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Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items

The smart watch and wearables segment is evolving quickly and has us extremely curious to know how the luxury industry will find a space within an area they historically have very little experience – digital technology. New brand Christophe & Co. began with a very simple premise – to create an ultra high-end wearable that incorporated elements of high tech while focusing on exclusivity as a jewelry product for men. The Christophe & Co. Armill is not a watch – which leaves timepiece lovers free to wear their timepieces along side their often one-of-a-kind Christophe & Co. smart bracelet. The debut Christophe & Co. Armill models will be the “entry-level” Virtus, then Orion, and topped off with the ultra ritzy Apollo.

I’ll get to the technology part in a moment, but I do want to say that Christophe & Co. designed these wearables to incorporate small rotors that charge their batteries like automatic or auto-quartz watches generate power via the motion of one’s wrist. Christophe & Co. claims that the power reserve can be up to one year, and with frequent wear, users won’t likely ever need to charge their Armills devices.

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items

The term “Armill” refers to an ancient type of bracelet often worn for symbolic protection or to designate one’s own esteemed status. To create the design for their Armill, Christophe & Co. hired the world-famous talents of the Pininfarina design house in Italy – mostly know for the design of Ferrari cars. Pininfarina combines a slightly automotive and very modern edge to this high-end wearable that will consist of a lot of gold and precious stones. It is about as masculine as you can get but still have something decorated with diamonds. Pininfarina further designed the Armill to be more square in how it fits on the wrist which should actually make it more comfortable and not dangle around like a bangle. An inspection of the early renderings shows that for comfort, each Armill has some padding built into the inside.

According to the brand, each Christophe & Co. Armill will be produced in Britain and begins with a carbon fiber inner frame (with is apparently also produced in Britain). On top of that will be a range of materials from 18k gold to high-tech ceramic, as well as precious stones. While there are various limited edition versions of the Christophe & Co. Armill, the company has made it clear that they wish each piece to be individualized to the wearer – and often perfectly sized for the owner’s wrist. Further decorative features include hand-engraving on some models.

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items

Pininfarina worked hard to ensure there was a bit of “old world royalty” in the design, as well as a modern flair that would appeal to today’s high-end sports car or yacht owner. Christophe & Co. will also have special versions of the Christophe & Co. Armill for various markets with some “local flavor.” For example, Christophe & Co. Apollo Armills come with hand decoration, and for the Chinese market, they will have engraved dragons, while for the Russian market, they will have St. George slaying a dragon. With that said, Christophe & Co. maintains its dedication to “serious exclusivity” with a desire to push personalization services for each of its products. The comfort angle of this involves not only sizing the Christophe & Co. Armill bracelets to each customer, but also ensuring the precise amount of Alcantara leather over the memory foam inserts.

The Christophe & Co. Armills are interesting to say the least, and probably attractive enough for their intended demographics, but what about the technology? Christophe & Co. follows the wise route of telling its customers that once they purchase the Armills, there will be future opportunities to upgrade the technology so that their status wearables will not be as obsolete. Here is what Christophe & Co. themselves say about the tech in each Christophe & Co. Armill device:

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items

In addition to the marvel of engineering found in the jewelry piece itself, we offer a cutting edge embedded hardware module as an option. This module is fully upgradable as technology advances and employs ultra-low power NFC and Bluetooth LE communication technologies in conjunction with a ground breaking kinetic energy generation system to recharge the battery using the natural motion of the user’s arm. This allows for up to a year or longer between wireless charges. The functions of the wearable technology module include a one button valet press which communicates through the user’s phone and Christophe & Co companion app to the personal assistant’s phone in order to alert them that their presence is requested. Additionally, the secure module can be used in order to authenticate the user for entry into partner events and venues around the world. Future functions in development include integration with smart home, yacht, or vehicle, gesture recognition, and contactless payment. Custom functions may also be requested.
Owning a Christophe & Co Armill represents membership in one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. This includes access to highly exclusive events and venues around the world. These benefits include invite-only high profile social events, access to member’s clubs, benefits at top restaurants, and sold out sporting events. Additionally, every year, we hold a very private member’s only event at an exotic location in the world featuring well known chefs and entertainment. Finally, Armill owners have access to a 24/7 global concierge service via their companion app. Customers can request just about anything at any time. This service is included at no charge for three years for Apollo owners, 2 years for Orion owners, and 1 year for Virtus owners.

