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Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I first want to say that this watch has intense lume. Any watch with a dial such as this mostly covered in luminant is going to glow like crazy. With dark hands and hour markers, the contrast is perfect, but done in exactly the opposite way most watches approach the use of lume being on the hands and hour markers alone. This is my first experience with just such a dial and I have to say that it can come in handy. It is also apparently part of the “pro” that makes this Dievas Vortex watch the Vortex Professional.

The original Dievas Vortex watch was released in the summer of 2009. I remember it well, and appreciated the newly designed watch that felt like something truly different from the brand. I wrote then, as I still feel now, that the Vortex is a pretty successful combo of an aviator and diver watch. Two years later the handsome watch was followed up with the Vortex Professional that I debuted here. The Pro version added a specially coated case, different strap, and more legible dial – and now I have reviewed it for you.

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

One thing I can say for sure, Dievas did pull off an even more serious looking version than the original – and by serious I mean better suited to serious duty for military folk (and people who like to pretend they are military folk). The only thing I believe that these types would change is the strap. Not that I don’t like the black treated leather with red stitching, but rather I think it is more fashion and function. I would keep that strap for street use, and get an all black strap for more “kill or be killed” use. Actually, Dievas offers the strap with red or black stitching which I now learned after looking into it.

All this talking does get me wondering – “what does your typical soldier of fortune buy these days to wear on their wrist?” At the very least I want to know what some militia members up in the Dakotas are using to hunt un-American types. I would very much like to poll these people on their timepiece consumption habits. Would they choose a Dievas Vortex Pro? Maybe. At least I know they would enjoy it if they did. The larger sized 44mm case is comfy and feels purposefully designed. You have 500 meters of water resistance, an automatic helium escape valve, and a sapphire crystal. Funny how on some watches 44mm feels large and on some it feels small. This one wears on the larger side.

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

On the Professional version you have a black coated case. I originally said that it was DLC coated, but now Dievas uses different language on how it is coated. The brand does goes into significant detail on the durability of the coating process. I believe that I got an entire press release on it – complete with pictures. Specifically, the case is “scratch resistant Plasma treated titanium.” The titanium is first sandblasted and then coated. I haven’t attacked it with a screw driver but it feels pretty stable and I’ve always been a fan of the look of sand-blasted titanium. It also helps keep the watch light, and the coated titanium is going to be much stronger than naked titanium. Still not entirely sure what the coating process is all about.  Going to be at least as durable as the best PVD coatings if not much better.

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The case design again feels like a cross between an aviator and a diver. While it functionally looks like a diver on paper, it does have a larger dial and thinner bezel like many aviators. Still, the bezel is a diver style bezel, and there is that 500 meters of water resistance. The dial is about legibility. It isn’t quite as sleek looking at the regular Vortex, but legibility is higher. I appreciate the pilot watch style hands and large Arabic hour indicators. That large red-bordered triangle is all aviator… Not to take down the coolness factor, but this might be a nice timepiece for people who have trouble reading their watches due to poor vision.

Dievas Vortex Professional Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I think that Dievas should also offer a rubber strap for this watch. I think that will be useful to many people. Still, the leather strap is water-proof treated. Little details like that make it clear Dievas is doing everything possible to stand by the “Professional” part of this Vortex’s name. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement which is a solid work-horse. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Dievas augments it with a custom black rotor. It is overall a cool watch with some interesting features for the right crowd. The original Dievas Vortex is likely a better mainstream piece given the more traditional dial style, but this Professional version does keeps its promise by adding extra case durability and a more legible dial. Price is a reasonable $1,130 and you get learn more or get one online here.



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  • Dean Grant Baker

    “All this talking does get me wondering – “‘what does your typical soldier of fortune buy these days to wear on their wrist?'””

    I can’t speak for all; but one “real” soldier; after he awoke, just been blown up by an IED — said he looked over and saw his arm and his G-Shock was still keeping time. I’ll see if I can find the interview on the CBC. Did I mention his arm had been amputated by the IED?

    You’d think that a Zulu or NATO would be more functional?
    As to what “the guys” in the “Dakotas” are wearing — are you sure they can even tell time?

    • It is entirely possible that the guys up in the Dakatos playing weekend warrior are unable to tell the time on an analog watch. True.

      For economical and functional reasons the G-Shock will always be a cornerstone of modern military timekeeping. Though I have yet to meet a military man who thinks his Casio is the be all, end all of timepiece design and technology.

      A watch that detects IED’s would be a nice thing to have.

      • Pat I.

        I don’t understand the comment about our guys in the Dakotas – whether it’s slam against our boys in uniform or (hopefully) I’m missing something.

        Many people I work with are ex-military or in the reserves. Although one guy prefers a Kobold as his everyday timepiece it seems that the favorite is the Casio G-shock. People I know who have used them swear by them.

        I don’t know any SEALs, Airborne, Recon, etc. I know there are a lot of watch companies out there who make really rugged watches with claims that SEALs use their watches. If you were to add them all up they would look like the old Times Square “Wanna buy a watch?” types with six timepieces on each sleeve.

        • The comment I made in no way was about US soldiers of any kind. It referred to independent militia groups in often rural parts of America that like to play army dress-up and talk about over-throwing the government. Then they drink moonshine or something.

          • Pat I.

            Oh THOSE guys?

            Don’t they tell time by measuring the shadows of trees with their feet?

        • Chris

          Pat I., as a veteran and someone who works for the military, I didn’t take it that way at all.

