As a way of rewarding readers I’ve teamed up with Wolf Designs to create a special limited edition branded single watch winder. It will be available for sale in just a few days. People have been asking for an wrist watch for a while – that one might take a while… but I am really excited to offer you a new any to enjoy and keep your automatic watches safe and wound.

My intent was to offer a very simple plug and play system that doesn’t require any fussing around. The Watch Winder by Wolf Designs is based on their Cub Winder single watch winder system. You plug it in, put your watch on the cuff, and turn it on. The winder winds in both directions and requires no extra thought or settings. Perfect for the vast majority of automatic watches out there. Real easy – just how I like it.

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The limited edition winder is totally branded. The logo is placed with gold foil on the top of the leatherette wrapped box, the winding house ring is in gold, there is an logo on the front of the watch cuff, and the cloth used on the cuff and the front of the winder is done in a special “” repeating pattern (that is my favorite detail).

Each of the limited edition Watch Winders will further be customized to the owner. On top of the winder is a gold colored plaque where your name or initials will be engraved, along with the number in the limited edition. In just a few days the Watch Winder by Wolf Designs will be available for sale via their website. You’ll get another note here on when it is available along with a link to where you can buy it. Price, including shipping to the US, is just $149 per winder and this series will be limited to just 100 pieces.

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