Christophe & Co. Armill Is $150,000 Self-Powering Smart Bracelet Designed By Pininfarina With Upgradeable Tech Luxury Items
The Christophe & Co. Armills have no screen or input methods, and I am not sure if perhaps there are lights behind the precious stones that light up in order to serve as notification indicators. It looks like Christophe & Co. is relying on Bluetooth communication or NFC to integrate with a Christophe & Co., app or various exclusive clubs that they will have relationships with. In a sense, it really takes the status angle of the device a step further by offering various services to those who have the Armills, just because they have the Armills – but yes, “just what the Armills” do is still sort of a mystery. Such enigmas are perhaps better than the reality, as it allows us to use our imagination in considering what we can do with one of these Armills, and were we can go with them.

Christophe & Co. claims to currently be taking pre-orders for the planned initial run of 425 Christophe & Co. Armill devices. That includes 300 limited edition Virtus models, 100 Orion models, and 25 Apollo models. Prices are $75,000, $93,000, and $149,000 respectively.

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  • ZL

    “The functions of the wearable technology module include a one button valet press which communicates through the user’s phone and Christophe & Co companion app to the personal assistant’s phone in order to alert them that their presence is requested.” 
    Wow. No more bells or hand clapping. I need one.

  • Really?

  • thornwood36

    Ariel, why is this on here ?

  • Tourbillion87

    I guess if you have a Vertu or a Meridiist and you still feel like your s#*t stinks, this might make your day a little better. 

    PS. I do believe this website is called A Blog to “Watch”…..

  • thornwood36 Because it makes for interesting conversation and I like to share what luxury companies are doing when it comes to wearable tech. I think it is useful to understand the evolving landscape.

  • MarkCarson Hey, if you have to ask…

  • Oelholm

    “…every year, we hold a very private member’s only event at an exotic location in the world”
    I cannot think of an event I’d less want to attend. My own funeral is a rather distant second to this.

  • nickyb66

    Utter crap, why bother. I would not pay a dollar for this piece of garbage.

  • antjay

    Reminder to self , must watch Zoolander again.

  • antjay

    Oelholm  Sounds like an event where they sit in a circle and play with their “private members “.
    Think I will give this one a miss .

  • Fraser Petrick

    If the Christophe will give me “access to highly exclusive events and venues” I’ll get one. Dealing with scalpers is so tawdry. As for signaling my gentleman’s gentleman that he is “wanted” will save me from getting up from the wingback to tug at that damn bell pull.

  • thornwood36

    aBlogtoWatch thornwood36

    This thing has nothing to do with the evolving landscape of horology.i  don’t want to sound prudish but that’s just how i feel.. We’ll agree to disagree.

  • phsjacob

    so why does this thing have auto-electric technology but there are only about 5 autoquartz watches being produced today?

  • thornwood36 aBlogtoWatch Fair enough. It is worn on the wrist but isn’t something that tells the time. Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit – but no worries as this won’t reduce our watch content.

  • thornwood36

    aBlogtoWatch thornwood36
    Would it be here if you wore it on your ankle ? Keep up the good work Ariel i look forward to future reviews and novitiates..

  • Time2Go

    So it’s basically a D-bag ID bracelet, then?

  • Ulysses31

    The soft pads would be an ideal place to have some sensors.  That way the old rich fart wearing it could figure out how long he had left to live, or when to slow down and avoid a heart-attack while he was pounding that young model who married him “for love”.

  • IvanTrajkovic1

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………. NO!

  • Time2Go

    …”access to highly exclusive events and venues around the world”

    Already got that covered.  And this one looks nicer, too.

  • Ulysses31 Does it come equipped with a financial health sensor?

  • Damian Greco

    I think it’s amazing.

  • Cameron Bishop

    What the hell is the point? What is it reserving power for!?

  • Time2Go And no charging required. And it is personally sized for you at the door by a real human being. Lightweight, beer proof, and you won’t be mugged for it. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, waking up hung over the next day and realizing you forgot to take it off only when you are in  the middle of business presentation.

  • Jimxxx

    wear it on you stroking hand… the device will stay powered for life.

  • socrates35

    Wait a second…did I unknowingly get hit on the head and wake up months later? Or is it that April Fool’s Day is being celebrated earlier thks year?