          • Dean Grant Baker

            There’s NO other way to “take it” other than the explanation that was given by the OP.

          • Pat I.

            My apologies. I needed a bit of clarification. Some people call reservists “Weekend warriors”.. My bad

  • kris.c

    Looks like I’ll be making the first comment about the actual watch in this post…

    I thiought this was DLC, I find it dissapointing that it is not – I felt this was the best DLC deal on the street, period. For a brand that is virtually unknown to most of the world, I have to say that I know several people that Dievas, so they must be doing something right. This should have a black bracelet option though.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      It actually is far superior to DLC.
      It is a scratch resistant Plasma treated micro-blasted aerospace grade 5 titanium. [the same grade as the ‘Eco-Zilla’ and ‘Orca’ for eg.] Even the caseback AND bezel, which is a 60 click.

      The rotor IS coated with DLC.

      DLC is possibly the most fragile of all coatings/treatments to ‘harden’ metals in watch cases. Other than paint.

      Most “military types” prefer straps over bracelets. and Zulu/NATO straps are a dime a dozen; almost.
      It comes with a choice of either a black with black stitching leather strap or a black with red stitching leather strap.

      I see that the face is fully lumed; I have a Citizen NY with the full lume face; you can use it as a torch.

  • IS3515

    Nice watch but educate me. Why is the winding stem on the lower left side?

    • Dean Grant Baker

      Some will say that it’s more comfortable; that the crown doesn’t dig in; personally I’ve never had a crown dig in; no matter what position.

      • Dean Grant Baker

        It certainly is an overlooked brand, and seemingly great, not just good, value for money.

        Simple, clean, fresh, timeless, and masculine.

        A a true “tool” watch if ever there was.

        • Dean, I am glad you like it!

  • Dievas Uhren Technik

    kris.c: This is Plasma assisted treatment on the titanium base. It is 6 times more scratch resistant than normal coatings you find in the market. It is virtually scratch resistant.

    IS3515: The crown is at 8 o’clock for a reason. As a diving enthusiast and from feedback given by fellow professional divers, having the crown at 3 or 4.30 lower the chances of catching on something when you are underwater. The Vortex Professional is powered by a Dievas modified ETA2824-2 automatic movement, as such there is not much need to adjust or wind the movement.

    • Thanks for the follow up points straight from the source!

  • L.A. Frost

    I just recently retired from the military and I think I can verify the comments about the G-Shock. Also saw a lot of Timex Ironmans (Ironmen?) and basic Victorinox (probably because they are sold at the PX). The guys who really thought they were badass would sport Suunto Vectors and talk about how soon they were going to apply for Selection. I saw a few people try out the various “SEAL” watches with the gas tube lume, but they usually gave them up pretty soon once they saw how bright they were at night. Not good for light discipline. The only people I saw wearing pricey wrist candy were majors and above.

    • Interesting info. So what where the higher-end wearing that you noticed? I had no idea that the light from gas tubes could be a liability at night for covert operations.

      • Eric

        Over on the TZ forums there is a guy who is in Afghanistan with his Rolex on – I thought that was odd to say the least. Not sure I would take a Rolex with me into battle. But then again maybe it makes sense to someone?

        • Maybe it is his good luck charm or a reminder of civility. Think about it, assuming the watch returns unscathed, it will have an enormous amount of sentimental value to him in the future.

          • Eric

            Excellent point, Ariel.

      • L.A. Frost

        I’d see Rolexes and quite a few Omegas. Like Victorinox, Omega is sold in the PX and at a pretty good discount. For example, right now the MSRP on an Omega Proffesional Moon Chronograph is $4500, but the PX sells it for $3600, with no tax and free shipping.

        Once or twice a year, the PX will have a sale of 25-33% on most of their watches and jewelry, bringing the price down even more. I’ve thought about using this price advantage to my benefit to get something (like an Omega) to use as a trade in for something even more expensive at Tourneau since they usually come close to giving MSRP as trade in value for NIB if you buy something with a higher price tag from them. (PX also sells Breitling, but I never saw anyone wearing one)

        Also, I had a good friend in the military who was big into Sinn and would pick one up in the duty free store just about every time he flew through Frankfurt. It’s because of him that I really appreciate German designed and manufactured timepieces.

        • Wow, I had no idea. Sounds like I need to write a story about watches available at PX stores.

          • L.A. Frost

            That would be cool. Let me know if you need any help. I can provide you with info re: what’s available online since I can access their website, but I’m afraid I can’t actually go into a PX and take a look. Since retiring, I’ve moved overseas for my second career and there aren’t any PXs in my neck of the woods. Maybe another reader who lives near you could actually take you in to take a look.

  • Ulysses

    Looks nice; pretty solid. I wish I could feel the weight of it.

  • Raf

    Me gusta, but me too I’d like to know how much it weights (hi Ulysses)

  • Dievas Uhren Technik

    Weight is approximately 99grams.

  • Jason Welborn

    I am currently serving, and have spend a total of about 27 months in Afghanistan. First I would like to say that I really wish our Px carried anything nicer than a G-Shock but unfortunately they don’t. I purchased a MTM Vulture while in Iraq in 2006 and have been wearing it ever since. It is beat up and the black coating is wore, but it is still keeping accurate time. I usually charge it up about once every 4 to 6 weeks and it has not let me down yet.

    Thank you for the write up on the Dievas Vortex Pro, I think I will be replacing the Vulture with this model before I go on leave in December.

    • Good info. Thanks Jason and stay well.