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Creating a quality product with a truly unique look is one of the pillars of affordable luxury. It is usually the result of passion and a singular vision, which were the driving forces behind Égard watches. The latest model, the Bermuda, with fully engraved cases inspired by the gothic scrolling and floral patterns in 16th-century art, is being launched today on Kickstarter.

“There is no other company on the market today creating fully engraved watches at this price point, and there is a reason for that. It takes a lot of time and it creates a lot of scrap,” says Égard founder Ilan Srulovicz. “But I wanted to do something truly unique, and I came up with an amazing process.”

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Égard was created in 2012 by Ilan in 2012, whose background is in design, working in pre-visualization and product design for large companies like MPC (Moving Picture Company) and Pixel Liberation Front. It was driven by his desire to commemorate the bond between him and his father. “I was kind of a rough kid, and I kind of put my parents through hell,” he says. “But one person never gave up on me, and that person was my dad. So how do we pay tribute to the people we love? For some people, it’s art; for some people, it’s buying gifts. For me, it was making a watch.”

The Bermuda is a timepiece with a sleek, minimalist dial contrasted by a spectacular, fully engraved case and bracelet that are created using laser engraving in combination with hand finishing and staining. There are three variations. First, the Masterpiece is a Swiss-made mechanical watch with a Swiss automatic movement, the STP1-ll, with a custom rotor with the gold inlays and the Égard logo. The movement and rotor can be seen through the exhibition caseback, including a custom rotor that can be seen through an exhibition caseback.

The second piece is the skeleton version, which reveals all the intricate inner workings of the mechanical movement made by Seagull. The third model, the V1, has a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, which is the most convenient. It uses a battery, so you never have to worry about winding it. All cases are 42mm and made of 316L grade stainless steel with integrated lugs. Dials for the non-skeleton watches are blue or black. Each watch comes with two straps: an engraved metal bracelet and a high-quality black rubber option.

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All are water resistant to 100 meters. “With so many watches at a variety of price points, we wanted to create a functional work of art,” says Ilan. “The Bermuda series from Égard is ideal for everyday use and is poised to become part of a family heirloom collection for generations to come. My promise is that we will not only deliver it but that it will exceed all expectations,” he continues. We have done three campaigns like this before and, in each one, customers have told us how happy they were and how incredible the watch looked in person.” The Bermuda Masterpiece and Bermuda Skeleton are priced under $500. They are available to pre-order by visiting the Kickstarter here.

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