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Bornova Watches Aegean

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases

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After leading the way at several micro brands over the last 10 years, the creators of the recently debuted Bornova watch brand have set out to create an elegant, hand-wound watch that’s easy to wear and easy to love. While it can be tricky to pull off a “dress watch” design without seeming overly-conservative or boring, the designers have managed to pack enough personality into these new watches without creating something gaudy or exaggerated. The Bornova Watches Aegean is a svelte and attractive timepiece with a variety of eye-catching design touches, high quality hand-wound movement, and a price tag that makes it easy for watch enthusiasts to get in on the fun. The key here is variety and quality in a watch that can easily serve as a formidable everyday wear piece.

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases

The Bornova Watches Aegean features a range of finishes found throughout the dial and case surfaces. These details aren’t often found in watches at this price point and the brand has managed to perfect the design so that it complements the range of dial options available. One of the most important points concerning the case architecture in the choice to utilize the Peseux/ETA 7001 hand-wound movement. This simple, yet very reliable movement lets Bornova keep case thickness down to just 8.50mm. Other touches on the case include a nicely polished bezel, fully polished surfaces along the caseband, a pronounced crown for easy operation, and a double-domed sapphire crystal.

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases

Case details aside, the Aegean’s best features can be found in the dial itself. Available in black, white, anthracite, blue, and rose gold, the watch’s dial provides a nice backdrop for the color options thanks to the layered design. The layers are embossed onto the brass dial with IP plating and an array of simple polished indices adorn the periphery. The running seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock flows seamlessly with the textured, innermost layer and the pronounced ‘Mountain Hands’ make the display highly legible, even with the variety of polished details.

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases


  • Case: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Dimensions: 38.50mm diameter, 8.50mm height
  • Crystal: Double domed sapphire crystal
  • Caseback: Solid stamped caseback with fixation via 4 screws on the lugs
  • Water Resistance: 50m
  • Dial: Embossed brass dials with IP plating, applied indexes
  • Movement: ETA/Peseux caliber 7001
  • Hands: Mountain hands
  • Strap: Calfskin
  • Buckle: Dorn buckle

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases

Bornova Watches Aegean Watch Releases

With the Bornova Watches Aegean, the brand hopes to deliver a watch that is both attractive and affordable. The combination of visually interesting finishes, reliable Swiss movement, color options, and accessibility makes the watch a fine choice for anyone seeking a dress watch with a little more personality. Currently, the pre-order is set at €290 for the first 50 watches. Smaller batches will then be released at prices ranging from €320 to €350 and full retail price will top out at €490. The Bornova Watches Aegean ships on a calfskin strap with a dorn buckle and you can learn more by visiting Bornova’s official site.

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  • DanW94

    Looks like a solid effort and with a ETA movement to boot. It’s a safe design but it’s a dress watch after all and as long as it’s well executed I have no problems with it. Two things though, the brand name makes you think Bulova and I can’t make out the logo design and wonder what the story is there.

  • Quite nice and good value. €300 for a nice Swiss Made dress watch is really impressive. And although the design language is familiar, it is still different and interesting enough!

    • BRNV

      Thank you very much. We really didn’t pay him for these comments:)

      • This is an example of the famous Dutch humor right? 😉

        • BRNV

          Humour isn’t a bad thing. Especially if it’s black and british:)

          • I thought you were based in the Netherlands?

          • BRNV

            Well I cam be dutch and still be a fanatic of Monty Python. I was referring to the style of humour which I like.

          • I am a huge MP fan and of dry British humo(u)r in general. I also have many Dutch friends and family in the Netherlands — it took me a while to understand their brand of humor! I think it’s similar to the British one but maybe a little “darker and dryer”? The phrase “We really didn’t pay him for these comments:)” totally sounds like something my Dutch friends would say!

          • BRNV

            From your name I assume that you are Greek or of Greek origion. I fully agree with you. You need to get used to it before you can enjoy it. Many new friends find my humour little or sometimes even insulting but after they got used to it, they really enjoy it.

          • IG

            So are the cases and dials China-made? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

          • BRNV

            Our watches are testified by the Neuchateloise chamber of commerce for fulfilling swissness law and its requirements. On the other hand, can you name one mediumend brand under 3K retailprice which is buying 100% of its parts in switzerland?

  • Spangles

    Honestly not bad at all. They resisted the urge to make it 43mm or add a date or 5 lines of text on the dial. It’s a good size and width and looks smart.

    Good job, hope it sells.

    • BRNV

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Yan Fin

    Nice watch, solid offer. Best of luck!

    • BRNV

      Thank You

  • Great looking, simple classic piece.

    Nice straightforward, non pretentious press release.

    Terrible, horrible, company name. All I see is ‘knock off Bulova’.

    • BRNV

      Thanks for the Input.
      Bornova is not a fictive name. It is a historical place. So any similarities to existing Brands and names are not intended.

  • cluedog12

    Nice dial, good movement, good value. Guess I have a weakness for lancet hands! Reminds me of Moritz Grossmann’s watches.

    It’s not clear on the website which price the buyer will pay, as there’s no running counter of orders accepted.

    • BRNV

      Thanks for the feedback. The hands are custom made due to our design. As you are mentioning it, I can see some similarities but our hands are a bit wider.
      Since we just opened the Presales, there are still some watches available in the lowest pricelevel of 290Euro

    • ???

      Moritz Grossmann’s hands are one of the best in the industry to me. Crafting hands like them will cost a lot inevitably. I’m satisfied with the hands from this watch, but they will be better if the tips are more sharp.

