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What are some of the things we’ve been talking about recently on SUPERLATIVE? In late November, I spoke with long-time colleague Jake Ehrlich, founder of Jake’s Rolex World Magazine and the most passionate Rolex brand fan I’ve ever met. I wanted Jake to explain why Rolex was such a big deal, not only as a company but also as a brand and business entity in our world. Soon after, aBlogtoWatch’s David Bredan and I discussed the very important question of how one should define the term “luxury?” Of course, the word can mean different things depending on the situation, but we really get to the heart of what luxury truly means to people who also happen to collect watches. We think you’ll really enjoy the discussion.

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How often do you purchase a watch without ever having seen it (or one like it) in person? Probably often enough. aBlogtoWatch’s Zach Pina and I compare and contrast experiences buying wristwatches sight-unseen via the Internet, and offer some expert advice on how to go about the art of buying a watch confidently, without having seen it in person first. Finally, aBlogtoWatch’s Bilal Khan and I sit and unbox a round of incoming watches sent to aBlogtoWatch for various editorial purposes. This is our version of an unboxing show, which is really about listening to our reactions to watches right out of the box. You can later read about those pieces on aBlogtoWatch — but it’s fun to hear how we respond to some of these watches when viewing them for the first time.

Happy end of 2020, folks! Listen to the latest episodes of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast here or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

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