innovation, and protect the “Swiss Made” label. Reports have speculated that the recent slump in watch sales is the catalyst behind this incredible U-turn.

Source: Worn and Wound

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