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GIVEAWAY: Casio ProTrek PRG550 Watch

GIVEAWAY: Casio ProTrek PRG550 Watch Giveaways

Neither Casio nor its ProTrek (formerly Pathfinder) line of outdoor watches need any introduction. On aBlogtoWatch we’ve listed these timepieces as among the ultimate survival watches as well as some of the highest-value watches when it comes to bang for your buck. Casio continues to raise the bar with more features and designs each year. ProTrek watches should be a staple of any watch diet. Up for grabs is a Casio ProTrek PRG550 (specifically a PRG550-1A1). In a stealthy black case, this analog/digital ProTrek model has a Tough Solar movement, triple sensor array (compass, barometer, and altimeter), and a host of other features. Retail price is $300 and you can enter to win one below here on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention an extreme situation where you were happy to have a watch (or perhaps one you’d like to be in).  If you do not want to get the comments on this post in your email box, log in to your Livefyre account, and manage your notifications there 🙂

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 28, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Casio Watches the sponsor of the ProTrek watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • admira75

    So I was in the Galapagos islands – I had to transfer from one boat to another on the main island in order to do some trips on the islands with guides, and had to ensure I had enough time to do so. I also had to call back home to check that there were no reservation issues with my accommodation.
    Having a multi time zone watch at the time I could check time back home to ensure the call was at a good time, also track how long I had left to get off one boat and onto the other.

  • TheodoreWiseTepeng

    There was one time when I joined a trail running event that seemed to last an eternity. It was raining hard the night before so the course was very muddy and slippery. Good thing I was able to keep track of my time since I was wearing my Protrek watch that day so it helped me monitor my split times.

  • Checking water flow levels on rural farmlands on the Island of Maui. This ProTrek would have come in handy!

  • GregHall

    Could be lost without it

  • bigwig

    Fantastic watch, I had on my ProTrek when my fiance and I were hiking in hawaii and got lost and had to call EMS to rescue us. Although we weren’t able to utilize the ProTrek to get us home I did know the correct elevation to tell the dispatcher so the helicopter could locate us. We eventually were repelled down 600 vertical feet and were told it was one of the most dangerous rescue extractions the search and rescue team had done.

  • estheme

    This thing looks amazing. Having a chronograph has come in handy for me in more situations than I can remember. While not exactly extreme, I use it all the time to check my car speedometer when on the highway.

  • We’re having floods and forest fires here at the moment. Maybe a watch like this will come in handy.

  • articblade

    I owe a protrek watch and can testify to its durability and toughness. I still recall back in 2009 when I was on student exchange in Europe and I travelled to kiruna in Sweden to catch the northern lights. The temperature at night was a brutal -28 and we were out on snowmobile. The weather was so cold the heat packs refuse to work but the protrek continue to work flawlessly. Still remember using the backlight to check where I left my keys in the frigid wilderness.

  • MarkCarson

    Back in 1982, I awoke to find myself next to a less than beautiful woman. As the alcohol wore off, my addled brain seemed recall nocturnal activities from a few hours before. I wondered if Oklahoma had laws against beastiality or not. Having a watch made , “Look at the time, I really have to go – right now” a viable exit strategy. What made the situation really extreme was that her roommate looked even ‘less beautiful’ and I did not want to get caught and have to make small talk with her. So I removed the screen and climbed out the bedroom window. True story – actually it is worse than that but this is enough disclosure for the Internet.
    My Tissot T-Touch crapped out a few years ago and the Casio ProTrek would be a great replacement. Hope I win (but then I always say that).

  • While I’m not really an outdoors kind of guy, I’m sure that’s only because of the lack of a suitable watch! So if I had a protrek I would strike out at random into the wilderness, certain of the compass to guide me to food and water. That’s how it work, right?

  • FalconerInd

    Back in 1992, i spent one week in a German forest during a escape and evade exercise. The only think i had with me was my watch and my shoes. I had a Tutima watch at the time that i had exchanged with a german soldier. That watch was the only thing that actually kept me going, the only piece of hardware i could rely on. And when you keep sleeping in 2 hours stretch a watch is your only point of reference. 
    Regretfully that watch got destroyed a few years later during a motorbike accident. Then again since i basicaly had only a light injury that was a small price to pay .

  • acescharles

    I was out one day on campus and lost track of time, forgot my cellphone at home, and had a midterm that day. If it wasn’t for my watch, I would have absolutely missed my final exam.

  • Juha

    When I needed to know the time.

  • AmielOng

    I want it 🙂

  • RoadRash

    Stuck in a ditch in a blizzard about 20 years ago my Casio watch at the time let me know how late I was going to be for dinner.

  • JoeWelke

    No extreme situations, but I used to live in Germany and spent many a weekend hiking in the German and Austrian Alps. I had one of the first Casio watches with an altimenter/barometer, and it was nifty checking my elevation changes throughout the day. I recall seeing a rapid air pressure drop on the display as well that kept me indoors and let me miss a downpour. This watch would be great to win.

  • pmignone

    I was doing research in a Particle Physics Lab, one of a handful of places where your watch can get magnetised. 
    I wore my Sinn 856 and nothing happened. The watch continues to work perfectly (as with most watches from Sinn 🙂
    The End

  • nizamqwer

    It really a very nic ewatch from Casio, liked.

  • stelakos

    i would love to play outdoor games like beach volley and still wearing a watch!

  • damdam

    I am going to travel around the world without too much money and with a backpack only. In rough situations I will need a watch I can rely on. So I really hope I will win!
    Besides I will post lots of pictures from my adventure / and my watch 😉

  • patgilmartin

    I do a lot of extreme fishing. that means standing on rocks in slamming surf in the middle of the night. Casio has always been my go-to for my nights of fishing and has yet to let me down.

  • AlexanderZharkov

    After the accidental street fight, my mechanical watch was broken… Had my wrist worn in this Casio, I wouldn’t miss my watch.))) Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • billjones270

    I camp and ride motorcycles. My favorite destinations for both is usually in the mountains. I’d love to have an ABC watch to check the altitue or know when the weather will turn bad so I can park the bike or batten down the hatches!

  • AaronThompson2

    When (notice I didn’t say “if” Lol!) the Zombie Apocalypse hits, everyone will wish they had a watch as tough as this Casio! Because, from what I understand, zombies don’t even like the taste of rubber or plastic, so this watch could be your saving grace in avoiding being bitten and becoming infected. That makes this Casio a true “Survival” watch!

  • alinux33

    I need this piece of technology to impress alien civilizations. On the other hand, I heard Chuck Norris wears a Casio too. 😀

  • flatwave

    I’d like to check the time in my watch while on top of mt Everest!

  • bremersm

    This watch would be great for dealing with the many F6 tornadoes that global warming is going to cause.

  • spsall

    I doubt that the breach qualifies as extreme, but I don’t want to worry about my watch when I’m playing in the sand and waves.

  • vferrava

    Nice watch would come in handy when on forced marches with my brother in law former US Army. Apparently getting lost in the woods is fun! Who knew.

  • MatLac

    where my friends and I go camping (in the middle of nowhere) it is a must to wear a watch like this.  Being able to tell time and not having to worry about the watch failing is great, but more importantly it is important to have the compass you know for when you get lost (like I did).  thank god I had a G-shock when i got lost in the woods.

  • jotpeh

    I remember a geology field trip in Germany 20 years ago in freezing January, a watch of this type would have come in handy to proof that is was freezing cold and at what altitude we were freezing … With this watch I would prefer to hike some volcanoes on Bali …

  • ericshen

    as a former bike courier in NYC (a pretty tough environment for anyone who has lived there, or watched Premium Rush), it was important to always know the time for on-time deliveries. i used to wear a casio gshock gulfman and boy, that thing was tougher than me. it was good to know that it was shock resistant, water resistant, mud proof, sealed, etc etc.

  • myerstyson

    During Allied Force, I was a crewmember on gunships. After one mission, on the way back to base, we had an in-flight emergency, requiring an emergency stop after we landed, then a quick egress from the plane. 
    I wore a Casio G-Shock at the time, and I banged the hell out of it as I was jumping out of the rear door.  Damn thing wasn’t even affected. Wonderful watch.

  • While diving and my dive computer failed – was relieved to have a backup timer!

  • JamesSemaj

    When I’m doing my army jungle training, I would be glad to be wearing a tough rugged watch with lots of useful functions like the Casio Protrek.

  • JDurocher

    Can’t say I’ve ever been in an extreme situation, but I wouldn’t mind losing myself on a tropical beach with that watch… and maybe a few mojitos

  • askirsh1

    Me please. Would be a perfect gift for my firefighter brother.

  • mikesnow

    I would use this watch if drifting out to see while kiteboarding in the fog.  Would help me find my way back to the beach  Thanks!

  • gramenis

    Sweet watch.  Would be perfect for me when I’m skydiving in brazil.

  • desben

    When I go ski, I like to strap the watch to the outside of my jacket. I can read the time without getting my wrist/hand cold. But it is punishing for the watch, being 4-5 hours in -20C weather. Not mentionning the /occasional/ fall where the watch will hit snow and ice at high speed. My G-Shock never failed me in this role…

  • jaydub_

    Would love to have this for orienteering with my daughters!

  • adamprebola

    Would be nice to have when hiking/running/climbing in Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

  • Jeremy4530

    I’ve been following the site for some time now and seen some of the terrific giveaways, thought it was time to throw my hat into the ring!  I live and work in a city and would love to use this on my weekend getaways!  Keep up the good work ABTW!

