1. Tourbillon Watches, Made in Hong Kong


Tourbillon watches are highly sought-after for a couple of reasons (widespread status symbol, aside). Mainly it is because they are relatively difficult to make, and also because they simply look cool on the wrist. But they are also known to be incredibly expensive, with few brands in the world with the knowhow and expertise to make them. But that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Say hello to Memorigin, a small watch company based in Hong Kong that specializes in affordable tourbillon watches.

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Source: The New York Times

2. IN-DEPTH: Grand Seiko, master of details – the Automatic Hi-Beat 36000 (ref. SBGH005)

Grand Seiko SBGH005

Earlier, we took a look at Seiko’s very popular “Turtle” reissue. Now, let’s turn our attention to one of Seiko’s more exquisite and finer offerings, the Grand Seiko reference SBGH005, or more commonly known simply as the Grand Seiko Mechanical Hi-Beat watch. Inside beats a “hi-beat” 36,000bph movement, which demonstrates Seiko’s watchmaking prowess as one of the few watch brands to mass produce a hi-beat movement. And on the outside, the case is expertly finished using Seiko’s Zaratsu or blade polishing technique. Take a closer look to see why this particular watch is often regarded as one of the best luxury watches money can buy.

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Source: Time and Tide Watches

3. The new Rolex exhibition center and an interview with Cortina’s Jeremy Lin

Rolex Boutique Singapore

The tiny island of Singapore is one of the most watch-crazed countries in the world. And it recently saw some interesting developments in the watch retail scene. The largest Patek Philippe boutique in the region just opened in April, and just weeks ago, so did the region’s largest Rolex boutique. This Rolex boutique is special because it also houses a permanent exhibit dedicated to the brand. Both spaces were opened by Cortina Watch, one of the region’s largest watch retailers, and it’s a bold move considering the current economic and retail climate. In this article, Cortina’s chief operating officer Jeremy Lim shares his thoughts on the watch retail market and the strategy behind these two big moves.

Source: Deployant

4. The Complete History Of The F.P. Journe Tourbillon, As Told By Francois-Paul Journe Himself

Ask any watch expert to name some of the greatest watchmakers of all time and there’s a very good chance Francois-Paul Journe will be amongst them. The founder of F.P. Journe is a watchmaking genius, and he is closely associated with the tourbillon. In fact, his very first watch was a tourbillon, and he built it only because he wanted a tourbillon watch and could not afford one from one of the big Swiss brands. And in this video, Francois-Paul Journe will personally talk you through the history of his tourbillon watches and also share some of the tourbillon watches that his brand makes. Along the way, he also shares some thoughts about tourbillon watches in general.

Source: Hodinkee

5. How Japan’s Thomas Edison Built the Nation’s Most Complicated Clock

Myriad Year Clock

The name Tanaka Hisashige might not ring any bells, but he has been often referred to as the “Thomas Edison of Japan.” As a prolific inventor, he has made mechanical dolls and also built Japan’s first domestically made steam locomotive and warship. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is also the man behind the Mannen Jimeishou or Myriad Year Clock, a super complicated clock with six faces that is made up of 1000 parts. Hit the link below to find out more about how this clock works and the man that made it.

Source: Watches by SJX

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