Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 ‘Kikuo Ibe’ Watch Review

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 ‘Kikuo Ibe’ Watch Review

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

When I call this the "Kikuo Ibe" watch, I don't mean to imply that this is a special limited edition or any of that nonsense. This Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is your bog-standard, non-limited G-Shock that is very close to what happens to be daily worn by Kikuo Ibe, the creator of this rugged, go-anywhere-survive-anything watch. The importance of the fact that it's also owned by yours truly pales in comparison; but it provides us with the opportunity of a full review... so here goes!

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

First, a disclaimer: I am hardly ever at all concerned by "who wears what watch" and ridiculous "style alerts," but when the actual creator, designer, lead engineer of an important brand or product (in any industry) picks one specific model pretty much exclusively, now that I find noteworthy. Mr. Ibe wears an older G-5600A-7 which is not an exact match to the one reviewed here, but the two are of the same basic design that also dates back to that of the original.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

About G-Shock

I feel safe in saying that even if you have never owned one, you still have a pretty accurate idea on what the G-Shock is. For the longest time, Casio's shock-resistant G-Shock watches have been synonymous with tough, dependable, affordable and, yes, sometimes a bit over-the-top-looking watches. A bit later, I'll talk about how such a watch can nevertheless make an extremely versatile everyday wear, but now a bit of history:

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

G-Shock was born from the developer Mr. Ibe’s dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." The story goes that he was wearing a regular, but personally highly valued watch when he accidentally banged that watch into a passerby's watch as they walked past each other on the street. Long story short, Ibe's watch fell to the ground and broke, and from that moment he began his pursuit to create a wristwatch that could survive knocks and bumps... and a whole lot more.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
G-Shock inventor Kikuo Ibe wearing his white 5600-series – one of only two G-Shocks he said he owns.

Over the course of two years, Ibe and his team of eight produced 200 handmade samples that were created and tested to destruction until finally, in 1983, the first and now iconic G-Shock hit the streets of Japan and began to establish itself as "the toughest watch of all time." Each G-Shock today encompasses 7 principles: electric shock resistance, "gravity resistance," low-temperature resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, and toughness.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
G-Shock durability development in the Casio manufacture involves catapulting watches into a block of concrete.

If you want to see how G-Shock's are made and tested today as you have never seen before, check out Ariel's quite incredible G-Shock manufacture visit article here. For more from Kikuo Ibe himself, check out this short video interview here, and for some more excellent G-Shock reading, (if you haven't already) check out Ariel's recent report from the afternoon he spent in Tokyo with G-Shock designer Mr. Ryusuke Moriai.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

About This G-Shock: Functions

This $150 G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is actually one of the latest, newest additions to the G-LIDE tide graph series, you know, the one packing some 100 pre-set tide sites and user-site setting capability... However, I am no diver or surfer or boat captain, so other than enjoying this function as a visual element, I am yet to figure out how it can enhance my everyday life.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Speaking of less obscure and more practical functions of the GWX5600C, we'll have to mention the Tough Solar rechargeable battery that runs for about 10 months on full charge without further exposure to light – in the unlikely event that you put it in a drawer and don't wear it often. This recharging capability saves you the trouble of having the battery replaced every two or so years and keeps your mind at ease when using some of the more power-thirsty functions.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Even at $150, your money gets you Casio G-Shock's 3222 Module (technically the 3222 "movement") which packs Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, an awesome functionality that allows the watch to quickly, in the matter of a few seconds, receive time calibration radio signals in the US, UK, Germany (and in most other European countries I suspect), Japan, and China where these radio signals are transmitted. The module automatically "asks" for these signals up to 6 times per day (up to 5 times per day in China) and there is also a manual receive function. The module without radio syncing offers +/- 15 seconds per month accuracy.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

You also get the usual G-Shock goodies including a World Time display with 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC) with a city code display, a 1/100th second chronograph measuring up to 1 hour, two countdown timers, four daily alarms, "Moon Data," a full auto perpetual calendar pre-programmed until 2099, EL Backlight for 1 or 3 seconds, a battery power indicator, power saving function, Tide Graph, and of course 200 meters of water resistance and shock resistance.

The G-Shock GWX5600C-7 is packed with Casio innovations and technologies to prevent it from suffering direct shock; this includes internal components protected with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Wearability & Design

Phew, that was but a mouthful. In everyday use, all this functionality comes at a price though: a clunky and difficult user interface, and here are the main culprits. The functions you can operate and browse through using three of the four pushers – two on the left and the lower one on the right. While the pushers look nice and small, almost flush with the case, they are rather difficult to use.

