Back when Bremont started testing its manufacture ENG300 movement to ensure that it could withstand the extreme conditions of being shot out of an ejection seat, the brand collaborated with British aviation company Martin-Baker to create a concept piece that could house the prototype in-house calibers. Specifically designed for durability, the ENG300 Test Instrument represented a significant aesthetic departure from traditional pilot’s watches, and while the initial prototype case was intended to be fitted to the cockpit dashboard of an ejection simulator, it was later modified to include lugs so that it could be strapped to the arm of a mannequin during testing. Joining the lineup for 2023 is the new Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition, which takes the core design of that original prototype and turns it into a tech-forward timepiece that reimagines the classic pilot’s watch.

At a quick glance, the new Bremont BM Viper looks almost identical to the original prototype watch that was used during testing, and it offers an angular square profile that measures 43.5mm in diameter by 10.8mm thick, with 22mm lugs and an overall lug-to-lug distance of 51.9mm. While the original ENG300 Test Instrument (photos included for reference in the image gallery below) was fitted with lugs that were made from forged carbon, the case of the new Bremont BM Viper features the brand’s signature Trip-Tick structure, and it consists of a bright orange anodized aluminum inner case with the lugs and outer case crafted from grade 5 titanium with a matte black DLC finish. Additionally, the underside surfaces of the lugs have been machined out to remove excess material and further reduce the overall weight of the watch.

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The top of the MB Viper’s case is fitted with a flat anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which is surrounded by a bright orange anodized aluminum bezel that is part of the inner case and secured to the titanium outer housing with four screws at the corners. Meanwhile, the reverse side of the watch receives a screw-on titanium caseback with a sapphire display window that offers a view of the self-winding Bremont Cal. ENG352 movement and its rubberized shock-absorbing mounting system. At the 3 o’clock location is a screw-down winding crown with a metallic orange accent ring that is flanked by a pair of large angular crown guards, while water resistance for the Bremont BM Viper comes in at 100 meters to offer ample protection against most types of moisture contact.

In the same way that the case represents a significant departure from a traditional pilot’s watch, the dial fitted to the new Bremont MB Viper is also rather different from what you will find on most other aviation-inspired timepieces. The time-only dial is a crisp white color with black minute markings, and it is surrounded by an angled rehaut that contains a seconds track, along with small luminous squares for the hour markers. At the center of the dial are a trio of hands, with each one appearing in a different color to further help with legibility. The hour and minute hands feature luminous tips and are finished white and yellow (respectively), with both featuring black diagonal chevron stripes that are inspired by the ejection pull handles found on Martin-Baker fighter ejection seats. Meanwhile, the bright red seconds hand offers a simple elongated needle shape that is identical to the style fitted to the original prototype ENG300 Test Instrument.

Printed at the 12 o’clock location along the angled rehaut is a finely graduated scale in red that ranges from -4 to +6 seconds, and this detail can also be found on the dial of the original ENG300 Test Instrument. While no formal mention of this scale appears in the press release for the new Bremont MB Viper, it’s highly likely that this detail was used by the brand during testing to ensure that the prototype movements remained running inside their intended specifications. The Bremont Cal. ENG300 movement series adheres to the brand’s H1 Timing Standard, which is directly comparable to the ISO 3159 chronometer test and guarantees timekeeping of -4/+6 seconds per day. During testing, this scale would have provided Bremont’s engineers with an immediate visual reference for whether or not a movement was running within its specs, and this detail appears to have been directly carried over from the original prototype.

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Powering the new Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition is the brand’s Caliber ENG352 automatic movement, which is manufactured by Bremont at its UK-based production facilities located in Henley-on-Thames. Running at a frequency of 25,200vph (3.5 Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 65 hours, the Bremont Cal. ENG352 features a variable inertia balance with a silicon escape wheel, and it winds itself with a solid tungsten skeletonized rotor. Additionally, from 2022 onwards, all movements from Bremont’s ENG300 series adhere to the company’s in-house H1 Timing Standard, which means that the Cal. ENG352 will offer chronometer-level timekeeping performance and is guaranteed to run within -4 to +6 seconds per day. Lastly, completing the new Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition are a pair of canvas straps in orange and black, with both options fitted with black DLC titanium pin buckles.

Bremont is famous for its high-performing sports watches, but the new MB Viper is easily the most modern and purpose-built model that the brand has ever put forward. While the vast majority of Bremont’s lineup is characterized by a fairly traditional aesthetic, the new MB Viper Limited Edition represents a significant departure, and it offers an overall appearance that is far more similar to what you might find among modern outdoor equipment. The new Bremont MB Viper will be produced as a limited edition of 300 pieces, and it is accompanied by an official retail price of $5,995 USD, which makes it one of the more expensive Bremont watches currently available and priced right in-line with the other models that use Bremont’s in-house movement. While this is undeniably quite a lot of money to spend on a time-only sports watch, the MB Viper is easily one of the most unique models that Bremont has ever produced, and it offers a truly unconventional take on the classic pilot’s watch. For more information on the Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition, please visit the brand’s website

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