      • BRNV

        I fully agree with you. They are handmade stainless steel hands and handblued. While designing we didnt think about Moritz Grossman at all but there are certain similarities

  • Farkbinder012

    I like the salmon and silver dialed ones. Sadly, my stupid
    Viking/Philistine sized wrists, prevent me from wearing anything below
    42mm. I’m seriously looking into the wrist shaving procedure that the kids are all
    raving about!!

    • BRNV

      Hopefully we will meet at a later project again. So don’t worry

  • Ex-Ex-Pat

    Great value; maybe more than Orient for this price range. Seriously thinking about picking one up.

    Quick google search showed Bornova is the name of a Turkish town. Given the name of the watch, wonder if this tied to the logo?

    • BRNV

      In fact, Bornova is a location at the Aegean coast. This historical places belonged to the Kingdom of the Lydians. Their King Croissos is beeing considered as the inventor of the modern monetary system. The Stamp on the dial is showing such a coin.

      • WINKS

        An affordable watch that celebrates cash! What’s not to like?

      • Bert Kanne

        I am a reviewer of watches for Please check the site for my reviews. If you would like to collaborate, please contact me for further information.
        [email protected]

  • Agnar Sidhu

    Really great looking watch! Think the blue and white models are beautiful.

    • BRNV

      Thank You

  • Playboy Johnny

    I think this is a good looking watch, reasonably priced.
    Blue would be my choice.

    • BRNV

      Thank you. I couldn’t decide for one colour. They are all nice.

  • SuperStrapper

    The blues hands on rg dial is actually quite handsome. A valiant effort at this price.

    As far as names go: Bornova Aegean? Is this some kind of word twist on Born Again?

    • BRNV

      We might have an outdated opinion about the use of skeleton casebacks. We only use that if the movement is good enough to show off. At this pricepoint we are rather forced to use standard movements with barely any decoration on it. But who knows, maybe in the future we can come up with a luxury version of this, with decorated movements and skeleton casebacks.
      Bornova is a location at the Aegean coast

      • SuperStrapper

        Understood, I alluded to the same in my post, even Spartan swiss movements are nicer to look at than some of the cheese grade movements being put on display in other watches.

        Also: you kinda just told me that you chose a movement for your watch that isn’t good enough to look at. I’d keep that opinion to myself if I were you.

        • BRNV

          We are very transparent and I think people also expect this from us. The movements which we have for this project are not decorated. This doesnt mean that they are technically worse. No, they are just the same good as the decorated ones.


    the comment section can be rather daunting for a lot of new watch releases from established and kickstarting brands alike.
    Here I have to say the effort is really well done and for once not dinner plate size. The Peseux is a reliable, simple movement so props for using it. I would tend to keep Bornova for the back since to me it distracts from the overall classier look of the watch.
    best of luch

    • BRNV

      Thanks. Frankly speaking, we are overwhelmed by the feedbacks so far. We knew from the very beginning thst this model is not a mainstream model and our expectations weren’t too high either. But this watch had to be done. It is an oldschool dresswatch. And the Design serves it’s purpose perfectly

  • Boris N. Natasha

    tip of the hat to Bornova! gorgeous in photos in all combinations featured — clearly thoughtful design. case diameter, height, minimalism — just all on point. you’ve got a winner!

    • BRNV

      Thank You very much

  • Is this the first all-positive sponsored post in the history of ABTW??

    • BRNV

      I have seen posts for giveaways. They also just had positive feedback

      • IG

        …except when they are automatics.

  • Kumaran Ramu

    That copper color dial with blue hands really stands out!!!

    • BRNV

      Thank You

  • Well designed (and I usually have some thing to complain about or suggest changes). And reasonably priced. Maybe a bit small for my daily wearing tastes (you don’t need a dress watch often in Hawaii). Best of luck to you.

    • BRNV

      Wow thats nice. Means something when Mr. Mark Carson is saying that. Thanks a lot. Appreciate

  • Christopher Redhead

    What a really nice dress watch! The movement, the size and the design which while being restrained is not in the least boring , really make this one a winner.

    • BRNV

      Thank You

  • Ulysses31

    It looks fine and is relatively cheap. I am not 100% a fan of the name written so boldly on the dial – I think it could be a bit smaller.

    • BRNV

      Thanks for the input. We already made it smaller. Before we planned a bit bigger. Don’t forget that the dial size is very small and such a Serife font cannot be printed on such surface if its much smaller.

  • Craig Johnson

    Lovely look. However, not my style. It’s very hard to pull off a dress watch, but I’ll,give you guys some credit for this. I often ware my pilot watches to formal events, will you guys make one anytime soon?

    • BRNV

      Please signup for our newsletter. We are planning to make watches in all categories

  • Dhananjay Pathak

    Really like the design language of the watch. Visited the website and thought of ordering but have a few questions. Are there pieces with the 290 Euro still available? Also, what is the kind of warranty you are offering on this one.And finally would be there be an option to choose the strap?

  • ethebull

    [email protected] is the email contact for this outfit. It is no longer a valid address. They haven’t responded to DPathak below in 4 days either, where as early on the rep was quick to join the conversation… Hello Bornova! Anybody home?

  • Rafael Simoes Miranda

    Very nice computer graphics. Not my style of watch but the presentation is good. How about the case back?

  • ethebull

    I implore the principals of this company to communicate. Their contact email is no longer valid. I have entered a dispute with PayPal as a result. two days ago. They have not responded. This ABtoW post is their opportunity, but my take is they will not. Come to your own conclusion.

  • Boris

    Waiting for my black dial Bornova now. Will update when I have it.

    • Groad

      good luck

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