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio G-Shock GWX5600C-7 'Kikuo Ibe' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Although they are easy to find both visually (their black coating makes them stand out against the white case) and by touch, the pushers for some reason travel too long, meaning that you always have to push them deeper than the cutouts would allow you to. The end result is that you have to use your nails to press on the slippery and small pushers, which is annoying. It also makes them difficult to operate when the watch is on your wrist and you're on the move and just need to look something up quickly, start or stop a chronograph, or what have you. All the more annoying is the fact that this is a simple design mistake that would not be an expensive fix to get right from the get-go.

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  • IG

    Another Casio… Yawn.™

  • Bozzor

    The button issue is what I find interesting: the G-Shock started life as the ultimate tool watch for utilitarian function in tough conditions. In a world where function, practicality and value were supreme, this and other Casios would be all the watch most people would ever need. But somewhere along the line G shock became a fashion statement: whilst it’s still as tough as ever, the “nice” flush buttons are clearly there for a smooth, sexy look…not for operating in tough conditions of low light, in gloves in freezing conditions or when you are doing things like flying a helicopter, quickly reloading your HK-416 as you try and find where that sniper fire is coming from or operating a heavy excavator. Thankfully there are tons of more practical G-Shocks out there for those who need them.

    • David Bredan

      Your last sentence is spot on: there are tons more options from G-Shock if you frequently occupy yourself with the activities you mentioned (or just like to imagine yourself doing all that stuff); this clearly isn’t even remotely close to their professional grade watches. I have a mid-tier Mudmaster coming in for review (Zach did a great review of the high-end Triple Sensor one here:, now that, I’ll want to function flawlessly under every condition and will be disappointed if it doesn’t.
      This little GWX-5600, for the money, packs just enough functionality for the occasional use, looks fantastic in white or red (perhaps not to the purists’ taste though, but who cares) and is very affordable… And for all those reasons, to me, it still is a full-on G-Shock.

  • A_watches

    too much writing on the strap but otherwise quite cool

  • Word Merchant

    I find the reverse LCD almost illegible. Suunto insist on this too and it’s painful on the eyes. Other than that, this watch is quite cool for that sort of thing.

    • David Bredan

      I agree completely that the inverse of this is much more preferable – still, it’s not half as bad as a black polished dial with skinny polished silver hands over it.

  • It’s always going to be horses for courses, but packing in a tide graph function to the classic square g-shock form factor makes no sense to me. Making it a reverse contrast even more so. The dedicated g-lides do a better job of legibility where form meets function. A better choice for a technologically advanced square is the GW-M5630. But as I say, horses for courses. Good review!

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    Am sick of seeing this guy and his crappy watches


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        Sometime the truth hurts..

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          Your truth and true to your narcissistic nature, I am sure you actually full well believe your opinion and your self important view of importance’s can actually cause “hurt” lol. Welcome all to the world of Raymond Wilkie.

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            Yes…. the world of Raymond Wilkie. I too resisted the gravitational pull of Raymond world, when I first came here.
            The force was too much to overcome as I struggled to be free. I now circle around Raymond, powerless to free myself from his influence.
            My orbit has now become familiar and comfortable to me. Any thoughts of resisting or escaping seem foreign to me now, and ancient history.
            I have come to the realization that I am destined to encircle the periphery of Raymond world…… and I am at peace with it.

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            Mark Carson can you do one of your famous photoshops.

            Your my go to guy for photoshoped pictures. I should probably pay you.

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            Now you’r being daft ,………………….but funny. 🙂

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      David seems like and alright guy, but I don’t know that I’ve seen other articles where he talks about his own collection…. feeling a bit irrational today?

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      As a frequent reader of the comments section (as well as the feature itself) I do not think I can recall ever reading anything other then a negative comment from you. As per this comment, I suggest you remember that reading any feature on ablogtowatch is by choice and there is the option to not read. Honestly, your narcissistic needs of feeling the need to give your 2 cents is tiresome. Your a broken record and the song skipping is your negativity. I have no doubt this is just an extension of your personal life as well which no doubt the people unfortunate enough to be a part of your space is as tired of you as I am. If you take away anything from this (which of course you won’t) it is that you HAVE THE OPTION NOT TO READ.

