Around the periphery of the dial is a traditional style minute track and all the hands are more or less the right length. I could easily image some lesser designer screwing up this timepieces by making the hands too small. Even though I am known for complaining about watches made with incorrect hand lengths, after years of writing about timepieces, I am even more upset now when I see a watch with tiny hands. There is just no excuse for it much of the time, and the people that OK these designs should have their job competencies seriously questioned. Having said that, Eterna does not disappoint me in this regard.

What do you think about the gilt-style dial with the gold colored hands and periphery scale? The hands are actually all gold-plated. It looks sort of cool mixed with the green luminant, doesn’t it? Moreover, Eterna uses an AR-coated sapphire crystal over the case so, in addition to the gold, black, and green tones, you get a nice flash of bluish purple when light hits the crystal in just the right way. How about that date window? Those of you who hate it when a date window interferes with the hour markers have been blessed with the dial of the Eterna Heritage Military dial. Not only does the date disc and numeral color match the dial, but the window sits just above the 6 o’clock hour marker, not over it.

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Eterna-Military-Limited-Edition-11 Eterna-Military-Limited-Edition-9

The case of the Eterna Heritage Military limited edition watch is water resistant to 50 meters, which is probably fine but I would have liked for it to be 100 meters. I pretty much want all timepieces that even remotely resemble sport watches to have at least 100 meters of water resistance. Like most military watches, the caseback on the watch screws down and is mostly clean, being devoid of a lot of text. Also, at 40mm wide, the case of the Eterna Heritage Military is rather thin at just 11.70mm thick. While Eterna is pushing forward with in-house made movements a lot these days, the Heritage Military watch doesn’t really need one. Being a workhorse style watch, Eterna puts a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement inside of it.

On the wrist, the Eterna Heritage Military watch is rather comfortable and looks attractive, given your tastes. In many ways, a watch like this is very under-the-radar. Certainly not a luxury-style product even though its quality is very good. The Eterna Heritage Military ref. 1939.41.46.1298 comes with the polished steel case and is matched to a black leather strap. The ref. 1939.43.46.1299 has the PVD black steel case and comes with a brown leather strap. It might be interesting to see the black case matched with a black strap as well. Prices for the Eterna Heritage Military watches will be $2,140 and $2,390 respectively. Each will, of course, be limited to just 1,939 pieces.

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