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Throughout its long and storied history, the Bulova brand has carried a well-earned reputation for innovation. Perhaps no other installment in this profound history of firsts, however, is as dramatic or as cutting edge as the extremely advanced Precisionist chronograph series. 2020 marks 10 years of this groundbreaking analog chronograph line, and to celebrate the anniversary the brand has unveiled a trio of bold, revolutionary new iterations. The Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition, along with both variants of the Bulova Precisionist X Special Edition, continues to push the envelope of analog chronograph performance while introducing a futuristic angular aesthetic to the series.

The Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition and both variants of the Precisionist X Special Edition share the same aggressive octagonal case design, carrying dramatic wrist presence at 45mm in diameter and measuring 47mm lug to lug. Each dynamic facet and ridge of this complex form creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow on the wrist, interpreted in distinctive ways by each variant of the series. The Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition pairs a mirror-polished stainless steel main case and ribbed pushers with a multifaceted bezel insert in 18k yellow gold. This flash of gold stands as a luxurious accent to the angular, purposeful case form, while handsomely commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Bulova Precisionist line. Both models in the Bulova Precisionist X Special Edition line replace this gold insert with one crafted from dark and striated Damascus steel. This durable and masculine material is paired with a stainless steel case finished with either stealthy black polished ion plating, or bold polished rose gold ion plating. All three versions of the Bulova Precisionist X are topped with an eye-catching curved sapphire crystal.

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Each version of the Bulova Precisionist X series shares the same intricate, dramatically layered semi skeleton dial design. With textures inspired by leather, smoke, rock, and sparks, each dial in the series presents a wealth of information in a multifaceted, boldly vertical environment. While the standout element at first glance may be the smoky translucent window covering the date wheel and much of the lower half of the dial, once the continuously sweeping central chronograph seconds hand is in motion the ultra-precise chronograph subdials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock become a whirlwind of visually engaging action. The futuristic hexagonal subdial at 12 o’clock combines both tenths and hundredths of a second into a single concise display, while the retrograde subdial at 6 o’clock tracks thousandths of a second in a blinding sweep completed a mesmerizing 100 times each second.

The in-house eight-hand quartz chronograph movement inside both the Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition and the Bulova Precisionist X Special Edition offers unparalleled precision and accuracy to wearers, continuing on the Precisionist legacy as the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously sweeping seconds hand. Bulova finishes each of these models with a streamlined integrated leather strap. For the Precisionist X Limited Edition, Bulova pairs the refined 18k gold accents with a classic black alligator pattern leather, while the warm tones of the rose gold ion-plated Precisionist X Special Edition are complemented by a suede textured strap in medium brown and the aggressive and purposeful feel of the black ion-plated variant is reinforced with a distressed strap in olive green.

Both the Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition and the Bulova Precisionist X Special Edition stand as some of the most dramatic and technically advanced releases ever to come from the brand. Only 100 examples of the Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition will be made, each individually numbered and presented with a commemorative plaque. Both the Bulova Precisionist X Limited Edition and the Bulova Precisionist X Special Edition are available now online and through authorized dealers, with MSRPs of $3,950 and $1,295, respectively. For more information or to order one of your own, please visit Bulova’s website.

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