Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Guest post provided by Sheldon Smith of minus4plus6.com for aBlogtoWatch

In the pursuit of building a better mousetrap, Everest looks to enhance the Rolex wearing experience with their latest strap collection for Rolex watches. Coming September, Everest Bands will release their Everest Leather Series bringing another element of comfort and versatility to Rolex watches. This is in addition to Everest's rubber strap series for Rolex. The Everest Leather Series watchstrap combines the comfort of quality leather with the reliability of a solid 316L stainless steel end link, topped off with a replaceable 316L stainless steel tang buckle.

Rolex wearers have been known to use aftermarket leather straps, but the critical piece omitted from a basic leather strap setup is the solid end link that supports the spring bar. Arguably, a Rolex with a leather strap sans end-link gives the watch a very utilitarian look, but at the expense of looking polished, and at the expense of spring bar strength. A solid endlink prevents the spring bar from being bent and inadvertently popping out. Making these straps stand out is Everest’s utilization of a precision-machined 316L steel end link that fits a 20mm wide lug width Rolex watch precisely with no slop between the lug and the watch case. The fit between the endlink and the watch case is just like the original Rolex end link that slides right in with no lateral movement, no rounded edges, and fits like it is meant to be there.

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Just as Patrick Kansa points out in aBlogtoWatch’s RubberB rubber strap for Rolex, there are plenty of aftermarket options and varieties, but at quality levels that span the map. Without question, the Everest Leather Series is at a quality level complimentary to Rolex watches in materials, machining tolerances, and leather selection. In Everest’s first offering, straps will be available in saddle brown, vintage brown and black calf leather, as well as in black and brown crocodile to match the watch face, bezel, and your mood. Everest plans to offer shell cordovan straps in the very near future as well.

Rather than navigating the idiosyncrasies of leather watchstrap production, Everest relies upon industry-leading watchstrap manufacturers located around the globe. Everest selected these specialty manufacturers, as they create straps for likes of Omega, Panerai, and IWC. Watch companies, like Everest, would rather focus their efforts on the endlink rather than on the peculiarities of manufacturing leather straps. Everest straps are well stitched, well proportioned, and the leather looks flawless. Finishing off the strap is a removable buckle made from the same 316L surgical stainless steel and has the same Rolex brushed finish to match Rolex’s brushed lugs. The Everest buckle is removable using the same 1.6mm screwdriver used for adjusting Rolex Oyster links. The buckle tang fits into the buckle holes with little slop and without stretching the leather; it appears that the holes and buckle tang were made to be together.

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Installing the strap is a relatively easy affair when using the correct tools. The best tool for removing and installing Rolex bracelets is the Bergeon 6825ff (ff for Fine Forks). Even though the tool is not at an entry-level price, it is well worth it if you see yourself switching out straps. Other standard spring bar tools work, but the 6825 prevent lug scratches because the tool’s tweezer-like action compress both ends of the springbar simultaneously making it easy to lift out and reattach solid end-links to the watch.

A simple DIY for removing and installing Rolex straps is posted over at Minus4Plus6. Making the Everest strap installation an easy affair are the solid endlinks that slide right onto the case. There is no stuffing a leather strap around a spring bar, or no wedging leather between a springbar and a case, as is the case with thick leather NATO straps. Slide the end link on, make sure the included springbars set into the case and your off.

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

I wore a tanned leather Everest strap affixed to a Rolex GMT 116710 BLNR (Bleu/Noir bezel) that my favorite dealer, Fourtané, let me borrow for a week. Although I have worn Rolex watches for over 25 years, it was never with a leather strap, as I felt that any non-original strap did not compliment the watch. I quickly found that is not the case with the Everest leather strap. The Everest endlink looks at home with the brushed finish. Unlike wearing a stainless or rubber strap, a leather strap conforms to your wrist. After a week of wearing the Everest leather strap, the strap was working its way to fitting like a well worn work glove. Unlike silicon straps that stretch and give, they retain their basic shape. The Everest leather strap, on the other hand, has the same feeling of strength, like the stainless steel bracelet, but the lighter weight makes it disappear from your wrist. After wearing leather on a Rolex, I see why Rolex offers a leather option on some of their watches.

Everest Leather Straps For Rolex Watches Preview Hands-On

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to roll out the Everest rubber strap, Everest continues the same formula for the Everest Leather Series. Until August 15th, Everest Kickstarter backers are able to receive a calf leather strap, endlinks, and buckle at $190, $88 less than the post-Kickstarter retail price. Crocodile leather starts at $250, $103 less than the planned retail offering price. There are also other quantity discounts available for early Everest Leather Series backers. Everest leather strap wearers can order additional leather straps without ordering another endlink / buckle combination in the coming future.

