These days, there are all manner of clever ways of displaying the time on a watch. Some of these push some interesting technical boundaries, while others just make for a complicated mess. When a brand can develop something that is unique, compelling from a technical standpoint, and can manage to keep the time-keeping functions easy to use? Well, my interest is piqued. And yes, the DeWitt Academia Slide definitely fits the bill.

Right off the bat, you can tell in the photos that there is something different about the DeWitt Academia Slide. Sure, the 8-bit art version of a flower is different, but then you notice that the 10 is not in the same position as the rest of the numbers. Congratulations, you’ve just discovered how the hours are indicated on the watch! Based on the info we’ve received, these “petals” are in constant, sliding motion, sort of like a sled going down a hill, then trudging back up. Once a numeral hits the flat portion of the dial, it starts its trek back up, while the next one begins to slide down. This is something that really deserves a sped-up video to appreciate, but it sounds rather fun.

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The Movement

To power the unique time display of the DeWitt Academia Slide, there is a new movement: the DW 0101. When we hear of watches with unique time displays, the movement usually becomes significantly more complex, as well. Not so here. All in all, the movement itself has only 276 pieces, which is not that many more than a standard three-handed watch would have. The description of how the movement manages to constantly move the hour sleds calls to mind how a cam shaft would engage the pistons in an engine. Admittedly, this would be one oddly-firing radial 12, but there’s a kinship here. In fact, the brand calls out the automotive and aerospace rotary engines of the 20th century as an inspiration for the creation.


All of this cleverness is set into a 49.2mm case (with a hefty 15.3mm thickness) made of that wonder material, titanium. There’s no denying that the DeWitt Academia Slide is a big watch, but the titanium on the case, crown, bracelet, and caseback should help slash the weight. The size of things does make the central section of the watch — and the handset — feel rather small. And I was prepared to complain about that, but then I realized that the hands don’t need to be any bigger. There is no hour hand, per se, so you don’t need to indicate to one. You’ve got a compact track for the minutes and seconds, and the hands are appropriately sized for what the design requires.

The DeWitt Academia Slide is definitely the sort of technical innovation and time-indication originality that I like to see. That they’ve managed to do so with a relatively simple movement is a testament to their ingenuity. Additionally, a simple movement construction should improve reliability and longevity. It’s safe to say I’m a fan, and you won’t hear me complaining if one of these manages to slide onto my wrist as part of a review cycle. Visit to learn more.

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Tech Specs from DeWitt
  • Caliber
    • Reference: DW 0101
    • Movement: Automatic
    • Diameter: 39.6 mm
    • Functions: 3D Hours/minutes/seconds
    • Power reserve: 42 hours
    • Vibrations: 28,800 vph
    • Balance: Annular
    • Spiral: Flat
    • Escapement: Swiss Lever
    • Jeweling : 22
    • Number of components: 276
  • Case
    • Case: Academia S
    • Material: Titanium
    • Diameter: 49.2 mm
    • Total thickness: 15.3 mm
    • Crown: Titanium
    • Case back: Titanium
    • Distance between lugs: 23 mm
  • Dial: Circular-grained flat faces/Polished angle/Transferred graduated minutes scale
  • Wristband
    • Wristband: Titanium
    • Buckle: Folding
  • Other
    • Water-resistance: 30 meters

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