  • mch2469

    The first thing I would do is check the compass bearings on
    the watch to establish my position in relation to my target location… at this
    point I would ensure that the altitude correction had been made for my jump…..
    once I had my drop position I would await the high speed boat checking its
    arrival against the time though given the darkness I would be able to see all I
    would need to using the Neo-brite luminous hands…the thermometer would allow me
    to monitor the time I could wait treading water for the rendezvous with the
    boat…..once I was collected I can be certain the high quality and materials
    used in this great watch would withstand the battering against the waves as I skied
    towards my objective….once I was close enough to see the cliff top I could
    release my final packet to ascend to the correct height using my altimeter
    option on my watch to ensure my release from the tether line would allow me to
    glide straight on to the target… once I had landed I could recheck my position
    and move forward adjusting my speed to synchronise my arrival with the correct
    time..not too early and not too late….. I would then enter the doors to the
    location knowing the black finish of my PRG550 would not attract unwanted
    attention in the subdued light as I moved across the room…. Once I had reached
    my objective I would leave in the same manner although this time abseiling down
    the cliff face to meet the awaiting boat to take me away back into the darkness
    of the night and without anyone being aware of my visit……And so another box of ‘Black Magic’ has been
    delivered !!

  • AleksBak

    I got hit by an avalanche in Siberia when i was checking time ))

  • knittinggal

    Would love this watch for hiking! the compass would be very helpful!!  maybe then i won’t get lost when i’m hiking in the arctic tundra again!!

  • Luckie

    This would be great for hunting in unknown areas.

  • eba3eb

    A lot of people talk about how they just use phones as “timepieces” nowadays, but with the short battery life of smartphones, I’m always glad to have a watch when my phone dies, among other reasons!

  • CalinManea

    i would use it for a hunting trip

  • GabeMo

    This watch would be great for camping and hiking.

  • Kris C

    I can tell you exactly how my PAG240 got me out of a potentiall risky situation.
    I’m big in survivalist camping and white-water canoeing. I’ve done trips in many area where the best maps available leave much to be desired, including the last time they were updated. We were out for 2 weeks a few years ago shooting the ‘chutes, and came to a section that was not properly identied on the map. We had researched online before leaving, and understood that this fork in the river needed attention – the NW entrance led to class 2-3 stuff, the W entrance led to class 4 stuff, with lots of exposed rock. Missing the NW entrance did not put you in any immediate danger, but the current could not be paddled against, and a wrong turn would include an ugly portage and ruin a bunch of fun. The compass function on my 240 pointed us correctly on the fly, without missing a beat. Great trip – we’ve been back twice, and if it werent for the 21 hour drive to get there, I’d go several times a year, my 240 with me every time.

  • Sherif

    Whether scuba diving or four wheeling, a Protrek watch can always come in handy with it’s environmental features like compass, tide, altitude, pressure etc.  Like a mini weather station on your wrist.

  • jimley815

    The extreme situation I was in was sitting on a Combat Outpost in Laghman Province, Afghanistan.  Thankfully it was the middle of the summer and there was plenty of sunlight to charge a solar atomic watch.  I think being anywhere in Afghanistan should qualify as an extreme situation.

  • NigelLewington

    This is a watch I really seem to like.

  • jnegrin

    Never owned a Casio, but certainly understand its value.  As an athlete and a father of two, I hesitate to wear better timepieces on weekends, but miss the time on my wrist (cell phones just aren’t the same).
    I like the combination of rugged looks and myriad functionality.  And, like the analog/digital mix as well.
    Would love to see it on my wrist!

  • qudths

    One instance where an “extreme” watch is necessary is swimming.  I’m not talking about pool swimming or even diving (lots of sports watches can stand up to that kind of swimming), but the kind where you’re in Mexico, and you cliff dive into the water and swim.  Almost all watches can’t stand up to the shock of impact too well, but I bet that this Casio protrek will!  Usually, you don’t need the watch to do the actual activity, but it sure is nice to know the time while you’re out there!

  • erikdy

    I’m copying you ABTW — I want this watch for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

  • 4Runner

    Extreme situation- late to pick up kid from hockey practice, really upset wife.

  • Ryan B

    I would love to be a spy for one day and part of my missions would be to arrive at certain destination exactly on time, like on the edge of a dliff, facing west, at an altitude of 2,567 ft
    Why you ask ….. because I’m a spy on a mission that’s why. Now you know too much and I must silence you.

  • watchman323

    My extreme situation are diving and shooting.  When diving I would want a watch that is rugged and have a good water resistance.  When shooting I want a watch that can stand up to the shock of a recoil.

  • danbouchard

    I have a Suunto Core that came in handy in the days leading up to Hurricane Sandy (I live in NJ). Keeping tabs on the Barometer gave me a decent warning as to when the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan. Taking the advance notice seriously I was able to fill both my cars with gasoline as well as my gas cans before the gas stations were knocked out, ran out of gas, and had long lines. 
    My only beef with the Suunto is that it is not solar powered which is precisely the reason I love this Casio Protrek. And when the zombie apocalypse hits and we have no more batteries, this Protrek will keep going for decades.

  • NunoTerra

    Great giveaway as always!
    I usually wear my Protrek when mountain biking. One time my partner had an accident and broke his elbow out of cell phone reach and I had to track back using the compass on my watch to high ground and call 911. Unfortunately my Protrek is heavily scratched and a new one would come in handy!

  • keinoson

    I’ve never had an “extreme
    situation” where I was glad to have a watch. 
    But I always believe in backups, with cell phones
    so prevalent today, many people depend on them as their
    “watch”.  I current daily watch is the Casio GW-6900, a sold
    dependable watch that never needs adjustment or batteries.  So any addition from the Casio family is very

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I’m not one that tends to be in that bad a situation as described… I might be out in the mountains, or away from home in a situation where I’d need to have a watch but not one where it is life or death. So, for one I’d like to be in, I’d like to visit remote areas of Canada and Alaska and in some of those places you don’t even know if it is day or night, a watch would be essential!
    Already liked, liked and subscribed.

  • drawoh

    In a zombie apocalypse these watch will keep on ticking.  Over time all other watches driven on battery, mechanical, or automatic have the vulnerability of time being stopped.  These watches are zombie proof.

  • turboscott

    After kids my extreme situations consist of carpools to karate and some light mountain biking.  However, if we are speaking hypothetically rafting the Colorado or some downhill mountain biking.  Then again I ALWAYS am happy to have a watch.

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    I’ve never owned a solar powered watch because unlike drawoh I’m aware the batteries are only expected to last 10 – 15 years and I prefer to have my mechanical watches serviced than buy a battery that will wind up in a junk pile.
    That said, I’d still welcome one of these watches to my collection since I know I could abuse the heck out of it, not get lost in the woods and not worry about a battery failure on any vacation in the next decade or so.

  • CharlieWu

    Need a watch that I can wear while sailing across the pacific in a life boat. No, I don’t want to be in such extreme condition. Maybe I’ll just wear my casio on my next ski retreat.

  • dannunziop

    I need a watch to hike or climb traveling or camping with a nice compass. solar powered would be also nice to have.

  • PaulElam

    I don’t find myself in too many extreme situations, but I do enjoy going hiking and biking on the weekends. A watch with a companss will come in handy when I go ‘off trail’ and explore.

  • mrkauffman

    Not really that extreme, but I plan on climbing all of the big volcanoes in Washington State this year, and this watch would make a nice addition to my gear.

  • Spaceguitar

    I backcountry ski quite a bit. Although we do quite of bit of up-front route planning and weather watching, things change quickly in the high alpine in Colorado. Compass functions on grey out/white out conditions is very, very handy…and watching pressure drop for an incoming front helps make decisions whether to alter plans or be able to proceed safely.

  • wyncdavies

    I had an older Pathfinder that went with me on every camping and hiking trip.  Although I wouldn’t call it extreme per se, but my Pathfinder has gone under the sea and to the top of mountains.  It’s been to the rainforest, it’s been to the desert.  All over.  One trip to Lake Tahoe a year or so ago, I took it off on the beach and it got snatched up by some scumbag walking by our stuff.  Why I took it off, I don’t know but I know I won’t do that again.  A Pathfinder/ProTrek doesn’t EVER need to be taken off.

  • hyperaesthetic

    I like to run with my dog around the town (more like a village) perimeter. I go camping and hiking with my kids a lot, so I could definitely use a rugged watch like this.

  • mikesr

    Wearing a Pro Trek watch with all it’s features, can come in handy under any circumstances (driving, swimming, boating, hunting, doing normal activities).  You have the compass function, virtual weather station, solar movement, etc.  This watch is a valuable addition to any watch collection.  It would be wonderful to own one.

  • Flailhail

    Iv been putting together a bug out bag as preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse.  The last piece i happen to need is a watch! How perfect you should have a contest for just the kind of watch that should be in every bug out bag!

  • jamespmacneil

    I live in the northern part of Canada which tends to be a frozen paradise 7 to 8 months out of the year, and there are numerous times during the year that a good watch would be appreciated, camping, fishing, hiking…getting lost when doing any of the previous.

  • Hadzi Dalibor

    I’m from Bosnia. Bonian’s mountains are the places where this watch can be used!

  • Walteryz

    I think it’ll be the perfect choice for a rafting sesion

  • gstrawbridge

    I live in Vermont where I’m hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, running on the trails of the Green Mtns. This watch would be perfect for being on the trail in any weather.

  • hapihayun

    My wife and I hike a bunch in California, including an anual trip to summit Half Dome. I believe having an ABC watch such as those in the Casio Protrek line would definitely come in handy.

  • I live in a city surrounded by hills and mountains, whenever I have to road travel to big flat cities where there are no visual references to guide you, no smartphone on hand and your lady it’s giving you that “look” when you do that man-manly thing of “short cutting the route” and it doesn’t come as planned… well, we all know how extreme that gets.  
    And how handy it’s to roll over your sleeve, show up  your high-tech-solar powered -blade runner looking – wrist instrument pressing the “COMP” button, stare at it for a couple of seconds (know where your heading at), rise your head and say such a thing like:  ” As I suspected, we’re  5º, 13″ deviated from our path, couples of blocks in THAT direction and we’ll be right on course and on time”   WHAM!   All arguments disabled, peace of mind assured and the lady back at bay.

