Casio has been selling out of some of its most popular watches lately, and one of the hottest models is the humble but slick-looking Casio G-Shock GA2100SKE-7A. I knew it was hot when at least a few of my otherwise well-connected watch hobbyist friends messaged me asking if they knew where they could buy one. The GA2100SKE-7A isn’t a limited edition, but Casio quickly sold out of at least the first batch — it is entirely up to them if they will make more.

The good news is that the new G-Shock GA2100 collection is part of a series and comes in various colors. What makes this particular GA2100SKE-7A version interesting is that it is part of the Transparent Pack Series, which are G-Shock watches with clear resin cases. Collectors like the GA2100 because of its case shape, which is octagonal and resembles the iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. For that reason one of the models’ nicknames is the “Casi-Oak.”

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Given the octagonal shape of the 45.4mm-wide case (water resistant to 200 meters, 11.8mm-thick and with a 48.5mm lug-to-lug distance) and the tapering strap, the profile of the GA2100 does look like a Royal Oak. The resemblance is really only thematic, as Casio is making more of a fashion statement than actually trying to copy the Royal Oak. But for a lot of collectors, the Gerald Genta-esque bezel design is enough to send them swooning.

Casio engineers also gave the G-Shock GA2100 a relatively clean dial that is about as bare as you can expect from a modern G-Shock product that has analog hands. The Casio quartz movement uses a combination of three analog hands and a smallish negative LCD display to offer all the various features that are the typical assortment you expect in most G-Shock products. The relative elegance of the overall watch, along with its Royal Oak-inspired case, actually makes for an excellent product that feels both fun and mature at the same time. In other words, this doesn’t feel like a kids’ watch at all. Other GA2100 models come in colors such as black. red, gray, and green.

These mostly transparent cases for Casio watches are relatively new because, until recently, I believe it was hard to create a stable material that did not discolor over time. For example, earlier transparent plastic watch cases would mostly turn yellow over time. My understanding is that Casio’s transparent resin material does not suffer from this discoloration effect.

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Comfortable, hip, and stylish, this Casio GA2100SKE-7A doesn’t need to look like a popular Swiss luxury timepiece family to be popular, but that it does helps explain why enthusiasts have quickly gobbled this piece up. At least the price of this watch didn’t set people so far back. At just $110 USD, it is no wonder why this G-Shock design felt so irresistible to watch lovers. Learn more at the Casi G-Shock website here.

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