Citizen’s newest Aqualand model takes a familiar movement and concept and dresses it up in an even nicer suit. That means a fresh and upgraded skin for an existing movement. This is one of the Eco-Drive Promaster collection’s most useful timepieces, incorporating (among other features) a chronograph and depth meter into a dive watch. Legibility and utility are very good considering that this is not a typical dive computer. Citizen has clearly focused on actual dive utility which says something solid about the overall Promaster range of watches. So, is it nice enough to wear full-time even when you are out of the water?

For me, that has always been an issue with watches containing a depth meter function. The feature is so specific in its purpose that it is totally useless unless you are actually underwater. Sure there are going to be those who look at their depth meters and smile thinking about suiting up for a dive in the near future, but as far as many people are concerned it is a feature best reserved for when you are diving. Having said that, the watch isn’t just about being a cold-hard tool watch. Style and technical design frame this Aqualand, making for the type of sport watch you could wear daily without too much fuss.

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This isn’t a small watch. At 48mm wide with a guard on the left for the depth meter sensor and larger pushers on the right, the Promaster Aqualand ref. BJ2128-05E wears boldly. Having said that, it is rather comfortable. The flat case back and snug strap keep it on your wrist securely. The steel case is a mixture of brushed pieces along with IP black (deep gray actually) colored elements. With the blood orange red coloring on the dial and bezel it makes for a particularly modern and masculine piece.

These elements mix well with what is a surprisingly congenial dial. Applied hour markers and hands that are sharply polished offer a bit of bling but don’t detract from legibility. The slight shininess of the dial helps remind you that you don’t need to consider the watch as just a tool. Citizen is typically good at injecting style in their sport watches, and something like this tool-themed Aqualand model is a great example of that in action.


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