Without question, Everest leather straps bring a new wearing experience for Rolex wearers. Everest leather straps possess the design, fit and integrity that Rolex wearers expect, and at a price point that is less than what a factory original strap costs. The Everest Leather series is easy to install and brings a whole new look and feel to your Rolex watch. everestbands.com

See the Everest Leather Straps for Rolex watches campaign on Kickstarter here.

Rolex GMT Reference 116710 BLNR courtesy of Fourtané, Carmel California

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  • Ayreonaut

    Do not want.  Looks terrible.  If the “unsightly gap” is really a problem, make a leather strap that is shaped to fit the case.

  • Ulysses31

    I think it looks worse like this.  Kinda half-assed, made-at-home looking.  Also reminiscent of Hublot with the needless metal between the lugs, not a look you want to copy if you can possibly avoid it.  Other manufacturers can integrate the leather strap perfectly with the case and it looks just fine.  This looks like it was found in a flea-market.

  • dbaxter821

    I think this is really cool. I am strap guy and have pretty much tried everything on the market – love the idea. Also, it is good to see that the leather is well made from both the author and the pictures. Leather straps are usually hard to tell the quality from the pictures. We have all made the mistake of purchasing something online, get it and then been disappointed. I have had the rubber strap from Everest (sold it along with an Explorer) and do miss it, and the quality on that was on par with with my rubber Omega strap. Just picked up an older sea-dweller and this will totally dress it up.

  • TheBalanceWhl

    So every other watch on the planet without an integrated lug has an “unsightly gap” now? That’s a weak marketing pitch.

  • A lot of people will buy this for the novelty factor and that they think their Rolex sports watch will look “cool” when changed up. 
    Then they’ll realize that Rolex sports watches have the perfect, most iconic bracelet ever and go back to that, relegating the strap to a drawer, rarely if ever to be seen again.
    That GMT “Bruiser” looks like utter crap with that strap.

    • disqus_aI0WyzzSw4

      It’s called the “Batman” model. Get your Rolex correct.

      PS- I dislike bracelets so i got an Everest end link strap for my Explorer 214270

  • Ayreonaut Or go back to the styling like those “hooded” bubblebacks

  • trj66

    This is THE worst post on ABTW ever. Yeah, it is posted as a “guest post”, but my sorry eyes read this an embarrasing and just planly horrible advert.

    An advice from a reader of many years: tighten up the operation of this site – or loose your readers in sync with your credibility.

  • trj66 It really isn’t an ad, at least we didn’t get paid. The person who wrote it has worked with the company before and enjoys their products. We know that people like “Rolex accessories” and we haven’t seen something like this in the past. Everest Bands is among the few companies doing aftermarket Rolex straps that are nice so we felt OK with it. I think it is however important that the community stay cautious and understand the difference between advertising and editorial. This is simply from a different voice than our own because we didn’t have the hands-on experience with the straps. Thanks again for the comment.

  • Wouldn’t be easier to make a curved-end leather strap? Although, put leather on diver watches is a bit of dull.

  • pinkdela

    The beefier lug cases in the Rolex oyster makes the watch look unbalanced with a strap. Sorry I’ll pass.

  • Astronuts

    Wow…One wouldn’t think the concept of this strap could cause a mild stir.  I did pledge, but canceled wondering if it would fit my vintage 5513.  A  lot of older subs came with braclet issues – strech, excess wear etc….I choose to give it a home on a cordovan strap, thinking if it can’t be all original, a strap is really the only choice. I don’t think this system is unatractive or expensive as a strap option. To each his…ah nevermind.

  • GBD

    I quite like the idea, but I wish it were executed so that the metal end link was closer to flush with the lug ends.

  • Twinbarrel

    Abp straps have done a much better design.
    A bit pricey perhaps but it’s an astonishing adaptation.

  • My thoughts exactly. ‘Lets make ourselves look better by blanket insulting all of the other perfectly fine and good looking straps that came before us’.

  • So they found a way to overcharge even more than with the rubber strap offering. Well done. Too bad they couldn’t figure out that the end links should be 904l steel, not that pedestrian 316l junk.
    Probably so expensive because they don’t have the ability to actually make them for themselves, they have to outsource the work to places that already know what they’re doing.

  • Ulysses31

    SuperStrapper It wouldn’t be so bad if the end pieces actually matched the colour and finish of the watch case but they even got that wrong.

  • Feller87

    aBlogtoWatch I would appreciate if you guys made a series of posts experiencing strap purchases, similar to the way you write stories about buying in stores. 

    Also maybe a guide similar to the watchbuying guide you have on the site about where the best places are for different types of straps (custom, horween cordovan shell, authorized dealers etc) and a breakdown for each brand what the best route to take is.

    I know its a big undertaking 🙂 but thats why we all frequent this site, thoroughness, honesty and loyalty to the watch enthusiast.



    This column works well for everyone, except Everest. It’s better to be lambasted here than buy the products online, be crucified by family, friends, business associates, & the public for donning substandard goods, then returning them in disgust.