  • ptabatcher

    While in college, I spent 6 weeks in Nepal. A watch was necessary to meet up with friends who where sprinkled around the city. While we were there, no one had cellphones. So, everything had to be scheduled in advance.

  • darknebula

    When hiking in the Tian Shan mountains of Central Asia this watch would be an excellent companion! Probably the only link to civilization at that point.  Hoping to win. Thanks!

  • Neil C

    I’d love to be on the International Space Station, when a 45mm hole suddenly appears in the outer skin.  We would all perish if not for being able to jam the bezel of my Casio PRG550-1A1 in there to stop the leak and save the day.  I’d be very interested in seeing what its reading for Altitude would be.

  • velezuntouchable

    Whenever I’m hiking on or around the Appalachian or running mudder courses, I’m always glad to have a nice durable watch on my wrist such as my Timex Expedition or Nixon Rover.

  • drmosta

    Two situations – one real, one is a dream.
    Real – I actually own a pathfinder and am completely happy with the watch. I work in industrial chemistry currently and have spilled all kinds of extremely harsh solvents on the crystal. The case is still tight, and vapors have not affected the sensors, thus far. It’s taken abuse for over three years. I strongly suggest NOT testing it this way, but mine has held up.

    Dream – Hiking around the world and actually using the atomic clock sync at all hubs! 
    Quick aside – I think its a real testament that the ProTeks are highly touted by the US military.

  • NolanKubbernus

    My happy-to-have-a-watch situation occurred when I was hiking in the mountains.

  • Apdl

    camping and hunting are about as extreme as it gets for me. Having said that, its currently -12F where I am and I like to wear my watch on the out side of my coat so I dont have to take my gloves off to tell the time

  • mattsh

    Probably the most extreme situations I have been in where I need a watch is when I am trying to get somewhere on time.  This watch would have been handy on a trip to Yosemite, where I was carrying a bunch of extra climbing gear for a 3 day hut to hut backpack trip.  After we got to camp and headed to the crag for some climbing, I decided that I did not want to carry the gear for the rest of the day.  I hiked back to the car for a total of about 21 miles that day.  I was pressed for time because i needed to get in for dinner at the hut.

  • DavidDrecktrah

    Diving in Belize on the reefs. Always a good idea of how long you have before meeting up with the rest of your group back at the boat. And which direction to head.  (Always dive with a partner, too!)

  • MarkFD

    I was happy to have my trusty old Seiko diver during a 4 day whitewater rafting trip last summer.

  • rlv

    I would love to take a watch like that to a trip to Costa Rica or another Central America Country where there are mountains and beaches side by side. That way i could take it diving, mountain climbing and hiking one after the other and get the max out of my watch.

  • falon

    A reliable Casio is good to have when I’m diving.

  • runner2climber

    It would be a good watch to have while climbing.

  • FlorinJune

    Casio ProTrek is my old dream ! I am a person with disabilities from Romania and here a disabil person receives only $ 60 monthly pension, impossible to buy anything …barely enough for food !

  • RayRayKae

    Camping is about as extreme as i get but I’d still love to have the watch!

  • Acif82

    This watch would be great on my mountain bike trail explorations! Like!

  • tcf119

    I’d like to have the watch just to give people the illusion that I am extreme.  Truth is that I am a total desk jockey and don’t do anything more extreme than running outside.  It would be like wearing a Hublot but with $10K less smug!!

  • thebooch

    About the most extreme time would be hiking in the mountains. I use the countdown timer to know when to head back.

  • Chris88

    Working in a warehouse can be pretty extreme at times:  it takes a strong watch to hold up to the frequent dings and smacks.  But the most important use is to make sure i am not late for a meeting with the team!

  • lwix819

    I would use this watch to not loose my path when I go fishing!

  • ilovesandwiches

    Lost my last G Shock hunting and would love to win yis beauty.

  • joseph_raymund

    I have casio G shock 9 years ago, i used it for 4 years and destroyed due to crashed on a bike.

  • wujuboy

    My G-Shock GW700A is with me all the time whether I am running or mountain biking. This would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Bigbandito

    In my younger days I used to backpack in the mountains of Northwest Georgia.  Some of the places I went to are very remote and unpopulated (like the 84,000 acre Cohutta Wilderness Area).  While I carried maps and compass, it would have been really cool to use the Pathfinder to find may way with the compass, check the altitude with the altimeter, and prepare for coming storms with the barometer.  Thanks for the giveaway.  My fingers are crossed.

  • kayhjoo

    This would be a nice watch to have while hiking.

  • shameless1965

    Casio ProTrek PRG550 . This is a great looking watch and an ideal addition to the kind of life style I lead.
    I love the outdoors if I’m not walking my dog across the fells I’m trying to walk/climb the beautiful Munros of Scotland, I cab think of nothing better to put on my wrist.

  • briciur

    I love casio protrek. I have a prw2500-b3 and i love it.

  • dave1971

    Great watches! I took my trusty Pathfinder to Everest base camp. Can’t say it saved my life but it was useful to know your elevation & the rate of ascent! Actually the electronic compass came in handy on a hike here when we were trying to figure out a bearing

  • GStuck

    As a former crewmember on C-130s, a watch and stop watch were essential for all the missions we did.  The Air Force issue at that  time(1989) was the Casio G-Shock.  They also issued us navigators a Tag Heuer stop watch.

  • lomarti

    I have the Casio G-Shock Rescue, would love to have this model too.

  • stylex

    I have a Casio PRG 110T and I love it. I trust in Casio. Is my everyday watch. I wish a new one… PRG 550 …. The best!!!

  • Stokpot

    I work as a mechanic so a watch that takes a beating would be good for me.

  • bartmanhi

    It was a dark and stormy night.  I was out exploring.  Lost.  Saw a flash in the sky.  Located it’s position with my multi-everything Casio.  Aliens appeared.  I was able to have them return me to home.  My watch provided more accurate info than their instruments, which carried the wrong datum.  Then my alarm rang.

  • Patmore83

    I am looking at trying out some caving. I would like to have a tough waterproof watch with lighting to keep track of time and progession in near pitch black.

  • bdover

    casio,,great watches ,i have a g-shock that won’t die

  • Humanloop

    This watch would be great for any zombie apocalypse. Or just any hiking expedition in the arctic.

  • sitnstew

    I was in the frozen tundra of northern Alaska when I was approached by a polar bear. He asked me politely if I had the time but when I looked down at my bare arm I found that it lacked a watch. I am certain that if I had been wearing one, I would not have had to fight that bear with my bare hands.

  • hoyaeldridge

    I worked one summer in Kosovo and a good watch was critical to managing the complexities of border crossing times and organizing transportation throughout the region – both for personal use and for my job.  
    I’ll file this under extreme conditions since I was held at gunpoint by Italian KFOR soldiers at the Decani Monastary. Thankfully that experience was sorted out before anyone got too antsy with their weapons.

  • Psycho4watches

    One summer I hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and was glad that I had Casio ABC watch.

  • jbiss

    Nothing too extreme, but I like snorkeling with my watch. I like to time how long I have been out and how long I can stay under.

  • WayneisTestinger

    Nice to wear one when I attempt to do the stratosphere jump.

  • will7926

    Lost in the woods on a mountain bike, finding north got me back to the trail.

  • luhai1671

    hiking on the cliffs of mesa verde, it’s geeting dark and my cellphone is dead. (true story, i started wearing watches and compass afterwards)

  • JohnSauer

    Night drift diving in Mexico. Lost flashlight and had to use backlit watch to signal the boat at 50 yds.

  • karimhkhan

    I was glad to have my watch when I was timing my friends quarter mile numbers when I was riding shotgun.

  • felixneo

    lost in the city…

  • jmjones29

    Scuba diving in Hawaii

  • Hacker4748

    The most extreme situation probably was when I needed to find north when struggling to find my way round Vienna. 🙂

  • dino721

    Finding my way out of a rain forest in the Caribbean

  • jstidley

    Sitting in my office eagerly waiting for the next article to be posted on ABTW!

  • rmkather

    Hiking in the adirondaks. An abc watch like this is handy in many situations.

  • RichardCoburn

    I like to do a lot of cycling and I also like to go scuba diving when on vacation down south, the Casio Protrek would be good in these situations for tracking time and position- but more importantly it would be a great day to day watch that looks great and make my co-workers jealous

  • manuelz

    Salmon fishing in Alaska, day light hours and night time where difficult to tell apart sun was always just above the horizon and add jet lag to throw internal clock off, would have been nice to have this watch then.

  • Ip9

    Keeping me entertained while shopping with the missus….

  • berniesiao

    I have a G-shock as my “go anywhere” watch and it’s nice to have while snorkeling in shallow reefs.  This ProTrek seems even nicer and more feature rich.

  • Phillyfilm

    I’ve always enjoyed the water but never had the chance to learn how to sail.  It’s something I’d love to do some day, and having a rugged, stylish and reliable watch like a ProTrek on my wrist is a great first step!

  • samumingo

    This type of watches are very useful, I particularly like the barometer function, which can indicate pressure changes and save you from getting stuck in a storm while hiking!

  • SeaLarson

    I was wearing an MTM silencer when the lights went out in the office.  The LEDs were just what I needed to find my way around.