  • Apalachicola

    I was going to get one of these for each hand, but I don’t have a smart yacht, just a regular old dumb one. My personal assistant is pretty dumb too, so I’m not sure I’ll get much use out of that feature either. Will it get me laid?

  • Jimxxx Just like automatic watches…

  • asovo

    That is ugly Pininfarina’s design ever….lol

  • Larry Cannon

    I could buy a very cool car and have cash left over for an extended stay in Scotland for that kind of money
    Get real.

  • electrominds

    Very detailed demonstration of ugliness.

  • bnabod

    so what is it?

  • bnabod

    ok guys let’s combine, ugly, useless, pricey and gaudy in one custom carbon fiber bracelet……..yeah……….that sounds like a brilliant idea the next one we can make to wear around our necks.

  • I read the article, then the comments, and even went to the website. I still believe this to be a hoax.

  • Dartagnan_x1

    Seriously? This is an actual product? But why?

  • Lkcons

    Can’t find the compartment for my Oxycontin?!

  • Waikato7

    What is it????

  • CG

    Pininfarina has become design whores like a few other car manufacturers in Italy. I have a pair of Pininfarina driving shoes pure pieces of Chinese crap. Pininfarina stopped being design relevant years ago… I agree with the hoaxable quality here.

  • shinytoys

    Time2Go never underestimate the ability to identify a D-Bag…:)

  • Shawnnny

    Because content is hard to find.

  • Shawnnny

    So, it’s square in order to make it more comfortable. But yet, it has padding in the inside, which will get sweaty and stinky, in order to make it comfortable. Isn’t this really just an expensive, gaudy device in order to call ones slave?

  • bichondaddy

    So……at this price do you get the matching Batman utility belt…or is that an extra $100 Grand?

  • bichondaddy Yes, but it’s in PVD black (not rose gold) of course.

  • Shawnnny Exactly. We need discreet, affordable (and easily cleaned) bracelets for summoning the slaves.

  • bichondaddy

    MarkCarson  Hey…as long as they throw it in…I won’t complain about it being in PVD black!!!  It’ll match my 60 mm all black IP Invicter ninja watch!!!  LOL

  • LapYoda

    Looks well-crafted, highly detailed, and utterly pointless.  Are rich men so vapid that they would strap this bejeweled and useless bangle to their wrists?

    Seeing as how this is a thing, I guess so.

  • LapYoda How insensitive of you to ask Fraser to get up from his wingback chair just to ring the help. But for the rest of us, you’re spot on.

  • ZL

    it should have a companion bracelet for the personal assistant to wear (no diamonds, of course) that sends an electric shock when his presence is no longer requested.

  • ZL As in “Jeeze, take the rest of the night off. And clean your pants when you get home, no not here.”?

  • 8shapes

    MarkCarson LapYoda Ceramic:) Yttria Zirconia! I dont see anything more complex than this ,in this material manufactured anywhere in the world! The informed do their research?

  • 8shapes

    So many things people buy reflect the negative comments above and I would guarantee that those commenting will own them and think they are wonderful while others think they are crap! Its easy to criticise:) On technical accomplishment, I see the most complex piece of flawless Yttria Stabilised Zirconia ceramic I have ever seen, the highest quality gold and gem work. Now if this is not your scene, great, but in terms of technical accomplishment I see something exceptional,  I see a limited market but would expect the very wealthy to be very interested in the low limited editions and I can see it strongly appealing to Far Eastern and Middle Eastern Customers. Royalty all over the world has similar Items in their collections and I would expect the person who would buy this is an exceptional achiever who has everything anyway. There is a lot of stuff out there and in its own way, it has its place. With regard to Pininfarina, does this not show that they are brave and versatile and willing to venture into new areas?

  • 8shapes So if I buy one I can party at the exclusive get-togethers with royalty? Hmmm, I doubt it. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see Queen Elizabeth II wearing one and her name on the GTG list. More likely, and I’m just guessing here, these either won’t sell very well or they will mostly sell to pretentious new money D-Bags.

  • notech47

    It would be interesting to see where this thing is advertised and what it’s value will be when it becomes an antique a 100 years from now. And of course, how many are made and sold and how many survive!

  • kunokephalos

    So far it seems to have no functionality other than to access a very exclusive private member’s party, where everyone in attendance is the sort of person who thinks that paging their lackeys via a jewel-encrusted bangle is the epitome of sophistication. I’m thinking that this event might be a great place to test a neutron bomb for the benefit of all mankind.

