If the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso for the Dark Knight Rises didn’t inspire you, maybe this set of Batman and Bane watches from Diesel will. While the watches aren’t going to be available while the movie is still in theaters… Batman and The Dark Knight Rises fans will be able to get their hands on these watches in November of 2012.

What are they? Diesel specially created these two limited edition watches to go with the look of hero Batman or villain Bane. Based on the brand’s SBA collection of watches (that actually stands for “Super Bad Ass”), the Diesel Bane or Batman Dark Knight Rises watches are a fun and functional accessory to the movie.

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The watches are quite large, but that works for the design. The Batman and Bane watches are  56.5mm wide and 45.4mm tall. The cases are colored and coated steel, with colors to match Batman’s suit or Bane’s outfit. The watches contain a quartz chronograph movement with the date. A cool extra feature is a switch that activates two LED lights to illuminate the dial in the dark. The lights are hidden under the raised hour marker ring.

Detailing on the case and dial is special for each of the two watches, while the Batman version has the bat logo on the dial, and the Bane watch just says “Bane” on the dial. You’ll see that there will be special The Dark Knight Rises engravings on the rear of the timepieces with portraits of the characters as well.

The black Batman version of the Diesel watch comes with a specially textured rubber strap that emulates the look of the Bat suit. You’ll see that the dial is “phantom style” with black on black colors – though it is still legible. The Bane watch has a riveted brown leather strap to go with… what ever it was that he was wearing (bullet proof vest combined with a airplane jump harness?) in the movie.

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While you can’t buy the Diesel Batman and Bane watches for The Dark Knight Rises until November of 2012, you can pre-order them now. The watches are $325 each, and are exclusively available for pre-order here via Watchismo.com. As a limited edition watch only a specific amount will be produced, however Diesel has not indicated how many they are producing yet. Overall really cool and a great tie-in to the Batman movie characters.

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