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Crafter Blue has previously introduced curved end rubber straps for both Seiko and Tudor dive watches, as well as its own first dive watch, the Mechanic Ocean.  If you are Seiko fans, you might have already heard about the curved end rubber strap for popular Seiko dive watches like the Sumo. Crafter Blue has expanded their product lines and introduced their first rubber strap for Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay earlier this year. Now, they release their second strap model for the Tudor Pelagos and Pelagos LHD.

Unlike other low-tech straps made from silicon, all Crafter Blue rubber straps are made from pure vulcanized rubber that provides duality, toughness, and softness in daily use. Both the tang buckle and keeper are made of 316L stainless steel. With a curved end design, the strap is totally integrated into the lug areas without any gaps, which enhances the look of the watches. The strap varies in 3 mono colors and 2 dual-tone colors.

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The Crafter Blue curved end watch straps cost $65 for the mono-color versions (available in black, blue, and green) and $75 for the dual-tone straps (either in blue or black with red touches). Right now they are both available for pre-order with 25% off and you can look into them here on their e-commerce page.

Crafter Blue also plans to make high-end straps for Rolex and Omega. If you are interested, you can vote for your favorite Rolex or Omega watches here.


– Strap length: 220mm

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– Lug width: 22mm

– Thickness at lug: 7.5mm

– Thickness at end: 3.5mm

– Universal fit for wrist sizes up to 220mm depending upon the actual length  of the watch

– Buckle material: 316L stainless steel

– Buckle size: fit to 20mm strap

– Keeper material: 316L stainless steel

– Keeper size: fit to 20mm strap

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