Did y’all know Seiko is 130 years old? Yes sir! And this year their US roadshow event featuring Grand Seiko watches will be celebrating that fact with some fun events. Yours truly will be at the Phoenix, Arizona event on October 14th 2011 held at Seiko’s number 1 Grand Seiko dealer; Arizona Fine Time in Scottsdale. Come for the watches – stay for the food/drinks/cigars (these are also the CigarKing.com people).


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Grand Seiko Roadshow at Arizona Fine Time

Seiko will be bringing out a master watchmaker from their factory to assemble a Grand Seiko here in our store. This master watchmaker is one of 6 skilled enough to work on the 9R series of movements. This will be a very rare opportunity to see the magic that goes into Grand Seiko, not only in the movement, but the assembly of the entire timepiece.

There will also be many of Seiko’s staff in attendance for the event. This will give you a great opportunity to ask questions and hear answers direct from the source. There are many variations of Grand Seiko that have a “story” behind them. This will also be a great opportunity to hear those stories.

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Seiko will also bring many watches, dial samples, parts and more to present a traveling “mini” Seiko museum. There, they explain the history and elements that go in to the production of Grand Seiko and Seiko Ananta.

Last year we had a tremendous amount of customers receive autographs from the master watchmaker with their purchase of a Grand Seiko or Seiko Ananta watch. This is an incredibly rare opportunity and will coincide perfectly with the highly collectible 130th Anniversary Limited Edition pieces. Not only can you be privileged enough to own one of their very special limited editions, you will be one of very few to own an autographed box. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you won’t be able to attend the event, you can call in during to purchase over the phone and still receive the autograph.

We will be providing a wide variety of drinks, food, and even cigars that are all complimentary. We want our customers to feel at home in our retail location and once you make it there, you will understand the atmosphere. Please feel free to contact us if there is any help we can be in making your arrangements for the visit.

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