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Bhindi, a staple name for luxury watches and jewelry in Southern California, has recently relaunched its expanded timepiece and jewelry salon located in the Glendale Galleria shopping center. The Bhindi family and its partner brands dedicated three years to remodeling the popular destination, and the new larger space specifically places watches in the spotlight to make it a flagship retail location for enthusiasts. Newly reopened (as of December 2023), the Glendale Bhindi boutique features an expansive floor plan containing multiple different “shop in shops” that are each dedicated to one of the luxury watch brands carried by the important authorized dealer.

In mid-December 2023, the close-knit Bhindi family hosted a gala event to relaunch the impressive Glendale Galleria Bhindi store. Media, watch fans, and celebrity VIP clientele celebrated the stylish new retail location, which sets a new bar in Southern California when it comes to shopping for high-end timepieces. Bhindi and its staff are celebrated not only for the impressive brands they carry, but also for their dedication to client relationships and personalized service. As both a watch retailer and jeweler, Bhindi is an important member of the various communities it inhabits, and its customers and their families often become clients for many years, with Bhindi serving as their trusted source for luxury timepieces and jewelry.

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Bhindi is an authorized dealer for many of the major names in luxury timekeeping, and the new Glendale Galleria boutique space is divided into smaller brand-specific booths and sections, with each one dedicated to a different luxury watch company. While Rolex is the only brand that has its own separate dedicated space, other premier luxury watch manufacturers that can be found within the new Glendale Galleria Bhindi store include (but are not limited to), Tudor, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Grand Seiko, Zenith, TAG Heuer, and NOMOS, with most of these brands having their own dedicated section within Bhindi’s newly expanded location.

Along with carefully choosing the brands it carries to create a diverse selection for its customers, Bhindi also specifically partners with watch companies that offer different identities and aesthetics to ensure a comprehensive assortment of beautiful luxury timepieces. Alongside major horological names that are universally known among the general population are other watch brands that typically cater to more enthusiast-driven demographics like NOMOS and Grand Seiko, and the selection of timepieces available at a Bhindi’s expanded Glendale location span everything from burly tool watches to refined dress pieces, and even extravagant gem-set models that epitomize the overlap between wristwatches and jewelry.

While Bhindi’s new Glendale Galleria boutique gives each watch brand its own dedicated area, the biggest space (by a significant margin) is devoted to Rolex. Located through a doorway leading from the primary showroom is a separate space focused entirely on Rolex that is nearly the same size as the primary showroom itself. Technically connected to the larger Bhindi store, the Rolex space features its own separate entrance, brand-specific decor, and a number of different sitting and viewing areas. Bhindi serves as many people’s go-to source for Rolex watches on the West Coast, and it has significantly upped the ante for the competition by investing in such a grand space that is sure to delight customers and watch enthusiasts alike.

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While the newly redesigned Glendale Galleria space is largely dedicated to luxury watches, Bhindi is still very much a premier jeweler, and it also has a space within its new Glendale boutique reserved specifically for traditional jewelry. For watch enthusiasts, it’s easy to think of Bhindi as just an authorized retailer for luxury timepieces; however, jewelry is also an incredibly important part of Bhindi’s heritage, and alongside everything from traditional items to fully custom creations, Bhindi also produces its own high-jewelry pieces that range from lavish pendant necklaces to fully iced out rings with natural diamonds in vibrant colors.

By giving each brand a dedicated space within its expansive new Glendale Galleria boutique, Bhindi has created an immersive experience for watch buyers, and its enormous Rolex space stands out as a highlight and a true destination for fans of the brand. Additionally, Bhindi’s knowledgeable and passionate staff has a longstanding history of offering industry-leading service to its customers, and the expanded format of its newly redesigned Glendale location will allow Bhindi to continue to cater to the public in an even greater capacity.

The newly relaunched Bhindi boutique is located inside the Glendale Galleria shopping center at 2213 Galleria Way, Glendale, CA 91210. Additionally, Bhindi’s showroom is open to the public from Monday through Saturday from 12PM until 6PM, and on Sunday from 12:30PM to 5:30PM. For more information on Bhindi and its retail locations, please visit the company’s website.

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