  • lloydpark

    Howdy. Very cool Casio Pro Trek. Interestingly I gave a similar watch to one of my best friends and I don’t I have ever seen him without the watch on his wrist. A testiment to a very nice, highly functional, time peice, which also tells me is extremely comfortable to wear.
    Regarding an extreme case in which having a watch was a blessing, mountain biking in South Lake Tahoe, I ended up riding through some considerably more rocky downhill terrain that expected, needless to say I ended up taking some nasty spills and at the end of the day, it turned out that my cell phone which I thought was safe zipped up in my camel back actually got the screen broken from one of my crash landings.
    Fortunately I had my Luminox on my wrist that allowed me to continue to ride with full knowledge of time I left the campground parking area and approx how far I’d ridden with my approx speed, which was useful in making sure I got back my point of origin before it got too dark out for me to navigate the trail in the woods.


    In 2011, I traveled on business to Iceland, Finland, Germany, and Italy during a 1 1/2 week period.  I wore a Orient World Time/Sightseer Watch during the trip and it was very helpful keeping track of the current time in all the various time zones including my home in Seattle.

  • NoleenELT

    The most extreme situation where I’ve absolutely needed a watch was stage rally driving. An accurate watch is absolutely critical, as you have to enter and exit services and control areas at precisely the right time, or you are given penalties.

  • wbilly

    Camping in the High Adirondacks – no cell service. A link to the modern world.

  • MajorHavoc

    This would be great while ice climbing a frozen waterfall!

  • RHF

    A watch with an altimeter would be very useful when mountain climbing.

  • Kar Wai Law

    This watch is perfect for every tumble and rumble in all sorts of conditions, probably outlasting the wearer 1 lifetime at the minimum..

  • koningfelix

    To withstand the toughness of the Dutch weather 😀

  • Mrdorythemory

    On a four day hike in the Australian summer!!

  • GekkoIoancio

    I think that it was several years ago when I went to new years eve celebration with my friends to a remote little cabin in the mountains.I remember that we look for the place counting the kilometers and hundred meters as the instructions were very clear.After 3 turnarounds we finally got there.Everything went ok we made the usual fire in the midle of the gaarden and were having a good time. It was before the era of gps , mobile phones and cable TV. The single little problem was that I had to travel back to my job next day and the travel was very problematic because of bad road and weather. At 19.00 or about I remember that the electricity went down. We were trapped in the middle of mountains with plenty of food , water and everything but no electricity.I needed the exact time to know when to start going back. the single time piece was my Seiko 5 watch.It was a good companion for me for a couple of years but then it was something absolutely compulsive thing to have. To cut the long version after all everything went well we had and enjoyed a very good time, but on the way back i promised myself that from now on my wrist watch , no matter which , it is my second shadow.I think 18 years passed by and i collect the watches since. I am near 60 now and the bug is even stronger than ever. 
    Conclusion   people keep a watch on your hand on every occasion, alex

  • Thor0510

    A compass can be a life saver in the woods and in the city jungel!!!

  • mozjo33

    I’m in law enforcement, that would be a great watch to wear everyday.  Plus the wife and I are trying to change our life styles and get outdoors more – biking and hiking.  We want to add geocaching and orientering next year.  What a great to have for those activities.

  • I  am a warehouse worker and i use watches all the time, I just beat them up so a nice durable watch would be aswome, I love watches that you don’t have to worry about breaking when you are working

  • steele15900

    I love the outdoors, climbing, hiking ect. I have been trying to find the perfect watch to fit my life style. I have been looking at these for a while and would love to have one. I enjoy rugged watches that can keep up with me and the abuse that I can put one through. I tried out suunto and they have come in handy with their useful features but they would always break.

  • jroot

    I work in mining in South America and often find myself at elevations above 5000m.  I have a tissot watch with an altimeter but it is a little too delicate for my work.  This casio looks the business.

  • Freddy_C_Two

    I’m pretty boring. The most extreme I get is a hostile meeting. Glad I have a watch to know when it’s over.

  • kjpIII

    As a med school student who loves the outdoors it would be great to have a watch that I can use while in the lab, on the wards, and out on the trail, lake, or on various mission trips. A watch with many functions, that can take a bit of a beating, and can be easily cleaned is awesome.

  • OC_Rob

    I love hiking in the mountains of southwest Virginia and I dream of traveling to exotic locales. I love to have a watch like this in any of those situations! Thanks for offering another great giveaway!

  • jubhaight

    I’ve never been in a serious outdoors situation, but I would love to put the Casio Protrek to the test for an overnight hike trip, with only a pack full of supplies, and the watch on my wrist. I think it would be valuble to use the triple sensors to thrive in an outdoor environment.

  • N_Y

    day 7 of night shifts… day date keeps me orientated

  • mgluck

    Long bike rides without a watch are impossible; I need to know where I am and when it is!

  • z841

    When I have to be in a windowless environment like my office…

  • kurshid

    When i’m lost in the mall…please, help me!

  • Alphonse Del Rudo

    Mountain biking and hiking are about as extreme as it gets for this office dwelling family man but, ya know… a durable watch with a compass and altimeter will be of great benefit when the GPS battery inevitably dies.  And the barometer will help give advance warning of those sudden mountain weather changes.  Hell, I might just buy one of these if I don’t win!

  • WoeiYuanSeng

    When I’m away from any cellular networks, the watch is critical!

  • ArtRamsay

    I am a realtor so I need a watch to be both durable and classy.i have found in many cases having a good watch is not only important but it can start a conversation for those persons who really appreciate a good or attractive timepiece.My extreme situation was hiking in Norway and falling ill and being able to use my watch to measure my pulse rate. As I said earlier having a precise watch is a great thing.

  • WeiHongTan

    If there was an earthquake, the watch would probably be more alive than me. Casio watches are great!

  • tony161

    Extreme situation – swimming to Rottnest Island (19km’s off the coast of Perth WA) in a team of 4, the time keeper had forgotten to reset his stopwatch, we became concerned for the safety of the swimmer in the water and length of their leg, my old casio protrek saved the day by warning me he had gone over time as I had set the count down timer. Need a new one.

  • Kristijan

    So, I was being mugged this one time and the mugger said: “your watch or your life”. I’m glad I had a watch…otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this.

  • KonstantinosTheodoridis

    i Love it!!!! i want it! i must have it! … precioussssssssss 😛

  • cpwong76

    Never jogged anything further than 6KM…but I ran a 10KM event anyway, with a qualifying time of 1hr 30mins to beat. Used my trusted Suunto Core to time and push myself all the way across the finish line with 7 mins to spare. Felt like king of the world when crossing the finish line and pressing the stop button (stopwatch function).

  • johnro6659

    Killer watch! This is the type of watch I like when I go camping , hiking, skiing, skimobiling ect. Casio wathes seem to last forever I have some I got as a child that still work today.

  • BrianSchiele

    Looks like a great back county fishing watch!

  • Bob Sebastian

    I’m always the watch “go to” guy when I’m out with friends. “Bob, what time is it?” is often heard. With that kind of pressure I need a rugged watch that can stand up to anything. The Casio Pro Trek would be perfect for those tense time-request moments.

  • tce001

    A watch like this would be great for sailing, especially for racing.

  • roberth67

    About a year ago, I was backpacking in the rockies photographing a beautiful remote area, when my GPS’ battery died on me. I had to rely on my magnetic compass and map to find my way back into town, and my watch to get home before my wife got worried!

  • amoeba

    This would be my first Casio and I have always wanted to get it to it.

  • JMcTavish

    I’ll be heading down to the Amazon a few times a year for grad school, so a tough-as-nails Casio is exactly the kind of watch I’ll need!

  • TheSneakyP

    I need a watch like this to use when I go mountain biking…

  • DaTruth52

    I was sure glad to have a watch when I was at a new years eve party this past year, and the party I was at did not have a single clock around the area…

  • lawmarc

    I gave my G-Shock to my son when I bought a Pro-Trek.  Now he wants mine, so it would be great to win this one.

  • LapYoda

    I would have liked a watch like this when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail and all around the Southwest US a decade ago.  I ended up buying a crappy $10 Walmart watch to take with me so I could leave my normal watch at home.  Even now, this kind of a lightweight, tough watch would be perfect when I ride my bike (well, once it warms up).

  • Iskandar Mirza

    i would love this watch accompany me when i explore sumatran jungle.

  • tissotseiko

    Being a poor navigator and having tea & coffee plantations, this compact electronic friend from Casio will guide me in my daily chores for checking altitude before planting saplings of coffee and tea to suit the climate and guide me back to my house. Overall it makes me more stylish and punctual.

  • Xnode

    This is a timepiece that I would love have on a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon.

  • martuki80

    I wish I had a watch like this for the hiking that I do on the weekends in the mountain.

  • SydneyDsouza

    well i need this watch cause it needs to go on a expedition with me a mountain that need to be explored

  • Anjobe

    Will be doing some hiking on my holidays this summer – this watch looks the business!

  • KennyYeo

    This watch would be great when I’m camping outdoors.

  • ar_yahya

    I’m an army man. So, I really need this one 🙂

  • Mike M.

    I hunt in the back country.  Having a reliable, multifunction watch would serve me well.  We will go a week without seeing another person or relying heavily on technology.  This watch would help us track the weather when up in the high country.

  • 2crazy2stop

    Watch would be great while exploring my newly purchased propertly.

  • JuanC

    Love the Casio protek series. I like how they lay flatter than the G-Shock watches and are more conservative in appearance.

  • All_about_the_watch

    I’d love to use the altimiter funtion of the Protek on one of my climbs. I think having an altimiter on your wrist would be much handier than one in your pack, such as a gps.

  • AndreBraz

    This is a extreme tool watch that works !!!!  It will work perfectly during my expeditions in Brazilian Jungle.

  • lwsaenz

    This watch would be great for while I’m hunting!

