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Over its 130-year history, Carl F. Bucherer has plenty of innovations to its name, but since introducing its in-house developed and manufactured CFB A1000 movement in 2009, the brand has fully embraced the peripheral technology. Aside from allowing the movement to be placed on full display, peripheral rotors also allow for thinner movements because to rotors do not sit atop them. Though the concept was envisioned back in the 1950s, it was Carl F. Bucherer’s A1000 movement that brought peripheral rotors into the modern era. In its second release of the year featuring this complication, Carl F. Bucherer introduces the Manero Peripheral BigDate, a modern and sophisticated timepiece that incorporates an über-functional big date complication and power-reserve indicator in two colorful models.

Though 13 decades have passed since Carl F. Bucherer first opened its doors on shores of Lake Lucerne, the brand has remained firmly independent, passing from one generation to the next within the Bucherer family. Though the world has certainly changed over that time, the brand’s commitment to watchmaking innovation hasn’t wavered.

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Carl F. Bucherer divides its lineup into five core collections: Heritage, Patravi, Adamavi, Pathos, and Manero. The new Peripheral Big Date sits firmly within the Manero collection, characterized by elegant timepieces that showcase the brand’s emphasis on craft. Within the Manero line are some of the brand’s most cherished pieces, including tourbillons, minute repeaters, and now, the Peripheral BigDate.


In introducing its second watch of 2021 to feature a peripheral rotor, Carl F. Bucherer took inspiration from its vast archive, specifically the playfully colorful Manero PowerReserve Mr. Green and Mr. Blue watches. The Manero Pierpheral BigDate is housed in a 41.6mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystals on either side, providing an unobstructed view of both the dial and movement.

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The dial of the Peripheral BigDate is clean and minimal, yet provides ample amounts of easily accessible information. As the name implies, a big date complication is the star of the show, but Carl F. Bucherer is a bit irreverent in its application, placing the complication at 11 o’clock. This asymmetry is then carried through to the branding at 1:30 and power reserve indicator that sweeps below 3 o’clock. These asymmetrical elements are then offset by a day indicator at 9 o’clock and small seconds register at 6 o’clock. Taken together, it adds a bit of whimsy to an elegant timepiece.

From the BigDate complication to the day indicator and power reserve, all are made possible by Carl F. Bucherer’s in-house CFB A2011 movement. An evolution of the groundbreaking A1000 movement, the A2011 features a peripheral rotor that provides the mainspring with 55 hours of power reserve. Thanks to the sapphire caseback, the A2011 is put on full display, with the peripheral rotor gently sweeping around the periphery of the movement, allowing the wearer to take its nuances and the gorgeous finishing.

Carl F. Bucherer has produced the Manero Peripheral BigDate in two colorways, light blue and a soft green. The green dial is complemented by a darker olive green small-seconds subdial. Those darker green hues are then carried through to the power reserve, date wheel, and day indicator. On the blue dial, Carl F. Bucherer takes a slightly different approach, using cream as a contrasting color to set off the small dial elements. Regardless of which colorway you choose, the Manero Peripheral BigDate is available on either a stainless steel bracelet with a versatile mix of brushed and polished surfaces or a color-matched textile strap.

The Manero Peripheral BigDate is a pure encapsulation of Carl F. Bucherer’s approach to watchmaking: state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing combined with the best of traditional Swiss watchmaking, and a distinctive design language formed over 130 years of operation. The Manero Peripheral BigDate is available now for $8,700 USD on textile strap or $9,100 USD on bracelet. To learn more about Carl F. Bucherer and the Manero Peripheral BigDate, be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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