Eterna 200m Two Tone Diver Watch on eBay

It is only recently that Eterna has returned to the US market. For a long time, the lauded watch maker just sort of ignored US shores with its branded products. That isn’t true with the watches that it makes for Porsche Design though. In 2008, Eterna returned to the US market with a couple of beautiful KonTiki line watches, and I can’t wait to get one myself. You should be aware that for years, Eterna has been offering really good watches in Europe, with very few trickling over into the States. The pictured watch is a good example. I am not certain what the watch is called, but it is a thorough two-tone Eterna diving watch. The “Eterna-matic” moniker refers to the fact that it has an automatic mechanical movement as most every Eterna watch does. Inside this watch is the very competent ETA 2892-2 movement with a gold plated (maybe solid gold) rotor. The crown is also signed and done in gold.

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What I really like about this watch is how handsome it is with the right mixture of style and functionality. No doubt that this is a legible diving watch with a high level of construction quality. At the same time, it has gold accenting, caseback decoration, an interestingly engineered bracelet, and other features which communicate the watch’s heritage and quality, above mere functionality. This is really Eterna’s best take on the two-tone Rolex Submariner. Water resistance is 200m (the Submariner is 300m but is really doesn’t matter). Like the Rolex, it has a similarly laid out dial with analogous markers. The hands are simpler than Rolex Submariner hands,but they offer another take on the classic theme. Like the Rolex, the Eterna is a certified Chronometer. The Eterna diver is also about as large as the Submariner at about 40mm in size. There is probably as much attention to detail and fit and finish in the Eterna as well.

Eterna-matic ETA 2892-2 movement

The diver’s bezel is one of the best parts with its plated gold looks. It is really hard to do two-tone right. The resulting look is often gaudy looking. Rolex did it right, and here Eterna has shown that there are other nice ways of getting the same look. Going back to the bracelet, you’ll notice lots of smaller links. This allows for a very form fitting bracelet that is going to be as comfortable as possible.

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One of these rare Eterna watches is available on eBay right now for under $1000. I think it is totally worth it considering the fact that it is in mint condition, comes with the box and manual, and the extra links. There are few watches like this around, and even as something for daily wear, this Eterna diving watch would serve nicely.

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