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CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

The watch industry is moving through interesting times. Brands old and new are exploring new avenues in an attempt to remain or become relevant. While fledgling brands have the advantage of being built explicitly for this tumultuous era, smaller budgets than the old guard put them at an immediate disadvantage. The only way to have success is to lean on creativity. The CODE41 project has, thus far, not only produced creatively designed products but has also positioned total transparency as the defining pillar of the brand. Back in March 2019, the CODE41 X41 watch was released. At the time, the brand sold 700 units — 500 Creator Edition pieces and 200 engraved with “Edition 2.” Following that success, “Edition 3” will be available for pre-order from October 30th for just two weeks, and so the chance to own one of the most interesting and accesibly priced haute horlogerie watches on the market, for a price still below its relative retail, value is a limited one.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

Plenty of young brands pursue a modern, online-only retail model, forsaking the traditional high-street stockists so that the retailer margin can be eliminated (often entirely) and customers can buy into the brand at effectively half of what a similar watch priced for physical retail would cost them. What fewer brands do, however, is to reveal exactly what is going on behind the scenes, which would, of course, give a clearer indication of how good a value a direct-to-consumer product actually is. The CODE41 team doesn’t just lift the lid on the reality of forging a reputation in modern watchmaking, they go as far as to itemize every component used in the construction of their products so that members of this dynamic community can see precisely how their purchase is contributing to the running and growth of this groundbreaking group.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

The CODE41 X41 Edition 3 will be limited to just 300 individually numbered pieces. Delivery of these new units is expected to begin in summer 2020, following the succesful delivery of the Creator Editions and Edition 2 watches in late 2019. The number of 300 pieces is significant in light of the first release, which saw the first 300 units sell out in just three hours.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

Currently, the brand’s watchmakers are checking and assembling the 297 components that comprise the high-end proprietary movement that makes CODE41 stand out (visually and technically) from its price-point peers. The most immediately noticeable thing about the X41 movement is its peripheral oscillating weight, affording its owner a clear view of the avant-garde movement architecture, which is incredibly unusual for an automatic watch. The peripheral weight gives the movement a very distinct character, while retaining the efficiency of a centrally mounted weight, which is often sacrificed when an eccentric oscillating weight is employed as an alternative solution. This aspect of production is notoriously difficult, but by bringing the machining of the ball-bearing (which provides smooth and low-volume performance), CODE41 has achieved what many other brands have deemed too costly to pursue.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

Angular, jutting bridges (in some cases, colored blue) and an openwork dial are both softened by the delicate surface finishes applied by hand. It is common in watches of this style to see rough, industrial textures. With the CODE41, particular attention has been paid to the way light moves around the movement so that the vista is one of elegance rather than edginess. On the wrist, the CODE41 X41 wears every bit like the $20,000 products with which it aims to stand toe-to-toe.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

Long-term planning is also part of the brand’s DNA. CODE41 is so confident in its manufacturing quality that the normal two-year guarantee has been extended to three, while servicing contingencies exist should the brand ever cease to exist, thanks to a special agreement with the brand’s manufacturing partners, which will guarantee ever-present after-sales support.

CODE41 X41 Watch Third Edition Available In Limited Quantities Watch Releases

The 42mm-wide titanium-cased CODE41 X41 watch weighs just 55 grams with its (30g) leather strap attached. The strap features a quick-change system that enables quick customization. Over 90% of the X41’s value is Swiss in origin (with the lion’s share of production costs being spent on the movement itself). Despite this, the traditional “Swiss Made” label does not feature anywhere on the watch, as the brand prefers to focus on the actual material quality of the watch rather than relying on old-fashioned (and often abused) categorizations. Edition 3 of the CODE41 X41 watch will have a price of around $5,000. For a full list of how money is spent on the X41 watch and a list of components’ origins, you can check out the official website at

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  • Berndt Norten

    I like it a lot but the whole Code thing is an enigma to me…?

    • DanW94

      …wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery.

  • DanW94

    I like this watch. It’s oddly attractive with it’s refined, industrial styled skeletonized dial. And any movement that utilizes a periperal rotor is a winner in my book. Also like the whole total transperency of origin (TTO) approach. Hey, we all know parts of Swiss watches are sourced from China but it’s nice to see a company spelling it out right there on the website. One thing I didn’t see though is what company actually makes the movement.

  • Jared

    every single one of the photos looks like a render…not a single one of those wristie shots looks natural(hint noone wears their watches at a 45 degree angle)

    • Claudio D’Amore

      Some of them are renders but most are real photos. Of course all the lifestyle pictures are made with the real watch.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    When they start calling watches code 41 and Anomaly I kinda think they’re trying to hard. The industrial skelentonised look does nothing for me. Just makes it more difficult to read. They don’t want to put Swiss made on the dial to focus more on the build of the watch and avoid any confusing categorisations but they splatter it all over the back. It’s a no from me.

    • Claudio D’Amore

      We are against Swiss Made label because this is too confusing for end consumer. But we are proud to say that this movement is 100% made in Switzerland.

  • When I was in primary and secondary school, dad used to put this stuff on his head So now it’s like Every0ne can own an Armin Strom, that Master of the Skeleton dials Just like my country’s Air Asia “The Best Low-Cost Airline in the World” for the 11th year running

  • Claudio D’Amore

    Thanks for feedback, I’m Claudio the founder of CODE41, actually the focus on this project is 100% on the horology aspect. I love watches and I always dreamt of these incredible movements but they were simply too expensive. So we deceided to create our own movement with one of the best movement suppliers of Switzerland. Every component is machined in house (and not unmounted from a standard movement) and 100% from Switzerland. Also the preipheral weight is a particularity hachived by only a handful of brands today.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I could spend 5k on a real watch with resale value.

    • Claudio D’Amore

      I agree with you…. If your heart is set on a more prestigious name in the same price range, clearly we won’t be able to compete with that. But if your attention is drawn above all to the object and its mechanics, then the X41 project offers unbeatable value for money

  • mach2guy

    I generally do not care for skeletonized watches, but this is one I would love to wear. The striking industrial dial works for me. Great design Claudio!

    • Claudio D’Amore

      Thank you very much 😉

  • Nello Alexandri

    I have picked on the AP-ish name before, so I will not go there again.
    These watches look exceptional for the price. This is a great achievement for a small brand.
    Personally, I would prefer the chapter ring to continue the circumference of the dial. It could bridge over the mainspring and left date wheel.

    • Claudio D’Amore

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 AP-ish name… well we have this brand name since september 2017, AP presented the CODE11.59 collection in January 2019… I let you make the math 🙂

  • Jon Heinz

    Looks like it would cost more, and it would if it had a “hot” brand name on it. I kinda like this one. Not too much out there quite like it, either. On the same page maybe, but this movement has a lot more visual depth.

  • spice

    Never been a huge fan of full skeletonisation but looks cool, especially finish and double date wheels.

  • Pete L

    Not a fan of skeleton dials but this is pretty cool. Interesting business model and there is a little Richard Mille about the design but without the huge pretentiousness (and eye watering fantasy price!)

  • Joel Schumann

    I have never been a fan of skeleton watches, but this is how they should look like, if you ask me – trending toward the sporty and agressive. Well done, for making this at an affordable price (though not affordable for me at the moment ha!)

  • Travis Cannata

    I actually really dig these. Cool concept, proper execution. If you’re going to do a skeleton watch, be original about it, and make something like this.

  • Berndt Norten

    Thanks for that useful clarification. Sometimes fruitful things come from my silliness! I was trying to be clever: you know, the Enigma machine that cracked the code during WWII?!?

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