This watch looks like Big Ben from a nightmare. What looks like a Halloween holiday watch is actually the newest luxury timepieces from Daniel Strom, son of watch maker Armin Strom. I am sure that daddy is really keen on Daniel’s new dark art. Perhaps, it followed these events:  first he dyed his hair black, then painted his nails black. Soon he was wearing Nine Inch Nail’s t-shirts and shunning the sunlight. But things got really weird when he craved blood (but soon abandoned that idea after tasting the stuff), and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps in the “dark arts of watch making.” So imagine this high-end result. What you have here is probably the world’s most expensive goth watch accessory. Troubled teenage girls and boys can now have a new object of their affection as opposed to that cool coffin-style twin size bed they have been eying.

The watch is named the Agonium “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem!” Which translates into the uplifting statement “remember you will die, so seize the day.” Good advice, but you aren’t gonna close  a lot of business meetings with ol’ silver bones here. The message is the same as the much more innocuous Mr. Jones The Accurate watch I discussed here. I mention silver by the way, because that is one of the three metals the watch is available it. Not quite sure of the watch size actually, but I hope it is massive. The watch case is handmade. Basically, each of these pieces is going to be a custom order. Strom themselves even invites you to suggest custom orders, “All is possible, ask for an offer.” In sterling silver, palladium, gold, or even platinum, the case design is Gothic cool with skulls and architecture resembling an underground catacombs crypt. Skulls and bones stacked up making the corridors. You can even get versions of the palladium cased version with diamond decoration. Diamonds are used on the case as the eyes of the some of the larger skulls. I want to meet the man who orders that piece.

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Momento Mori, Carpe Diem has an inner case that is steel and hold the movement, which is a simple, automatic Swiss ETA 2824. The case is water resistant to 50 meters and has an AR coated sapphire crystal over the dial, and other sapphire crystal on the caseback. The watch dial is pure Gothic design complete with Roman numerals and a “bone-white” color. The dial is also available in black, and the hands can be ordered in different colors. I do wonder how ergonomic that skull-shaped crown is going to be? Daniel Strom pairs the piece to a hornback alligator strap in black or white (really, a white strap for this watch?).

Wanna get one? These are all limited edition watches with some as few at 12 pieces, or special order only. Strom will make you ones of these watches while you slowly sit and contemplate your death. It should take them about a month to complete it. On the low end, you can get one of the sterling silver cased versions for 6,666 euros (they serious did price it at that), to 13,777 euros in palladium (17,999 euros with diamonds), about 19,999 euros in gold, up to about 46,666 euros in platinum. Get one soon and wear it to your local industrial music club to make everyone else jealous.

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