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        If you were indeed a frequent reader of comments on this blog you would see that my comments have been far from negative and infarct have been quite mixed. If i either like something or loathe it i have a choice to to leave whatever criticism or praise as i feel fit. Not leaving a comment if i don’t like an item shown would give a very one sided view of what the general public think of it.
        Am not some faceless wonder leaving comments and if i choose to put my pic up thats my choice and it certainly is not done for any narcissistic reason ( yes, i crop shots to you can see what i look like so what ), i couldn’t give a f**k what you think of my reasons behind it.
        Here’s a idea, anytime you see comments from me YOU HAVE THE OPINION NOT TO READ,…………….moving on,………………

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          A class act all the way huh. Your an internet Troll sir and I have fed you once which was more then your worth and feeding you now this second time, well shame on me. I know Trolls like you find validation in the responses your comments get or rather the reactions your comments get. I leave you to reaffirm your Troll status to get the last word in.

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            You don’t expect me to defend my self when you publicly slander me ?
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            Do your research before leaving comments.

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            “Sometimes the truth hurts”.. straight from the horses (or in this case, the jackass’s mouth.

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            Fellas you should sort this out peacefully. I don’t think kiss and make up would probably be appropriate here, but you could buy each other a watch.

            Raymond I think …S… may want a Casio G Shock.

            …S… I know Raymond would love a Roger Smith, or for smaller pockets a Cartier Drive.

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            Please. Ray is not a toll. A troll does insult other people and not the subject of the article. I often disagree with his opinion but I`ve met real trolls on this page and Ray is far away from it. Has he ever insulted you? You can say you disagree with him anytime, you can find his opinion not constructive but calling him a troll is an unprofessional exageration. And critizicing watches is the job of this comment section. Like it or not, he`s a part of this pluralistic comment section.

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        I’m here for the comments — the ‘advertorials’ are anodyne, my man.

    • Ryan

      There’s nothing crappy about this G Shock. Objective truth.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Of course it’s objective, it’s only my humble opinion.

  • goju1

    Pushing the buttons below the case is most likely deliberate design – to prevent actuation by simply pressing on something (inadvertently).

  • goju1

    Anyway, it’s absolutely awful to look at…

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Like the Casio.
    Breitling has been sold!

  • “I feel safe in saying that even if you have never owned one…”

    Stop right there. Who has never owned a G-Shock? What heresy is this? A bright white model might not be your cup of chai, but there are plenty of more discreet iterations available. I highly recommend the Gulfman series, myself. Seriously, a watch collection without a G-Shock is like a gun collection without a 12 gauge pump – they’re both go anywhere, do anything, dress-up, dress-down, drag through the mud and then rinse them off with a garden hose, hard use tools that should be in everyone’s toolshed. Or watch winder, as the case may be. I don’t suggest you store your watches in a toolshed. Or a 12 gauge in your watch winder.

    • IG

      I’ve never owned one and never will. I don’t give a shit about G-Shocks.

      • Well, do you at least have the 12 gauge?

        • IG

          I’m not ‘murican.

          • Ah, Metric then.


          • Tornyi Barnabás az isten

            I have a Victorinox Ranger.

        • Mark1884

          I do

          • Should we start a “Mossberg Vs Remington” subthread in the vein of “Rolex Vs Grand Seiko”?

          • SuperStrapper

            Just start a t870 conquest thread and youll maximise on lulz.

  • Mark1884

    I have no problem with Casio…. but men should never wear a white watch!
    (or white sunglasses or that stupid man bun)

  • Middle

    This watch looks fantastic in every picture—except the ones showing it on a wrist.

  • BILL

    I require either mud resist or vibe resist. Preferably both. Pass.

  • Ulysses31

    Back when I was at school, some twenty years ago, every single kid had a plastic and rubber Casio watch, not unlike these G-Shocks (except for me – I had a Casio ana-digi gold-plated watch, with one of their typically crappy metal-on-plastic cases that I only discovered was plastic when the lug broke off). They came in a myriad of different yet similar designs, all typified by this faux-rugged warty look. It’s a really dated aesthetic. I will always associate it with being a cheap durable watch for schoolkids for that reason; it’s not aspirational in any way, and it is beyond me how this became some sort of cult classic. The different durability requirements they decided upon for this range are all easily met by using rubber and plastic materials.

