The Poker watch by Christophe Claret is a mechanical timepiece that you can play actual poker with. This follows the innovative brand’s Blackjack 21 and later Baccarat gaming watches for the ultimate horological and casino aficionado. It is hard to believe that it has already been two years since Christophe Claret debuted his Blackjack 21 watch (hands-on here) in 2011. The watch used a complex system of discs and patterns to allow you to play blackjack with the watch – with the watch being the dealer. Christophe always intended to follow-up with a watch that you could play poker with and for 2014, it is here.

The Poker watch will take everything a step further and allow the user to play a full game of poker with the watch. We don’t have all the details now as the watch will be fully debuted shortly, but the Poker should live up to Christophe Claret’s original promise of producing a complete set of mechanical gaming watches starting with the Blackjack 21 and perhaps ending with the Poker. Maybe he will start to get really exotic and find some obscure card games to make into a high-end mechanical luxury watch.

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While the Blackjack 21 watch used a series of discs under the dial to display all the card combinations, the Poker will likely require a slightly more complicated system given the increased amount of combinations as well as cards needed for display. The preview images not only hint at a similar aesthetic style that we have become accustomed to in the gaming watch series (including those ruby-lined hands I enjoy), but also what looks like a rotating-louver style display which can display three images per panel.

Given that you as the player have just two cards, it looks like the specific poker game designed into the Poker watch is Texas Hold ’em. This allows for less windows as the dealer and the player share three of their five total cards. Look for more information about this royal flush of a timepiece soon – while there are going to be a limited set of people who find it a clear winner, those fans will win big. The Christophe Claret Poker will be part of a small limited edition in a few styles and case materials. Price will be between 160,00 – 172,000 Swiss Francs.

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