  • MichelDaoust

    During a kayaking race, conditions got foggy and we couldn’t see the shore anymore.  Luckily I had plugged in coordinates for a check-point buoy, just to be safe. I followed my watch and made it to the buoy.  By the time I got there, the fog had lifted, but it saved me from heading off-course. So the more (reliable) bells and whistles on an outdoor  watch, the better.  You just never know.

  • kapitanshaun

    The Casio ProTrek PRG-550 watch look like just the perfect addition to my safety equipment while sea kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. Thanks for the opportunity to win the watch.

  • winterwold

    The only extreme things I do is go out into the woods to chop up wood for the winter. But you never know what is gonna happen when you are out there with a chainsaw and an axe. So I guess a good watch could come in handy any of those times. The thing about any piece of equipment is that you never really know you really need it until an emergency occurs.

  • Dan Baxter

    While I’ve worn almost exclusively mechanical watches for the last 10 years, this thing is so much more than a watch.  It’s the multitool equivalent of a watch.  As a result, I’m definitely interested in it.  Plus, it looks like the perfect thing to have when the zombie apocalypse occurs!

  • joblow

    Not life threatening but on waking up late for incoming tides we almost missed a day of surfing. Would have been bummed the rest of the day as surfing is the reason we were camping out.

  • blackvoodoo

    PRG-550. Nifty.

  • nicknack

    Watching Sandy coverage while sitting on my college roommate’s couch in Philly while evacuated from Jersey shore. My wife is crying, and his kid is asking me to time him as he runs to the basement and back. The house survived, and the kid was crazy fast.

  • willgill14

    Great for biking

  • rugby10

    Winter Fly Fishing in Upstate NY, when shelf ice broke loose somewhere upstream and filled the river, with me wading in it. My PAW2000 took some heavy shots from vehicle-sized icebergs and surprisingly survived! So did I. Would be nice to retire it in one piece and replace it with the PRG550.

  • jeanbourquin

    Hum I do like it in only one way, its the transformer feel, its for kids, not as valuable as a mechanical watch, but still think there is more place for a watch like this one than an ICE WATCH… oups…. But prefer mechanical…..

  • RayeAng

    It would important to have a watch when u are having a party the night before your exam…. so that you can still wake up to fail your exam 🙂

  • HleanneH

    I can honestly say that I’ve never been in an extreme survival situation. However,if I win, I’d like to go on a camping trip with my husband and see if I can make use of all this watch’s features! is my email.

  • dragosbora

    Here, in region that I now live, Nordrhein-Westfalen , every day might be an extreme one due to the heavy rains. Since I came here from a very sunny region. So it’s obvious that you need a barometer all the time to tell how the weather will be… 🙂

  • mktcrasher

    I would like to be travelling through Italy right now….so making train schedules on time is vital.  This would come in handy making sure I make it places on time.  Not too extreme….but more like extremely frustrating if you miss your train!

  • ArjunRudra1

    Was glad to have had a watch to make it for dad’s kidney transplant surgery. Actually had to drive dad to hospital as well. Was on other side of town so having a watch was critical.

  • morcheeba

    I was snowshoeing recently and I thought I knew the trail – I’d been on it two weeks before – but I got lost. There were so many tracks to follow, and each time someone would go off trail, they’d lead someone else to follow them who would mark the wrong trail even further. A compass watch would have helped get me to the right place in time to catch an awesome sunrise!

  • SecuringTheLead

    I need a super durable and reliable watch when on duty. I never know when I might end up on the pavement wrestling with a suspect.

  • korbindallis

    I would love to win this as I like Casio they are so reliable I still have my data bank from years ago it had it still works all it needed was a battery change the kind that took 2 one for the light and one for the watch lol but i still love Casio and I hope to buy one too even if I’m lucky or not 🙂

  • biggish_burrito

    I need this watch to tell me how much time it took for me to take down a full grown grizzly, bare-handed, then subsequently commanding the bear cavalry. Yeah, I’m going bear fighting. I need a watch that can keep up. This will do.

  • PrabhjotAnand

    There was an extreme situation in my life, where i maybe very glad to have a watch, when in the year 2006, i was swimming in a pool and a girl of my age, who resides in my neighborhood was also swimming in the pool. I was always attracted to her but, that day was different, as for the first time, she came near me (very near) in the pool and asked me for the first time, “What time is it now ???” and i was like searching for an answer which was not possible at that moment, as i was not wearing my watch (as it was not water proof) so, i just answered, “aa AAA aaaaa aaaa..” and she went away in anger and never came back to me.. This looks funny but maybe if I had a watch on my wrist that day, i may be dating her today…

  • GabrielBB

    As a loss adjuster in agricultural field a good watch can help you in a lot of situations. Nice giveaway, thanks Ariel

  • MichaelVelardo

    Would love a watch that could take some extreme weather as I am a photographer and this Casio would work.

  • hlbg

    Once after a training session at the gym I decided to
    go through a full 15 min session in the Finnish sauna. Of course I’d never take
    a watch in there as I would be afraid to damage it due to the extreme micro-conditions
    (heat plus random people pouring water or beer on the red hot stones and
    creating boiling hot steam smelling like freshly baked bread). When going in I
    flipped the standard hourglass found inside the sauna and prepared to switch
    places with a thanksgiving turkey for a whopping 15 min at 110º Celsius. My
    plans were shattered when the next guy to enter the sauna flipped the hour
    glass back and thus prevented me from accurately timing my deed. I was left
    hanging half cooked and dreaming about being able to accurately time my sauna sessions.
    I’m sure the nice Protrek described above would fit the bill and prove to be a
    reliable watch in such Urban Dweller Extreme Situations!

  • raditzer

    I have actually never owed a Casio!  I’m hoping this will be my first!  As for an extreme condition, well, I work in a hospital and deal with all kinds of situation where a rugged watch would be GREAT!  Moving patients, medications, cleaning agents, etc…..I’m sure I would put it through it’s paces.  Here is hoping I get my first Casio!

  • DouglasForsey

    I really would love a Greubel Forsey watch  since I am a Forsey. A casio ProTrek PRG550 wouldnt be the same but I do need a new watch for university.

  • joakl

    Love this watch and brand.  Being prior military, there were many situations where having a watch to time increments was vital.  Casio has long been a favorite because it holds up well under harsh conditions.

  • wajih

    Being a civil engineer, banging hands with concrete slabs and walls is usual. A tough casio watch won’t do a harm!

  • ZL

    Please clarify “valid e-mail address where required.” Each time, I wonder if I am doing it right. I signed up with a livefyre account using the address I use the most. Is this what you mean? As opposed to actually including it in the comment body? Thanks!
    So, getting to the point… I love Xtreme situations. I’ve spent 2 months in the Quebec woods, hitchhiked for 4 months through rural Mexico, worked as a tree-surgeon, and lived for years in South Philadelphia 😀 Casio G-Shocks cover me for now at the gym, but who knows when WWIII, a zombie apocolypse, or iPhone failure will leave us in a savage struggle for survival. That’s when I’d want a …what? Oh, right, a ProTrek 🙂

  • typericey

    I consider the corporate world an “extreme” environment, with the watch as an important tool. Punctuality in meetings and conference calls is key, and so is doing presentations within the alloted time. I could site more examples, but bottom line is: at the office which is my life, timing everything is a key component in success.

  • Alex CBR

    The best enviroment where I can use a rugged watch like this is during the summer, when I tend to go swimming/diving.

  • JANNET81888

    Hiking in Yellowstone National Park Lower Fall

  • Vig2000

    So a VERY extreme situation where I would be more than happy to have a watch is when I’m visiting with my in-laws.  Believe me, it can’t get anymore extreme than that.  A new Casio ProTrek PRG550 would tell me that it’s time to hightail it the hell on out of there.  I can be reached at axiom106 (at) (gmail).

  • phredless

    Throughout my childhood my family visited Echo Lakes in the high Sierra.  It is prone to sudden weather changes, including lightning storms, flash-flooding, and extreme temperature fluctuations.  I recall on more than one occasion hiking with only a yellow slicker as back up and waiting out a storm huddled behind bushes covered with the rubber slicker.  A watch with these capabilities would have been great for figuring out when to get back to the cabin.

  • ABK

    i once gone in a river surraunded by a forest with my friends to have a  bonfire, we drunk a lot and we have a lot of fun, in this wild (funny) situation i couldn t wear anything but my g-shock ga-110-1aer email:

  • Crowes1

    During the warmer months you just never know when you’ll have an urge
    to jump in the water or stay out late at a campfire with friends.
    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about your watch? A trusted
    friend that’s always with you no matter where you go.

  • StefanDumitrache

    I always loved mechanical watches, however thought that if I would get an electronic, it would be an ABC from Casio! And actually i wear one right now (Casio Telememo 30), since my automatic got heavily out of sync and i needed a watch badly after not wearing one for a few weeks.
    The ProTrek line is my favorite from Casio, however i find it too expensive for my monthly income. The way i see it, this watch would be a lucky win for me, since i could never afford it. As for the situations i’d like to use it, those would be either on top of the mountains, or on a deep dive (though i never dive).
    Thanks 😀

  • CHawk

    Once I put a watch on, it never comes off my wrist, so for me my lifestyle is the environment.  It goes with me everywhere and does what I do.  I work as a nurse and besides the fluids, temperature, physical shocks, corrosive chemicals, and alsio expose my watches to strong electromagnetic fields.  But that is only on the inside, then when I get to go out to play outdoors, there is the humidity and weather elements to deal with.  I am currently wearing a Ball watch that I love, but many of my friends have a Casio Protrek and they speak highly of it.  I am sure I would too!

  • rogue88

    i would give this watch to my brother for his heavy trips when he his away from home .he could remember us and come back to time to home atleast while in a month remembering us all.