    It’s a practical watch for situations where you might expect rough handling, but it is neither a style icon to me nor a technical marvel, just a result of the relentless progress of electronic technology.

    • David Bredan

      I agree with you on that this hardly qualifies as an aspirational item – you just go out and buy it and if it breaks or something happens to it, you just buy another one (unless you’ve formed some sort of an emotional bond which some people – including myself – do every once in a while with affordable stuff).
      I can, however, only see it is a technical marvel. I have thrown this very watch around, not super hard, but from the middle of the room I do sometimes throw it onto the shelf where it belongs and when it falls I just pick it up and try again. Don’t do it often but have tried it a few times and yet not a scratch on it, let alone any failed functionality.
      If making a watch with this durability was easy, at least a few others would do it, and yet no one else does. It takes much greater effort and investment into both R&D, manufacturing and testing than one might imagine and because a lot of the technology is integrated into the design itself, said “relentless progress of electronic technology” has not much to do with the appeal of this technologically very basic watch. What makes it rugged cannot be licensed or copied by anyone without dedicating the effort to properly developing and manufacturing the whole thing from the ground up. All this, to me, makes it sort of a technical marvel.

    • Mountainous Man

      The same could be said about Jordan basketball shoes looking like any other attainable shoe. The bottom line is, regardless of price, there are certain items that develop classic status in terms of style, and the G-Shock 5600 is one of them. Others: Chuck Taylors, Submariner, Ray-Ban Aviator and Wayfarer, Levi 501, Jordan basketball shoes (especially older models,) etc.

  • JT

    G-shocks are great watches, and its origins, design, and concept have made it an iconic timepiece. Not a huge fan of the G-lide models, but the 5600 shape is a timeless classic. Casio also make some incredibly well built and advanced timepieces in their other lines – huge fan. But there are a lot of outdated and narrow minded watch enthusiasts that don’t get it –

  • Mischa

    If these were done in much smaller numbers, and sold by much larger values, they’d still sell.

    They’re both a heck of a watch, and a fashion statement. Watch nerds will always prefer incredibly complex and old-fashioned mechanical watches (count me as a guilty party). Imagine a mechanical watch that would have all the necessary complications to display all the information this little fella does (heck, I’d settle for a mechanical watch with an alarm and second time zone that would cost less than $10k… only to leave it at home, for fear of scratching it or it being stolen).

    Casio G-Shocks rule. Big time.

  • Gokart Mozart

    To begin with I have nothing against Casio.

    Infact, I used to have casio watches until I was about 10 years old. Even in my 40’s i have a Casio calculator, and when my kids have mastered arithmetic, my default calculator for them will be a Casio. Nothing but the best for my kids.

    Why are Casio watches on this blog?

    Granted they are tough watches, but is there a reason why G shocks are allowed and Timex, Lorus, Sekonda, Hello Kitty etc are not? Some of these watches can certainly take a beating.

    Casio Gshocks are the opposite to virtually every other type of watch you have on the site.

    Its like having a website about fashionable and mostly expensive mens business clothes and then having suits by one particular company because they have polyester suits that you can wash in the washing machine and will not need ironing and is more durable, and comes with an extra couple of pockets for extra versatility.

    You could argue the polyester suit objectively is much better value and more of a “tool” suit for the active business man, but it is not really the type of product for the website.

    • Han Cnx

      Haha, nice. 🙂 When done well I do appreciate a bit of G-Shock hatin’. 😉

    • DaddyFlip

      Casio watches are included on the site, first, because it’s called ablogtoWatch, not …Expensivewatch, …Metalwatch, …Mechanicalwatch, …Analogwatch, …Swisswatch, etc. Second, because there is a huge market demand worldwide for the brand where a subset of the watch-buying community cares about every feature and detail of the latest Casio as much as you might care about the latest AP/PP/VC. Third, because of the second, and likely the most important to ABTW, more readership traffic is drawn to the site. Fourth, because of the third, a Casio lover might be drawn to something else on the site and become a lover of other watches. Fifth, because of the fourth, said lover of all kinds of watches might become an interesting voice in the community and contribute something positive to the site (who knows, he might even agree with you).

      Casio is important in the digital watch world and should be included, where other brands are not. Those other brands you mentioned don’t have the cultural and social following that Casio does. I would bet a nickel that Casio sells more watches in a year than every other watch brand mentioned on the site combined.

