Last week, Apple finally unveiled the successor to its first Apple Watch. Called the Apple Watch Series 2, it looks basically identical to the first generation Apple Watch, but adds new features such as water resistance and integrated GPS. And in this roundup, we will show you the Apple Watch up-close, as well as share our thoughts about Apple’s latest foray into the watch industry and how this will impact the watch industry in general.

Moving away from the Apple Watch, we will travel to Japan to take a look at two Japanese horological wonders. One is the ancient Myriad Year Clock, built by one Tanaka Hisashige, who is often called the “Thomas Edison of Japan.” Built around 1851, it is a 1000-part clock with six faces that runs for an entire year once fully wound. It has even been designated as Important Cultural Asset by the Japanese government. The other is a more modern watch, and it comes from Seiko’s esteemed Grand Seiko line. And the watch I’m talking about is the Grand Seiko reference SBGH005. Find out why this is one of the best luxury watches money can buy, period.

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1. Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch Hands-On


Arguably the biggest news of the past two weeks is the announcement of Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 2. This is the successor to last year’s first generation Apple Watch and it adds a couple of much requested features from users, including water resistance and built-in GPS. With its new features, the new Apple Watch Series 2 looks like a more capable smartwatch. Hit the link for a closer look at the different variants of the new Apple Watch Series 2.

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2. Apple As A Watch Brand & Post-Launch Thoughts On The Apple Watch Series 2


The Apple Watch Series 2 is an important product for Apple for a few reasons. The original Apple Watch was their first all-new product in years, and it is a category that Apple had never dabbled in before. Therefore, the new Apple Watch Series 2 has a lot riding on it as it seeks to cement Apple’s position as the leader in smartwatches. But the bigger question for watch enthusiasts is how the new Apple Watch Series 2 will affect the watch industry. At Apple’s keynote event where the new version was launched, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed a list of “Worldwide Watch Sales” where among ten brands Apple was second only to Rolex. We take a look at what that claim could mean and what it means to view Apple as a watch brand.

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3. Seiko Prospex SRP777 Dive Watch Review


We have said it many times before, but it’s worth repeating that Seiko makes some of the best bang-for-buck watches, period. And one of these watches that’s worth highlighting is the Seiko “Turtle” reissue, which is based on the reference 6309 of the Seventies. The new “Turtle” reissue comes in a couple of variants and the one that we are looking at is the all-black Prospex SRP777. Find out in our review why this new watch is so special and so sought after by hardcore collectors and casual watch lovers alike.

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4. Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit Watch Based On A. Lange & Söhne Tourbillon Hands-On


A.Lange & Söhne only made 50 pieces of their ultra-exclusive Tourbillon Pour le Merite watch. It’s an ultra high-end and complicated watch that features a tourbillon as well as a chain and fusee mechanism. It’s the stuff of haute horology dreams. But somebody had the guts to say that they can make this watch better, and this is what the people at Grieb & Benzinger did. The Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit watch that you see here features a movement that came straight from an ultra-rare A.Lange & Söhne Pour le Merite watch. Of course, just transplanting the movement would be unimpressive, so the guys at Grieb & Benzinger have given it a thorough work-over with extensive engraving and decoration. Feast your eyes on this masterpiece here.

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5. New TAG Heuer Aquaracer Black Titanium Watches For 2016 Hands-On


After assuming the position of CEO at TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver wasted no time in reorganizing the brand. He has made it clear that TAG Heuer will focus on offering maximum value for money and that the brand will focus heavily on the entry-level segment of the luxury watch market. To do so, one of their key collections will be the Aquaracer. And for 2016, TAG Heuer has thoroughly updated the Aquaracer collection with new designs and colors to appeal to a younger crowd.

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6. Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic Square Sector Dial Tourbillon Double Spiral Watch Hands-On


All successful independent watch brands have a distinctive style. MB&F can be best described as unorthodox and avant-garde, while F.P. Journe can perhaps be said to be neoclassical and technical. Laurent Ferrier, on the other hand, at least to my mind, is the king of understated class and elegance. To the untrained eye, the new Galet Classic Square Sector Dial Tourbillon Double Spiral watch looks just like any other cushion case watch. But to those in the know, it is a showpiece of tasteful watch design, superlative finishing, and consummate watchmaking. Find out why in our hands-on article here.

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