  • LeoKoeken

    As an “extreme” angler I really could use a Casio ProTrek PRG-550 to keep the time when I’m reeling in a 40 pound carp!

  • amg_

    I have played with these watches in the stores and they are amazing pieces of technology. It would come in quite handy while spending a couple of nights deep sea fishing. It would have been quite useful during a trip we had off the coast of Texas where a piece of onboard equipment failed. This watch could have replaced most of that equipment and salvaged the trip.

  • I’d like to have a Protrek someday on a Antarctic trek to the south pole.

  • SunKenRock

    i’d stand on mount Everest with this PROTREK.

  • aLahmin

    working in a psychiatric hospital one needs a tough watch as this Casio ProTrek.

  • Ldonley

    Being only half Viking, having a watch Lin the Casio proteh would aid me in my bear wrestling endevours.

  • falon

    They’re so hard to kill.

  • errol20

    I love getting lost and going out in the rain cause I can use the compass and keep track of the temp when it starts to snow. I. Love the protrek

  • infestacool

    the compass is damn useful.

  • Nuno

    I would like to kill all members of my country’s government wearing a Casio ProTrek PRG550.

  • stephen

    When the power died and all the instruments in the lunar module blinked out, I was glad to have my trusty Speedmaster to time the thruster bursts…  or is that a false memory, hmmm…
    On top of a mountain at -28ºC/-18F it’s crucial to know how long you’ve been up there because at those temperatures you’re not always aware of hypothermia setting in (it was so cold my litre water bottle froze solid in 15 mins) – my camera and my phone died so I was extremely grateful to see my trusty Orient Ray just keep on ticking along nicely.
    I’ve been eyeing up a Casio ProTrek for a while as an ultra-tough go anywhere do anything watch with some nice added features that’d be useful out and about (altimeter, thermometer, compass, world time, alarms…)

  • ariefemran

    Having three kids in tow and each trying to destroy all of my possession I would be happy to have this my daily watch. All their attempts to dunk it in milk and play dough would surely be a waste of their time for a change.

  • Livefyre

    Having three kids in tow and each trying to destroy all of my possession I would be happy to have this my daily watch. All their attempts to dunk it in milk and play dough would surely be a waste of their time for a change.

  • nbonnem

    Heading out on vacation in a few weeks for some diving and hiking. I would hope a protek would help in the event of the extreme circumstance of being lost in a jungle.

  • thefortitude

    When I’m in the emergency room and need to monitor pulse and HR during an emergency. This happens more often than you think in the free clinic where I work in, and more prevalent during hurricanes/tornados. A watch like this can ultimately help me diagnose a patient’s problem.

  • mcv1973a

    I earn my living as an adventure tour guide. Ziplining, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting… I do it all… and if there is one thing I can appreciate, it is a rugged and accurate timepiece. While I have always been a fan of Casio watches, I’ve never been too keen on digitals. And while Casio has several analog G Shocks, they don’t really blow my skirt up if you follow me. This watch changes things though. ABC functions… solar power… sexy looks. This watch has it all. All it needs is a NATO strap.
    And it also needs to be on my wrist.

  • mcv1973a

    I earn my living as an adventure tour guide. Ziplining, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting… I do it all… and if there is one thing I can appreciate, it is a rugged and accurate timepiece. While I have always been a fan of Casio watches, I’ve never been too keen on digitals. And while Casio has several analog G Shocks, they don’t really blow my skirt up if you follow me. This watch changes things though. ABC functions… solar power… sexy looks. This watch has it all. All it needs is a NATO strap.And it also needs to be on my wrist.

  • crazypsychopanda

    I can imagine myself being dropped off in the wild somewhere left to my own devices like Bear Grylls or Survivorman, I could see this watch being very useful with its compass, barometer, etc.  It would be more awesome if it came with a laser to start fires and a gps locator.

  • scott epstein

    I like to hike, so that watch could come in handy.

  • Temur Akhmedov

    Being a car enthusiast all my life (literally, since the day I was born) I have always admired the racing part of automotive world, especially the, what was known as, Paric-Dakar Rally. A situation like that, where the time is the most important point of the competition, is the one where I can see a pair of watch a perfect tool that could lead to success, and the situation that I would love to be part of.

  • MrBunnyChow

    I’m a father to two rambunctious boys with a passion for travel and adventure, I’ve long been a fan of g shocks and was very sad when mine was stolen a few years ago

  • the one

    Not only is this one tough watch, it looks like it is a world timer.  This would come in handy on surf trips to the Oregon Coast, or while I am day dreaming about traveling while at work.

  • about150percent

    I go snowboarding and snowshoeing every year. To track my progress and temp/altitude,etc., I have used a suunto x10m. It no longer works and this years trip would be that much sweet er with this bad boy!

  • Livefyre

    I go snowboarding and snowshoeing every year. To track my progress and temp/altitude,etc., I have used a suunto x10m. It no longer works and this years trip would be that much sweet er with this bad boy!

  • jmjones29

    In the powder in the back bowls at Vail!

  • whythehack

    On duty, when i was enlisted in the Coast Guard, with a sturdy watch like that of a Casio Protrek, i never had to worrk about my bearings, the time and temperature…. These three pieces of information, even at night with that steady blue light, would be relayed clearly and quickly any time i wanted. I used a PRG-40, still have it, and its my only companion to outdoor sports.

  • filipinodriver

    my PRG-250 is my most used watch. I use it when I run, in work, when I dive (tide), surf, climb a mountain to check for the altitude and temperature, basically everywhere. 🙂

  • edwinek1

    Getting lost in the woods is about as extreme as things get for me, but a watch with a compass would be quite nice then. Anyway, being without a watch is pretty extreme as it is…

  • Intellectua1

    Well with the government trying to ban guns and all the chaos that will ensue over lets say the next 5-10 years, this will be a great watch to not only add to my survival kit I’m building, but to wear as an everyday watch as I practice my survival and endurance skills. This watch has all the necessary gadgets I need on my wrist to help me navigate through the wood and mountain terrain that I plan to take refuge with my family until things calm down.. What I plan on using the watch for would also be a good selling point and possible commercial cause when things get tough you need a tough watch to help get you through tough times.. This isn’t a watch that you keep clean this is a watch you use like a 4×4 when it’s time to get dirty.. In other words this is the perfect watch, I need this baby.. It’ll help me cut down on the gadgets I need to carry…

  • sternke

    My wife and I love to travel, and I would love to have a watch that is rugged and that I don’t have to worry about while we are kayaking, swimming, or hiking. Recently while going on adventures I on a trip to Hawaii I was always disappointed to have a naked wrist. While I haven’t been in any extreme situations yet, these are some I would love to be in with this Casio!

  • PaulUK

    This Casio PRG model looks pretty sexy to say the least.  After 22 years of G-shocks its about time to move away to another type of watch but still maintain the durability especially since my two boys are older now and we go for walks/climbing.  The features that appeals to me the most with this durable watch is going to be the digital compass and the barometer – especially since the weather in the UK can turn atrocious within a small amount of time.
    Well done Casio for creating another classic – this is why we keep on buying them.

  • ddowns333

    Many years ago on a long hike with friends in Philmont New Mexico, we found ourselves out later than should have been and having been in water earlier shorted out the only flashlight but we were un-aware of this until it was in need… The light on my watch was unusually bright and ended up coming in very handy… Plus it was still dry, Unlike the flashlight !!! A Casio Gshock would match my lifestyle perfectly. Sexy AND functional !!! I love it…

  • MarkNatm

    I would be happy to wear this type of a rugged survivalist watch while whitewater kayaking on the Class 4 and Class 5 rapids of Sections 3 and 4 of the Chatooga River in North Georgia.

  • nizamqwer

    nice givaway love to win

  • Livefyre

    nice givaway love to win

  • SyBwendo

    About 12 years ago I bought a really good G shock from a Skate dude shop in Birmingham UK. I remember there was a method of saving numbers into the watch and it having dual time zone settings, anyway I did a big trip through Europe, then spending some time in China and ending up in Australia, during this time I had my passport no, National Insurance, Tax file number, emergency family numbers all programmed into this cool watch on my wrist. At various times I dibbed into this info with no problem. However during a shower at Kings Canyon in the Dead Centre of Australia someone took a liking to it and it was never seen again, I was not worried about the Info falling into the wrong hands, there was no reference to what the numbers stood for. It would be great to have a quality G Shock back on my wrist though . . .

  • taylor883

    Just purchased a casio last week and cant wait for it to arrive so I am already a fan and have my edifice in front of me now so this Protrek is a change rom my normal purchases and looks very stealth.
    Have a nice day guys

  • Fabrizio65

    I like this watch every day and every were.

  • wcse69

    I don’t really do anything extreme to my watches other than showering.  But I’d like this watch for the compass function – when traveling it would be useful for navigating unfamiliar city streets.

  • keldev76

    Skiing in the rockies, Back Country my watch compass came in very handy. this would be a great addition to the collection!

  • This watch would never let me get lost while hiking Tatra Mountains. It would be very handy!!

  • orientsan

    This is the only digital watch I would buy!

  • ragincajun

    I trip with bear grills this is the watch I would want!!!

  • inyers

    You are in the Swiss mountains somewhere and have no cellphone signal. But an old fashioned map you have and this watch. You can find your way top the next shelter and actually observe the weather change.

  • El Buzo


  • El Buzo

    The most extreme situation when I was happy to have a watch was after a night of drinking in Manhattan knowing when to catch the last train to Jersey.

  • Livefyre

    The most extreme situation when I was happy to have a watch was after a night of drinking in Manhattan knowing when to catch the last train to Jersey.

  • MahbubulHasan

    I wanted to buy this in BD but not available 🙁

  • MichaelSantiago

    Ah Casio.  You never fail to make a G-Shock that intrigues me.

