A new feature for G-Shock is a lock in the bracelet. While the deployant is push-button opened, it also has a sliding lock that prevents it from opening accidentally. This is a cool new feature that I haven’t seen before until now. While G-Shock watches on a bracelet are not new, given that the MT-G and MR-G watches have existed in Japan for some time, I still feel that most G-Shock owners have probably never worn one on a bracelet.

What most people don’t understand is that the plastic (“resin”) construction of G-Shock watches is part of their functionality. The entire construction is designed to create materials that absorb shock before it reaches the movement. Metal watches don’t offer the same type of shock absorption, so it was a challenge for Casio to produce a metal G-Shock with the same shock resistance qualities as the resin models.

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The key is a series of buffer areas hidden in the case produced from resin, as well as a special material called “Alpha Gel” that acts to absorb shock. An interesting design feature in both the Casio G-SHock MR-G and MT-G watches is the use of a resin inner lining in the bracelet. This does a few things, and not only insulates the wearer’s wrist from extreme cold or heat, but is also part of the shock absorbing system. This high-grade plastic material also helps the watch be rather comfortable on the wrist. On the MR-G MRG-G1000, the resin is a dark color, but on most of the MT-G watches it is highly colorful and meant to be seen.


Produced with a sapphire crystal and titanium case, the Casio G-Shock MR-G is already not like most people’s first G-Shock watch. Then again, a good question is whether or not it should be your next one? The Casio G-Shock MT-G collection for 2014 will retail for $1,000, and the MR-G is more. Seeing the both the MT-G and Casio G-Shock MR-G watches on the wrists of people, I began to think about who the target market and first consumers would be. The watches do satisfy their goal of being better looking G-Shocks with most of the functionality people want and a lot of nice tricks. They combine a masculine sense of utilitarian purpose with durable design and promise of accuracy any tech or gadget lover (not to mention of course watch lovers) can easily stand behind. Having said that, do people used to wearing several thousand dollar plus watches want to opt for a quartz watch versus something mechanical? I think the simple answer is that some people do and some people don’t.

My personal opinion as a life-long Casio fan is that these are cool, and that people drawn to them will not be disappointed. However, one of the benefits of getting a mechanical watch is that you know, while there might be different designs next year, the technology will more or less remain the same – which makes it easier to people to spend a few grand on a watch, as they know it won’t be bested soon after being purchased. The situation is different with electronic watches. Like all tech, there are new and better products on the horizon all the time. A survey of the last 10 years of G-Shock will show you a range of innovations and new features that have been added.

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So the question is whether or not it is a safe bet for most consumers to dedicate the money to a watch that they can reasonably predict will only be state-of-the-art for a few years until Casio releases something even more impressive. When spending a few hundred dollars on a G-Shock, people are bit more tolerant of the fact that they might need to upgrade in a few years, but when people are spending $1,000 and more, long term value comes into consideration.


For serious G-Shock fans, getting an MR-G is not going to be a difficult question, and there is value for the money given the features and overall quality. I am curious to hear what other consumers feel about this pretty awesome, albeit expensive, halo product that will lead the global image of what G-Shock is. Having said that, perhaps the question is silly. While previous generation MR-G watches have been decidedly niche, Casio has kept producing them for over a decade – which perhaps means that they are clearly a success. I simply think the issue is worth discussing for a product that inherently will see future upgrades and updates – which might very well make people want to upgrade.

As of today, the MR-G MRG-G1000 watch is among the most impressive G-Shock watches Casio has ever produced. The brand isn’t at all going to abandon their entry-level products, but is intent to increase the appeal of G-Shock to a wider audience. The Casio G-Shock MR-G ref. MRG-G1000 watch will be available in early 2015 and will retail for $3,000.

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