Bremont just announced its latest limited edition piece, the Codebreaker watch. Much like the EP-120, the P-51, and last year’s Victory, this new model follows Bremont’s pattern of creating limited edition watches that are connected to famous military icons and often incorporate materials sourced from specific historic examples. The Codebreaker commemorates Bletchley Park’s involvement in World War II military intelligence. Essentially the headquarters for British code breaking and decryption, Bletchley Park is responsible for unlocking the secrets of the German Enigma and Lorenz machines, which helped to greatly expedite the end of the war. Bremont is paying tribute to the successes of Bletchley Park by designing a watch that not only looks the part but also incorporates actual physical elements from Bletchley Park and the technologies they helped to develop (or crack). Additionally, Bremont will share some of the proceeds from the sale of the Codebreaker to help support continued plans for the restoration and preservation of Bletchley Park.

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The Codebreaker is styled after 1940’s officer’s watches and in this aesthetic Bremont really shines. The Codebreaker is Bremont’s first flyback chronograph, offering a two register display and a 24 hour GMT hand with a matched scale on the rehaut. Powered by the fully decorated Bremont BE-83AR, the Codebreaker’s movement has 39 jewels and a power reserve of 46 hours. As a brand deeply invested in aviation and military connections, it is great that Bremont now has a flyback chronograph, allowing a single pusher press to stop, reset and start the chronograph.

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The Codebreaker, like most Bremont watches, measures 43mm wide and can be had in hardened steel or rose gold. Exhibiting a charming mix of signature Bremont style and vintage military elements, the Codebreaker looks really good, with excellent legibility and a distinctive dial layout. The Codebreaker incorporates two small sub dials, placed low on the main dial, that offer running seconds and a 30 minute display for the chronograph. The GMT display uses a full sized hand with a red arrowhead pointer that references a simple 24 hour scale placed outside the railroad minute track on the outer edge of the dial. There is a date display at six and a balanced use of Arabic numerals to complete the military aesthetic.


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