  • MichaelSantiago

    I think I prefer this over a comparable Suunto.

  • ZoretMan

    i would like to wear this clock when traveling to the end of the world lighthouse (near ushuaia)

  • IsmaelMartinez

    Well I am not sure it was an extreme situation, however I had to travel to Sabi Sabi in Africa. I had with me a GMT watch which I used not only to track time at home, but also at destination. The good part was that I used the destinations time, which was 32 hrs away to correctly time my anti-malaria pills so they match local breakfast time. The others with me where taking them at irregular hours and the best time to take them is in the morning with a meal.


    Well. My extreme situation was riding home on my bike in the rain! For Christ’s sake my $876 Titan watch that is supposed to be water resistant to 30 meters! Watch all fogged up. NOT HAPPY. Time for a better watch I think. CASIO G-Shock springs to mind immediately. Until I read about the Protrek. Mmmm, combination  of digital / analog – perfect. Thanks to ABLOGTOWATCH.

  • DomingoBetteEncour

    Extreme? How about el tapön del Darién in Colombia! That jungle is so thick that even the sunrays don’t touch the floor. Thanks Casio for guide me through my journey 🙂

  • xeckond

    I’m happy to have this watch when all my watch are broken. So i can’t know what time is it so I absolutely late to go to school.. Very extreme..

  • Daviath

    Maybe not an extreme situation but I wish I could have this watch for a climbing trip, on some mountains in my country. Maybe I will not use all the functions but I think having a watch like this on some climbing trip sounds cool.

  • BlackMastedGhostShip

    This watch is a great tool for professionals who, just like me (I am an in the Cro Navy), spend a lot of their time outside on all sorts of military exercises. This sort of watch can be very helpful for a pro soldier because it is extremely accurate (which is VERY important) and it can provide its owner with a number of extremely useful features like the alti and baro readings.
    An extreme situation where I would love to have this great watch would be in a real combat-like scenario somewhere on or of-shore in a bad weather and poor visibility where the above mentioned features of this great watch could represent the difference between being in a safe zone or being in a harms way.
    I would be VERY happy and proud if I could get this watch (i have done all that was demanded above) for this truly is a magnificent piece of EQ.
    Thank You Casio for building this great watch!
    All the best,

  • ArthurZzz

    I am wondering if the watch is useful in the marl caves of Limburg, the Netherlands. You can quite get lost while mountain biking in the caves.

  • Fastsite

    Being the type of person I am, I often go outdoors for hikes and such and I like to fully immerse myself in the outdoors. I don’t like to carry or check my phone, as I like to be entirely cut off from the other parts of the world. So it’s due to my naturist and solo side that having a watch on my wrist is almost entirely required, so I can actually tell when it’s time to get back to the “real world.”

  • books45

    I’d love to have a watch like this while caught in a storm during a camping trip.

  • Livefyre

    I’d love to have a watch like this while caught in a storm during a camping trip.

  • gabogdl

    sometimes i do hicking or carmping or just a walk to somewhere and usually left my phone, houses keys, etc in my car and just carry a mutitool and my watch so it show me the time to be back, or how long ive been walking…

  • mutt_ter

    i would love to have a Casio ProTrek on my wrist again while exploring the world

  • DanP


  • PerryBolding

    I’m in the US Army, and I would like to have a Casio ProTrek for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Jameseverin

    The great thing about this watch is that it can be used in most situations, whether at home clearing out the attic or whilst exploring the world.  I personally would use it for hiking and swimming.

  • arthur5011

    I have not been to an extreme situation but hopefully once i have this watch, I will start my extreme activities such as mountain climbing. I believed this watch pair well with mountain climbing

  • galka

    I was in an extreme situation, for example, in the desert, compass have saved my life. In such a situation would be useful any features of this watch. Altimeter, thermometer, barometer would provide me with information about the conditions under which experience.

  • teaspoon600

    Army.  72 hour operations inside a closed up vehicle.  After no sleep for 48 hours, you tend to lose the ability to know what time or day it is.  It’s pretty important to know the time when you’re in charge of knowing where all the troops are and when they’re supposed to move.

  • cdmedlicott

    once had to help a mountain rescue team using the altimeter on my G Shock Riseman. worth it I think!!!

  • Dugger

    Probably not extreme, but using it hiking for the weekend would be my ideal use for such a watch. It would be quite handy.

  • mckjames

    I went fishing one day and was lost in a Nova Scotian arboreal forest. I was lost for 12 hours until I found a highway. This watch sure could have come in handy.

  • JRGougeon

    Cool looking watch.

  • Torben754

    Great watch – would be great for fly-fishing adventures in Beautiful British Columbia. Does it deter bears?

  • bpcur1

    I was snowboarding back country in Japan and got stuck in a complete white out. Had to bunker down for a few hours. This watch would certainly have been useful in giving me some indication as to my position and the way home.

  • Nervous_Robot

    My head pounds, my ears ring, my eyes blink to sunlight painting freckled dots across an undulating, gas soaked trunk-liner. Peering through frayed metal holes I watch a dirt road fade into the distance. Time passes, snow capped mountain peaks dither into night. An abrupt halt, two car doors slam shut. I hear gravel heavy under foot. A mechanical ratcheting opens the night’s starfield above me. I’m plucked from my temporary holdings, lifted into the cool night. Pelted with gravel my abductors make their getaway. I’ve been captive for how long? Is that rain in the distance? Could it be snow? What’s the temperature? Which baring will lead to the end of this ordeal? If only I had a PRG550 lashed to my wrist.

  • Holker_01

    This watch would be great for hiking.

  • Lurknomore23

    When I was 14, I was sent off to boarding in Massachusetts.  Upon my acceptance to the boarding school of my choice, I was given a nice watch with clever “complications” upon its face.  I didn’t think much of the watch, but I wore it constantly and everywhere.  One of the adventures of attending boarding school would be the shuttle flights up and down the East coast, as I lived in Washington DC.  During the 90’s the shuttle flights were especially in vogue, so on school vacations I would often find myself on a shuttle plane of one of the airlines, whether it was Trump, USAirways, etc, or on a small commuter propeller plane on the front and tail ends of my vacations.  

    On one of these shuttle trips, I found myself flying from DCA to LaGuardia on the smallest of propeller planes.  As we were on approach, we were informed that the landing gear was stuck and we would have to make an emergency foam-filled landing.  The runway was sprayed with a white foam that we could see out the small porthole windows, and we all braced for impact.  Who knew what this would be like.  I wasn’t frightened, rather, just curious as to how much bouncing around I was to soon feel…or if my body would be thrown around the body of the airplane.  As I entered the tuck position that we were instructed to get in, my eyes caught the complications upon my watch.  My eyes and attention were transfixed at the detail and movement.  
    Moments later, a flight attendant was waking me up and telling me that we had safely landed.  The wheels had been released and locked just in time, and we have avoided the emergency landing.  I had fallen asleep to the movement of my watch…and it gave me such peace.

  • jnyman09

    would be nice to hike with out in Oregon with my family when we decide to go off the beaten path

  • TommyFeds

    One time on a cruise I spilt my whole rum and coke all over my arm and then went into the adult pool. It was pretty extreme. I think a watch like this casino would be up to the task…… And with all of the sun on the pool deck, this watch would stay charged a looking time 😉

  • mikeormoe

    Sadly, I don’t have any great stories, but if I go on any adventures I will certainly take this watch.

  • MathieuRobert

    During my last travel, I had to walk west but had no idea which way it was. So I walked in the wrong direction. A compass would have been useful.

  • hab72

    Forgetting my cell phone at home , I went out ice fishing by myself to a remote lake in Ontario.  The fish were biting , so I didn’t notice the storm clouds that were coming in. I  finally checked my  watch at 4 pm , so i quickly packed up my gear before it got dark at 5 pm .   It was a good thing I left when I did, the snow started falling and the wind picked up. A hour walk  ended up taking me 3 hours .  All I know  is I was so thankful I  had a watch on .

  • Livefyre

    Forgetting my cell phone at home , I went out ice fishing by myself to a remote lake in Ontario.  The fish were biting , so I didn’t notice the storm clouds that were coming in. I  finally checked my  watch at 4 pm , so i quickly packed up my gear before it got dark at 5 pm .   It was a good thing I left when I did, the snow started falling and the wind picked up. A hour walk  ended up taking me 3 hours .  All I know  is I was so thankful I  had a watch on .

  • Seminolsito

    It is not considered extreme but when when my son grows up I want to take him camping and a watch like this would be really nice to have so he can learn about north, south, etc.

  • Livefyre

    It is not considered extreme but when when my son grows up I want to take him camping and a watch like this would be really nice to have so he can learn about north, south, etc.

  • ChunChanners

    When I go skydiving, I’d like to have a watch on me.

  • Livefyre

    When I go skydiving, I’d like to have a watch on me.

  • MattWatch

    when going 4x4ing in the back woods


    Zombie apocalypse!

  • manivelle

    OK, zombie apoco is pretty good.  I’d like to be climbing alpe d’huez, monitoring everything I possibly can just to keep my mind off the pain.

  • Livefyre

    OK, zombie apoco is pretty good.  I’d like to be climbing alpe d’huez, monitoring everything I possibly can just to keep my mind off the pain.

  • ZASKAR36

    I’d love to have a proper durable watch if I was space diving from low orbit 🙂

  • nebfive

    Would like another Casio, the best!

  • Livefyre

    Would like another Casio, the best!

  • satsho

    Casual And Sophisticated Inspiring Original(ity)

  • yianni7

    Would like to wear this while climbing mount Everest

  • BoSD

    A great watch! Wish to win!!!

