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aBlogtoWatch Editorial Policies

aBlogtoWatch is an Internet magazine whose editorial and writing team writes mostly about wrist watches. As a blog/magazine we follow certain editorial policies designed to promote our mission of sharing a passion for timepieces and how to enjoy them.

aBlogtoWatch does not accept payments from brands to write positive reviews about their products. Never have. Never will.

Advertising Message

aBlogtoWatch is a business. We generate income through advertising and are very proud of our sponsors. Advertising will always be clearly labeled and discernible from our independent editorial content.

aBlogtoWatch is for watch lovers, by watch lovers. aBlogtoWatch editors and writers enjoy what they do and are all part of the team because of a demonstrated passion and expertise for watches. Our “clients” are our audience and our “customers” are our advertisers. Our priority is to service our clients, because without a strong and trusting relationship with our audience we would have no reason to exist. Our customers choose to benefit from the volume, quality, and attention of our clients without altering or interfering with the publication/audience relationships we are extremely proud to have developed.

aBlogtoWatch is dedicated to covering a diverse scope of products that range from quite affordable in price to extremely exclusive and high-end in value. aBlogtoWatch takes pride in our ability to survey some of the best products at all points of the price spectrum.

Advertising Message

aBlogtoWatch often covers extremely expensive items and is aware that purchasing such luxuries is a serious financial decision no matter who you are. Assisting people in making decisions about purchasing such items is not a responsibility we take lightly.

aBlogtoWatch writers have evolving tastes and experiences. It is possible that over time, a specific writer might change their opinion about a brand or product or gain new insight that may change the way they feel about any number of topics. aBlogtoWatch is very editorial-driven, so the personal experiences of our writers is a major driving force behind what we cover and how we cover it.

aBlogtoWatch is dedicated to consumer education and explaining how to appreciate the items we cover, as well as how to best assess value.

aBlogtoWatch does not want you to purchase any specific items, but rather to encourage your participation in a pursuit that our editorial team is strongly passionate about. Our goal is to help you make a personal decision about what products are best for you, and to explain what products we like and why.

aBlogtoWatch is involved in the watch industry in order to bring its audience the best possible coverage of novel products and news. Watch industry access is purely voluntary and may be revoked at any time. In order to bring our audience timely and personal coverage of watch industry products, aBlogtoWatch is proud of the relationships and trust we have developed with the watch industry and the people who form it.

aBlogtoWatch often makes editorial decisions on what products to cover, and how to cover them. It is not possible to cover every new watch-related product that is released, nor do we exclusively cover those products that we as individuals strictly want to purchase for ourselves. aBlogtoWatch is dedicated to covering what we consider to be the most important, interesting, newsworthy, and otherwise noteworthy timepieces and stories that our team comes across.

aBlogtoWatch is an international publication with audience members all over the world. Not everything we cover is available or represented in all global markets. And the prices of items that we publish may vary from country-to-country.

aBlogtoWatch prides itself on consulting and educating its audience members. However, it is not possible to answer all comments, e-mails, or request on an individual basis. As much as we would like to, aBlogtoWatch should not be expected to provide each audience member with personal advice or recommendations.


aBlogtoWatch is a place for people to freely and enthusiastically share their passion and opinions about watches or any other topic aBlogtoWatch publishes editorial content about. aBlogtoWatch promotes free speech and thought, but is also a welcoming and diplomatic place to share opinions.

aBlogtoWatch offers its audience members the ability to comment after articles. Such space is intended to extend the discussion of article topics as well as for audience members to share their own opinions, experiences, and information. aBlogtoWatch comments should not be a place for anyone to publish content that creates a hostile or unwelcoming environment for other community members. Both agreeing and disagreeing with the community in comments is encouraged, but respect and civility is expected in all discourse and conversations. Commenters have the responsibility to ensure that their comments employ tact and diplomacy when necessary, and further ensure that they do not create a hostile environment either intentionally or through neglect.

While aBlogtoWatch has interest in ensuring that the widest possible range of opinions and views be represented in aBlogtoWatch comments, aBlogtoWatch also has a responsibility to promote a safe and welcoming environment. aBlogtoWatch comments are not a place for people to engage in hostile arguments, insult other people, make personal attacks, incite others to engage in angered or defensive conversations, or otherwise promote an unwelcoming environment that does not serve to benefit the aBlogtoWatch community.

aBlogtoWatch reserves the right to remove or modify comments, as well as to remove repeated offenders from the commenting community. Efforts will be made to warn and reasonably give notice to those who violate aBlogtoWatch Community Guidelines, though aBlogtoWatch, at its sole discretion, may engage in any ameliorative response it feels is necessary to restore the intended atmosphere and welcoming nature of the aBlogtoWatch community. In short, aBlogtoWatch community members should always behave in a way that shows respect and fairness to the aBlogtoWatch venue and the rest of the community.


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