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In the pantheon of unfortunately co-opted sayings, a few deserve a moment of silence. “Molṑn labé” — or “come and take it” — the apocryphal cry of Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae (and later, among settlers who would establish the Republic of Texas) long served as a rallying cry to outnumbered movements worldwide — that is until opportunistic bumper-sticker manufacturers made a holy vow that every lifted truck west of Maine should be emblazoned with the phrase. So, too, “Memento Mori,” a phrase summarizing life’s fleeting nature. Translated from Latin, it means “Remember that you must die.” When George C. Scott said it in Patton, it was the hardest thing moviegoers had heard up to that point. Stenciled on the back of a MacBook, however, it loses some of its punch. Yet, be that as it may, it’s a phrase worth considering. Contemplating mortality is about as universal as it gets when it comes to human experiences. Entire religions and philosophies have been built on the foundation of humans’ fragile existence. With that in mind, isn’t it the perfect motif for something as timeless as watchmaking? A quick survey of “skeleton watches” may not reveal many skeletons, per se, but the theme of death has been an established element of watch design for longer than many might realize.

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Thus, Aventi’s A13-02 Ghost Tyamine™ tourbillon is at once something new from a heritage of watches that’s been around for ages. Featuring a skull design that occupies the lion’s share of the dial area, the timepiece is a blend of robust yet fine materials and and modern design and is backed by a finely decorated yet high-performance Swiss caliber. From top to bottom, the A13-02 Ghost is an elevated experience. Fitting, since it comes from Aventi’s practice of leaving the artisanal work to the artisans, while retaining imagination and inspired design practices in-house. As with previous models, Aventi reinterprets the rules of the game, working with firms and partners across the globe who’ve perfected the art of crafts in case making, movement construction, and more to generate a watch that’s distinctive without compromising on quality. While there’s a certain glory in attempting to make the perfect watch from scratch, wouldn’t the result be even better to assemble the greatest component parts to make something even more impressive? Following this north star, Aventi frees itself to explore realms of watchmaking that might otherwise be closed off were they responsible for making everything itself.

Through this door steps the A13-02 Ghost with its Grade 5 Titanium pentagonal case, reinforced with a proprietary carbon  Tyamine™ coating. Lending shock and scratch resistance as well as a dark hue that provides a rugged look, the space-age coating promises to be as strong as a diamond. The supercar-inspired case shape — common to all Aventi releases thus far — is another feather in the cap of the brand’s design language. Topped with a crown at 12 o’clock, it exhibits symmetry while remaining totally avant-garde. The orange rubber strap, high-quality and thoughtfully ornamented with Aventi’s logo, fastens with a Grade 5 titanium butterfly clasp.

Beneath the irregularly shaped sapphire crystal sits another piece of sapphire, this one more artistic than the protective layer above. Delicately crafted with 160 faces and 200 different edges, the sapphire skull is fashioned over 500 man-hours, gently crafted into a 2.3mm-thick surface, and treated with Swiss BGW9 Super-LumiNova on the edges to give it an other-worldly (or maybe it’s an under-worldly?) blue glow. The use of color extends to the blood-colored ruby strategically positioned beneath the skull’s left eye. Atop the skull, protruding ghoulishly through the nasal area, the glassy hands are well-matched to the overall style of the watch. Clear yet gracefully shaped, their geometry matches the stylized minute track. Here, readability is somewhat compromised, but in this category of watch, that’s a common tradeoff.

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Driving all this is the GT-01S caliber tourbillon developed in Switzerland for Aventi. Albeit a matter of preference, many watch fans agree that such a regarded element should only be paired with the best material finished to a high degree, which is certainly the case here. Making use of lightweight Grade 5 titanium, the plates, and the bridges are well decorated, a necessary pairing for the heavyweight complication. True to form, the tourbillon movement keeps things running in a tight range of +/- 4 seconds per day, a better-than-COSC performance. Despite the added energy needed to drive the tourbillon, the four-day power reserve is another indication that Aventi’s bold creation cuts no corners.

The Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine™ is available exclusively through the brand’s website for CHF 14,850. The five-year warranty and a lifetime service guarantee provide a significant value boost. Additionally, Aventi proudly advertises its concierge service wherein a dedicated point of contact oversees your purchase process from selection to delivery and beyond.


Brand: Aventi

Model: A13-02 Ghost Tyamine™

Dimensions: 49mm x 45mm

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Case Material: Grade 5 Titanium treated with Tyamine™

Crystal/Lens: Sapphire

Movement: Aventi GT-01S handwound tourbillon (+/-4 seconds per day)

Shock Protection: 5000 G

Magnetic Resistance: 2000 Gauss

Power Reserve: 105 hours

Strap/Bracelet: Burnt orange FCR (Forged Carbon Rubber) with Grade 5 titanium butterfly clasp

Price & Availability: 14,850 CHF. Available by allocation on the brand’s website. Only 15 Aventi Ghost Tyamine™ pieces will be available each month worldwide.

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