  • csjintn

    If I am flying my father in law’s little cessna any I have a complete instrument failure, God Forbid, I want a Casio Protek backing me up back to the airfield. I would not trust that to any other watch except a CASIO PROTREK! Best watch on the market!! I say this having bought three of them.

  • Livefyre

    If I am flying my father in law’s little cessna any I have a complete instrument failure, God Forbid, I want a Casio Protek backing me up back to the airfield. I would not trust that to any other watch except a CASIO PROTREK! Best watch on the market!! I say this having bought three of them.

  • Walteryz

    A tough and beatiful looking watch ! Hope to win it !

  • brado

    I would love to have this watch in case I ever have to find my way out of a dangerous situation, like the movie Behind Enemy Lines or escape from bad guys like in Taken. I wouldn’t have to worry about the battery going dead and can use the compass and timer to set way points to get back to “friendlies”.

  • shahtirthak

    Like the multi-functionality of this watch…

  • mnazri

    I really need this watch as I lost my old protrek. I work in a very harsh environment that require me to travel a lot, i use the watch to tell time, to measure time, to ensure that i complete all project according to timeline, that is helped with the efficient alarm system. I do not like to depend on GPS, i use the compass to know my direction especially when we are building something. Sense of direction is very important for me. The Barometer also helped in the sense that I can predict the weather, and manage my project according to the upcoming weather..In addtion, the altimeter help me to predict the height of project above the ground. Some people scale by level of floor, i prefer distance from the sea level so I know the risk I am facing better,,,.Some of my friend thought that I have magic power to predict future but it all down to the magnificent Protrek. On the other note, this has for long been my dream. I always dream to be on a boat, on the deep sea far from shore, during a very heavy storm. I can only imagine that at this point of time Protrek is vital for my survival. I have been a loyal Casio owner, for many years and many model.

  • d_in_la

    I live with an odd phobia of taking a trans-pacific flight on a cargo plane, having that plane crash somewhere in the ocean and waking up on a beach. Alone. With nothing but the boxes left over from the plane crash.  Having the ProTrek would be helpful as I whittle the time away, talking to my imaginary friend made out of a ball I found in the boxes.  Then as I found the resolve to leave the island, I could use the barometer to guage the change in weather – finding the exact right moment to take my makeshift raft over the waves coming in from every side.  Thankfully due to the built-in compass, I’d be able to ride the ocean currents to the closest shipping lanes.  Once home, after I find the love of my life has moved on, I’ll go climb the highest mountain just to find that sense of quiet peace since living in the city, heartbroken, with so much noise has left me sleepless and grouchy.  And the best part, because of the Tough Solar movement, in all that time I’ve never had to replace the battery and the ProTrek would have put up with all the difficult situations I had to deal with.  Instead of the ball, my true trusted friend was, is and will the the Casio ProTrek.  don’t laugh, it could happen!!

  • drrone

    I have always dreamed of visiting Everest base camp and when I do I would like to have a watch like this to accompany me on the trip. I used to own a pro trek and they are great watches. I would like to own one again. Thanks!

  • Watches4life

    I would like one of this because I am a big fan of caaio brand I love the watches well made Thanks for those amazing watches!

    • Watches4life

      I try to say CASIO

    • Livefyre

      I try to say CASIO

  • Dabrak03

    I am planning  a long trekking along the GR10 in France that will go from one end of the pyrenean mountains to another. It will take me at least one month to do it, so I will definitively need a reliable tool watch. I think it would be a good experience to test the shock resistance, the reliability of the different sensors, the solar movement in different weather conditions and  altitudes. This could confirm the already well known reliability of Casio watches.

  • I would love to have this watch when I will go hiking the Grand Canyon in the next few months!

  • crkline2

    When I was rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, I was  happy to have a dependable watch.  This Casio ProTrek fits that bill to a “T.”

  • Livefyre

    When I was rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, I was  happy to have a dependable watch.  This Casio ProTrek fits that bill to a “T.”

  • mikesnow

    Stuck under a rock in a river in Ecuador…class 4 rapids, you still need to know what time it is!

  • ShabbyThesealion

    Alone in Washington D.C. really helped me stay on track and get to where I needed to go. Going back country skiing would love to get this Protrek

  • ArmandVartanian

    I could use a extreme watch for ski racing, I never wear my other ones for fear of breaking them

  • drwmak

    Down hill mountain biking in the swiss alps.

  • AndySocial
    I was pretty happy to have a tough watch when I was at the National Training Center, snowing one day and hot as heck the next.

  • raulP

    Would love to have it on my wrist as I go paragliding! I need to see my altitude every moment!

  • PaulAtkinson

    Is just wanting it without making up a story about mountain climbing, flying, sailing around the world, or saving the world a good enough reason to win? I hope so.

  • Peter.A

    I’d love to have a smart watch like that while orienteering in difficult terrain.

  • wolf9827

    Very helpful when hiking through a desert. Great companion to find your way.

  • temfyg

    A Casio was helpful to me when I was hiking in the deserts in the southwest.

  • Livefyre

    A Casio was helpful to me when I was hiking in the deserts in the southwest.

  • Dreadnought

    Flying low level on NVGs and terrain following radar at 250 feet AGL with a less than 30 seconds time over target window on a 9 and a half hour ingress for a team recovery with two air-to-air refuelings in the high altitude enroute portion in a hot mountainous area of the world; couldn’t have enough backup reliable timing. Or, mountain biking in the Japanese Alps and making sure I didn’t get too deep into the trails and ravines trying to read katakana (Sp?) on my paper map (in other words; don’t get lost).

  • trooperoutlaw

    I’d love to use it in the severe weather of Arkansas!

  • Waltermaximus

    in my country there’s a lot of volcanoes that you can actually climb, how cool it would be to take a picture with the watch actually showing the altitude you reach on each one

  • Sergio Magos

    Some years back I was on a hiking retreat witb some friends in the Angelus mountains and half way to the top of our hike it began to hail on us. It was really dark and we took cover under some trees till the hail & rain stopped. I was glad to have watch because we were able to keep track of time. It was an early model Casio. I was lucky I decided to grab my reliable Casio, since we only had a couple of hours of sunlight left in the day. We were lucky to find our way back on the trail and head back to safety. I want to thank Casio for the opportunity to win a reliable & utilitarian watch.

  • cazlex

    I work in the oil and gas industry and have always love wearing CASIO watches. They are durable and tough yet at the same time look good on the wrist. Weather proof and easy to maintain. Simply the best brand choice for me. Great job with the watch designs!

  • Chris Grefe

    This watch would certainly come in useful while volunteering at Harnas Animal Sanctuary in Namibia.  Strong enough to avoid damage from the baby animals!

  • RobertoValenzuela

    I love hiking in the mountains, but where I hike there are some tricky and dangerous parts. Any watch that isn’t a G-Shock probably wouldn’t survive a day. that’s why I never wear a watch when hiking.

  • Livefyre

    I love hiking in the mountains, but where I hike there are some tricky and dangerous parts. Any watch that isn’t a G-Shock probably wouldn’t survive a day. that’s why I never wear a watch when hiking.

  • MarkStorch

    The Pro Trek is just so versatile, it would be an everyday watch for me.

  • golestanreza

    Awesome design .

  • golestanreza

    This Watch will be helpful to me during  mountain climbing, when I’m alone in the mountain .

  • wagenx

    Very cool, definitely a Colorado watch!

  • Shawnnny

    I’m happy to have a watch like this every time I ride my mountain bike. I would love a white one.

  • Livefyre

    I’m happy to have a watch like this every time I ride my mountain bike. I would love a white one.

  • 8limsoonhee8

    I find the Casio Protrek to be my most useful watch. I have 2 Protreks, one an early model titanium PRG 110T which I brought from Dubai and use as a daily watch. It has been with me for over 10 years and survived all the deserts in The Empty Quarter. I am a contract petroleum surveyor and works in the desert for the oil companies. The second is a newer model black PRG 510-1DR (black resin strap) which I use for mountain trekking in Tibet and Altai during my leave.
    The Protrek is a wonder watch. It has compass, barometer and altimeter and is perfect for people moving around in the deserts or mountains. At the press of a button I have all the environmental informations I need to make waypoints decision. As a professional surveyor I am well versed in using weather prediction gears and compass in topo map. I use the Protrek compass to navigate (offset to true north) and the baro to forecast weather. Without the Protrek I have to backpack compass, baro and thermometer. With the protrek it has everything I need!
    The Protrek is very rugged and survived numerous mishaps I have while trekking. It survive the freezing weather in Altai and the sandstorm in Oman. The compass is amazingly accurate while in the desert, beside camels and water I will never leave base camp without it!
    Sh Lim

  • NjamesZhul

    Great I will use it, for my next marathon, if I’m not already dead….

  • armim55

    this watch is really functional , in other word it’s a must have one .you can use in in mountain climbing , running , diving , swimming , at party and …..

  • rosskale2

    I actually just purchased the Pro Trek PRG 270 so far love it. Of course it took some time and reading to calibrate but hey,that’s okay. I would really like to add the PRG 550 to my small collection to build it up.Since I haven’t been working due to spine issues I have really become very interested in weareable timepieces. (Since I have time on my side,pardon the pun).I think I would use this watch for just leaving the house since everyday life is an adventure anymore.I yet to abuse my PRG 270 yet,I used to really abuse a G-Shock I have and I have had it over ten yrs,it has a ten yr battery but it is still going.It’s nice to see good functional ABC watches with such great consumer reviews.I think one problem would be me sitting and staring at my watches getting the wife mad because I don’t know which one to wear.I think tommorrow I am going to check out the compass features in Wally World parking lot , if I don’t get robbed.Bu hey! I have my Pro Trek!

  • nebfive

    Only have Casio, would love this one.

  • Andy_R

    Love Casio