Egard-Shade-black-watch-3 Below is a watch winning reader review from Jesse S. of Los Angeles, regarding the Egard Shade Black timepiece that he won on aBlogtoWatch:

As the winner of the October 2013 aBlogtoWatch giveaway, I can tell you the Egard Black Shade limited edition watch fits in well in the city of Los Angeles. Dress codes are a rarity in LA, however, being functional as well as stylish is still the name of the game. The Egard Black Shade watch beautifully captures both of these elusive qualities while working as an elegant dress watch or a casual sport piece.

Founded and designed by Ilan Srulovicz, the Egard brand is new to the watch scene. Egard was formed as a tribute from a son to his father and seeks to, “create inspiring luxury pieces that embody the depth of emotion we each feel for the person in our lives who has defined our own important moments” (seems like a lot of pressure to make a cool watch!). I really enjoy the personal dedication of the brand and the meaning behind the designs presented by Ilan.

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The Egard Black Shade uses a 43mm case to house a skeletonized automatic movement. The watch is beautifully coated with sapphire crystal on both top and bottom to display the heart of the mechanism. With dominating black surfaces on the watch, the timepiece has a mysterious, almost sinister, feel. Egard utilizes a Japanese made movement from Miyota that looks beautiful skeletonized against the black watch face. I enjoy watching the escape wheel and balance wheel tirelessly working away through the layered front window of the face.

It is easy to read the time despite the black on black features near the bottom of the watch as the hands are painted in a bold yellow contrast. My favorite part of the watch is the beautifully layered dial design building up from the skeletonized movement. It could be difficult to see in pictures, but the background of the watch functions like a hologram, displaying different shades of gray depending on the angle of light.


The only downsides to this fine watch are very minor. The leather strap uses a unique butterfly strap which I found comfortable when wearing the watch but slightly difficult for putting on and removing the watch. Additionally, I am not sure on the exact height measurement on the watch, but it seems to be about 11-12mm which creates a problem as a dress watch if worn with a long sleeved shirt.

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Ultimately, the Egard Shade Black stands out as a unique watch that stands out from the crowd and makes a statement. With only 50 limited edition Shade Black’s being released to the market, you won’t see others out on the town sporting your same watch. I really like the idea of wearing a watch from an independent designer with a limited offering and innovative designs.

The role this watch plays is also unique, while it doesn’t quite fit in for the black-tie affair, or the day at the beach with the family. The watch fills that critical gap in men’s fashion perfect for happy-hour after work equipped with jeans and a sport coat. I am extremely grateful to Ariel Adams and Ilan Srulovicz for the watch as well as for the opportunity to review it on

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