  • Time2Go

    8shapes “… I would guarantee that those commenting will own them and think they are wonderful…”

    Ummm…. that makes no sense at all.  You’re suggesting that all our negative comments are to hide the fact that we’re all rushing out and buying one of these?  I’m going to need to see the fine print on your guarantee, because I have a claim to file…

  • DG Cayse

    Quite lovely. Beautiful design.

  • DG Cayse

    Shawnnny Unlike the ready availability of empty responses.

  • LapYoda

    8shapes MarkCarson LapYoda Sure, it’s made from space-age materials and crafted beautifully.  It’s also just a men’s bangle bracelet whose only purpose is to serve as a Veblen good, or demonstrate conspicuous consumption.  The issue isn’t the materials science, it’s the application.  At least the stupid-crazy watches we lust after on this web site arguably have a function – to tell the time.  Exotic sports cars can transport you from one place to another quickly.  I still can’t tell what this does.

  • thebalancecock

    Hand gesture index

    Hand sweep—–> assistant pays for things with black Visa

    Raised fist ——–>summons Samoan body guard to remove unwanted person

    Thumbs up——->handler selects escort and takes to galley

    swipe forehead——-> tells peasant shoveling coal in boiler room to slow down

    bump explode———>secret handshake getting you into very very exclusive circle jerks

  • BJS314

    thornwood36 aBlogtoWatch Wait – there is an anklet version? I take back every negative thought I’ve had so far. Sign me up. Wearing anklet tech for men is where its at. lol

    Seriously, its weird, but it is interesting to see what the market is testing out. It would actually be popular in a more discreet package.

  • joblow

    One must request a “Key” to enter the Christophe website.
    I feel exclusive already.
     The presence of the Christophe website on my computer makes me want to kick a peasant.

  • joblow “Kick a peasant”? Don’t you have your man servant do that for you? And with this bracelet you can summon the beat down discreetly (while appearing to be above the fray).

  • thornwood36 aBlogtoWatch Ankle? Like a house arrest device? I guess if you are confined to a palace this might be the anklet of choice. I hate how the plebian ones without memory foam cushions chafe my tender ankle skin.

  • antjay

    Home detention bracelet for the obscenely wealthy ? You know , the sort of thing they make newly paroled paedophiles wear .

  • joblow

    MarkCarson joblow 
    Generally, one can live vicariously through one’s help. In this case
    however, the thrill of putting a boot to the great unwashed is too
    exciting to ignore.
    Good idea about the discreet summons.

  • sbmadden

    65 comments – clearly it’s generated discussion albeit the same person attempting to bash it for some unknown reason. Oh Internet, you give so many a voice while they have nothing much important to say.

    In terms of technical design, only redneck fools from Hawaii would think it’s not technically an advanced piece of work. And my guess is that all you can eat bbq island folk aren’t exactly the target audience here.

    I am interested to see what additional features are added in the future. But no doubt, quite fascinating to say the least.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • 8shapes

    MarkCarson 8shapes Hi Mark, Well considering it is a non entity, you certainly have given it plenty of your time, but I guess its a handy subject to diss:) Seriously though, Plenty of things are obscenely expensive and appear to have no useful purpose, some very wealthy people have gold plated fittings in their bathroom, they covey status perhaps but are basically naff. They have Yachts that are impractically huge and ridiculously expensive to maintain for the amount of use they get but I guess the people behind this piece on jewellery (Which is essentially what it appears to be with some secondary tech) are not looking at practicality. Archaeologists, dig things out of the ground and  marvel at the “craftsmanship” and say “the person who owned this must have been very important”. Thats the point. In a world where “wealth” means “Importance”, people want to convey their “Importance” at every opportunity, most of these “target Customers” have expensive watch collections to demonstrate their wealth and success when they are unable to drive their Bentley into a room! Other than watch aficionados, who understand the craftsmanship and engineering achievement, nobody really gives a damn, because they see expensive watches all the time, it’s a but like the “Mercedes” syndrome, good, but expensive and common! Now… A Bugatti Veyron? That turns heads:) By the way HM Elizabeth 2 has two armills and the Royal collection has a number of pairs of these Items. Royalty generally have these types of jewellery oh and of course those who can afford them:)

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