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Winter winds have begun to blow and familiar jingles float through the airwaves; telltale signs that the holiday season is now in full swing. While we all wait to collectively decompress and spend time with loved ones, many are in search of the ever-elusive “perfect present” to convey the ideal ratio of thoughtfulness and practicality. Fortunately, Chronoswiss has an astounding and diverse array of timepieces that are matchless in the market. Based out of Lucerne, Switzerland, they have over 30 years of experience crafting visually appealing watches that utilize artisanal handcrafting practices such as enameling and skeletonization. Their combination of contemporary materials with old-world techniques makes for a merry modern marvel any recipient would be elated to unwrap.

ReSec Classic – CH-8783-BL

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The ReSec Classic represents a tried-and-true Chronoswiss offering in the form of a 41mm stainless steel case housing a brilliant galvanic blue dial. The guilloche detailing and circular graining add a texture akin to ski tracks carved in fresh mountain powder, while the refractory nature of the material provides an almost ice-like resemblance. Large lumed sword-hands make for top-notch readability, while Chronoswiss opted to utilize a retrograde seconds display at six o’clock and a dual-window “big date” display at twelve o’clock. Roman numeral hour markers are implemented to great effect and the red accents that are used to denote seconds glow like the sunset’s crimson reflection off a frozen pond. The accompanying steel bracelet adds welcome versatility to the model, making it especially well-suited for everyday wear. The ReSec Classic retails for $5,600usd.

Flying Regulator Open Gear “Wasp” – CH-8753-YEBK

The Flying Regulator Open Gear series is a tribute to time itself while building upon the features that make a Chronoswiss such a refreshingly atypical timepiece. Foregoing the prototypical “three-hand” format, the hour, minute, and second functions are all separate from each other on the dial. These are the field marks of any regulator. The individual hour display is placed at twelve o’clock, where the stout hand points out the appropriate corresponding Roman numeral. Centrally located is the orange-tipped minute hand, which is uniquely lacking in counterweight, making for a cleaner appearance. At six o’clock, you will find a small second display with three-pronged hand design. The “Wasp” model, so named in relation to the vibrant yellow-tone dial, is limited to just 35 pieces. To achieve the resplendent coloration, artisans applied a translucent varnish on top of hand-guilloched detailing. This piece d’art is truly ornamental; a decoration fit for display year-round. The Flying Regulator Open Gear “Wasp” retails for $8,800usd.

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Open Gear ReSec Chocolate – CH-6927-REBK

Whether your list features a festive foodie or a grinchy gourmand, combine gastronomy and horology this holiday season with the Open Gear ReSec Chocolate. This decadent delight draws inspiration from the cocoa-laden confection made famous by the Swiss, and purchase of one of the 50 limited pieces is accompanied by a year-long subscription to Lucerne-based Max Chocolatier. The dark brown PVD-coated steel case, along with the contrasting red dial, makes for a scrumptiously singular design. At 44mm in diameter and only 13.3mm-thick, there is significant wrist-presence and room to show off the regulator layout. At twelve o’clock is the hour function, while the minute hand is placed centrally and retrograde seconds are displayed at six o’clock. Interestingly, the dial is almost entirely void of numerals, opting instead for dot-and-dash rounded indices. The auburn coloration and mild texture of the dial resembles freshly ground cinnamon, while the dextrose-driven design is carried through to the mocha-brown leather strap. Overall, this makes for a casual piece sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Also pairs well with a mug of hot cocoa and peppermint. The Open Gear ReSec Chocolate retails for $9,900usd.

SkelTec – CH-3715R-BK

While complexity is an underlying theme among every model in the Chronoswiss lineup, the SkelTec stands above its brethren with regard to intricacy and next-level skeletonization. Like a futuristic snow globe, there is an entire microcosm that exists beneath the double AR-coated sapphire crystal. Gleaming 18k gilt adorns the bezel, onion crown, and central hands; deposits of golden ore among matte-black cavern walls.  The PVD-coated stainless steel case measures 44mm in diameter and 15.5mm tall. It is comprised of 51 solid pieces and maintains a water resistance rating of 50m.  The SkelTec is powered by Chronoswiss’ Caliber C.304 hand-winding movement, which has a power reserve of 48 hours. In removing all extraneous dial material, Chronoswiss has managed to tear through the metaphorical wrapping paper to provide a glimpse of the true gift inside.  The SkelTec with red gold accents is limited to 50 pieces and retails for $20,900usd.

Open Gear Tourbillon – CH-3126-BLBL

The star that adorns the peak of Chronoswiss’ horological tree is the Open Gear Tourbillon. Limited to just 15 pieces, this is a watch that exemplifies the upper echelon of their limitless ingenuity. Upon first glance, there is no doubting that this is a true winter wonder, from the permafrost dial straight through to the core. Using the same CVD process mentioned earlier, a dizzying range of tones exist throughout the dial, case, and strap; ten shades of blue, to be exact, from cerulean to cobalt. Contained within the 44mm case is Chronoswiss’ exclusive hand-winding manufacture caliber C.303 flying tourbillion movement. This is a highly decorated and technically impressive machine capable of providing 60 hours of power reserve. The twelve o’clock hour display, along with the central minutes, carries on with the azure theme (as does the remainder of the watch), save for the highly polished flying tourbillion located at six o’clock. For that relative or friend who has made the top of the “nice list” this year, the Open Gear Tourbillon retails for $39,000usd.

Each model Chronoswiss constructs is unique unto itself, much like the individuals who were meant to wear them. The watches do not conform to what the hive-mind believes a watch should resemble, but rather move confidently and purposefully in their own direction. From chocolate-coated cases to skeletonized segments that sparkle like tinsel, there is beauty to be found in every timepiece they create. Whatever your holidays look like this year, know that the gift of a Chronoswiss watch is one that will provide joy for many more to come.

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