      I’ve been exploring inexpensive (?$1500US) dive watches this week and find that there are a few interesting designs, but they are basically all the same watch using the same movement. What’s so interesting about that? The alternative to a dozen of these might be one Rolex or other expensive clone (take your pick); ho-hum. Then I look down at the “OG” Original G-Shock 5600 on my wrist, the one with faded ink and replacement Walmart band, and thank myself for not blowing cash on expensive trinkets I don’t need. It’s like waking up from a bad dream and realizing you’re still okay.

      I still enjoy reading about them, though.


    To be able to go on for two full pages about a white plastic piece of junk is I must say rather impressive. Almost as impressive as the apple articles. Sadly though since I don’t have have all day I had to skim the article. Forgive me for it and in the end this white beauty will end its life in a landfield somewhere. a truly tragic end for such horological standards it brings to the table

    • Marius

      Excellent comment! You’re absolutely spot on about the absurdity of devoting so much time and effort to writing about an ugly plastic watch.

      • David Bredan

        I appreciate you guys realizing this review (like all others here) did indeed take a fair bit of effort to produce – even if you don’t like the watch itself. As always, the review was not written to convince anyone this watch is good-looking (everyone can/should/will decide for themselves) or that it’s beautifully made. It’s a tough little thing that I personally enjoy wearing for its simplicity and durability – when you can spend hundreds of dollars more and get horribly awfully made crap that will fall apart soon, I can appreciate this 150-dollar watch looking like it does and putting up with my everyday (and, mind you, totally ordinary) ordeals. Anyway… Onto the next one!

    • Han Cnx

      Looking at the feedback buttons (Love it, Want it, etc.) it does a lot better than an article on the next piece of Hublot-hurlage.

      • BNABOD

        Well that is not a difficult task to do better than the next Hubloesque monstrosity

    • DaddyFlip

      And yet you had time to skim the article, post a comment, and write ‘have’ twice. Every ‘beauty’ written about or discussed on this site, even the ones you might spend all day reading about or wearing, will end its life in a landfield somewhere; as will you, and the rest of us.

  • AndrewT

    Interesting article about a founder’s relationship to his creation, not just about a white plastic watch. Maybe I have a penchant for durable, well made, reasonably priced watches. I believe G shocks definitely have a place in the horological universe. They’re consistently quality and creative, and immanently useful, I’d love to add this bright white one to my watch box!

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  • Han Cnx

    Crucially though, Kikuo-san opted for a regular positive LCD display, not an inverted one or one in other interesting colors. I’m 100% sure this is for a reason, as the original dark numbers on a lighter background are far easier to read in almost any condition.

    The other thing that struck me about his watch is that it’s relatively subdued in terms of text on and around the dial and on the case. It’s that aspect that prompted me to go for this limited edition (even though it has a negative display) because it omits nearly all the texts, even the ‘G-Shock – Protection’ wording that’s stamped in the case is not inked in. And it comes on a Cordura Nylon band that’s excellent: not plasticky like regular G-shock bands, and comfortable as the back side material is softer than the ultra tough outer material.

    • Tom Alaerts

      Do you remember the reference of this one?

      • Han Cnx

        Yes, it’s DW-5600BB for the one with normal plastic strap, and DW-5600BBN for the limited edition with Cordura strap.

  • Han Cnx

    I’m also a fan of the G-Lide range because it features a moon phase indicator. That’s complication that you need to spend really a lot for when done the traditional way. My wife’s favorite G-Shock is one in that range.

  • Yojimbo

    ****UPDATE June 2017***

    I kind of took to this watch affordability and beach worthiness but didn’t make any effort to find one until recently.


    Listed as discontinued on Gshock site. It was unavailable on Amazon when I first looked and when I looked on ebay it was there but a tad overpriced. It popped up recently at under $150 (Cdn) so I snagged one yesterday via Amazon and hopefully is being packaged up now.

  • Steve Sánchez

    David, I want to commend you on writing this article. Whether you like Gschocks or not, you’ve made compelling points on all the great design details, with both pros and some cons about this watch. Personally, I think this watch rocks. Great summer watch color, everyday beater, and I’m still loving it after just 2 weeks of ownership. I am taking this with me later to Cancun as my travel watch. I’m ok with the negative display. I reads really well in the sunlight even with polarized sunglasses on while I run. Love the content and look forward to more. Thanks David.

  • Suhail Dar

    Hi guys, i want to buy this g shock white beauty. How do you purchase it here?