  • RipJJ

    If I were to see this on a wrist, I would find it interesting and attractive. I own IWC, JLC, Pan, Patek and Omega that are on a leather strap. I suppose it’s not for some. For example, I’m looking to add a Mark Carson to my collection, and showed an image of it to a few friends. They hated it. I still think the Ka La are well thought about, and unique pieces. I will definitely wear this leather strap on my ttYM and possibly some others. Some might hate it…I will enjoy it, as I do all my watches.

  • RipJJ

    If I were to see this on a wrist, I would find it interesting and attractive. I own IWC, JLC, Panerai, Patek and Omega, all on leather straps. Currently, none of my Rolex do. I am considering purchasing a Mark Carson and showed a picture of it to a few friends. They hated it. I still find the Ka La line to be a beautiful, and well thought out timepiece. I will definitely wear one of these new straps on my TTYM.

  • Twinbarrel

    I don’t think it’s ugly at all but I believe the new ABP ‘R’ band are form-fitted, like it’s supposed or expected to.
    …but they are more expensive.
    Like RipJJ, I simply love a leather strap. Better yet, some leather straps alongside a bracelet for one watch. It is do much fun to totally change the look of a watch by a nice strap. More bang for my buck if you will.
    For my Pam’s I have so many different straps and Panerai makes it easy to change as well.
    Rolex straps, awesome: bring them on. Both rubber and leather.
    A deployment lock is an absolute must on a bracelet. It prolongs the lifespan of any strap considerably.

  • trj66 ‘s comment is THE worst comment on ABTW ever. Yeah, it is posted by “trj66”, but my sorry eyes read this an embarrasing and just planly horrible comment.

    Jokes aside – the article might seem biased to you, but there are more constructive ways to critique an article than this.

  • trj66

    WatchWindersInt trj66 Yeah, point taken and you’re absolutely right. My comments came out
    way too harsh, but I was/am truly surprised over reading such a biased
    and completely positive post in this forum – especially over a product
    that seems mediocre at best, as other commentators already have pointed

    Thanks for the moderating comment.

  • trj66 WatchWindersInt 🙂 Thanks for being a good sport.  I didn’t mean to be facetious.  I take your point about the product though as well as the lopsided review.  I’m probably biased myself because I have their rubber strap (and quite like it).. Cheers!

  • trj66

    aBlogtoWatch trj66 Apologies are so much in order: my comment was in no way constructive (as “WatchWindersInt” points out) and way, way too harsh. I’m sorry about that – but I was really dumbfounded over such a biased article.

    Friends again?

  • trj66 aBlogtoWatch Always friends. My feeling is that when a reader takes the time to comment it is because something is very important to them and it is worth discussion whether that thing is good or a concern. You felt concerned and you raised your voice – that is natural and I hope people know that is a welcome practice here. I suppose something that is an issue – which I see from time to time – is people jumping to conclusions about why something is the way it is. Here in the US we have a saying that goes “assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.” I think the point is often times jump to causality before they have asked all the right questions. At aBlogtoWatch we hope not only to offer good answers but that people feel comfortable to raise questions. If we are doing something that we personally might want to reconsider, we sure hope our little system of checks and balances puts it right.

  • RobertTotsuka

    SuperStrapper I certainly agree on the price on those rubber bands.  I bought one and felt so ripped off after getting it, their cost is probably $5.00 on those things.

    I am looking for a leather band and will not buy from them again just because I feel so ripped off from the rubber band.

  • Twinbarrel http://m.facebook.com/natoendpiece has another solution.  WAC stands for Watch Advisory Consultant.

  • GBD What about this?  natoendpiece in Facebook.

  • funNactive

    Interesting aftermarket look – but I like my sport/dive watches to remain waterproof. I guess it would depend on the model if I would put a leather strap on it.

  • rolexman

    Tom C. Derkinderen and their CHINESE BANDS ARE A FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!?


    and the size are not the right size for my Rolex and he don’t refund my money!!!!!

  • rolexman

    THIS IS A FRAUD !!!!!!! All rubber straps and leather straps are from GUANGZHOU in CHINA !!!!!!! I bought 2 rubber strap for my DEEPSEA and them broken in 15 days !!!!!!! and did not refund my money.

    Tom C. Derkinderen is a SCAMMER. Be careful!!!!

    http://www.everestbands.com is all ITEMS FROM CHINA !!!! and I don’t fix to my Rolex a Chinese Strap !!!!!!!!

    Tom C. Derkinderen and their CHINESE BANDS ARE A FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!?


    and the size are not the right size for my Rolex and he don’t refund my money!!!!!!!!

  • rolexman

    200€ for a Chinese band !!!!! IT IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Derkinderen

    Dear Rolexman,

    As the distributor of Everest in Spain, where you’re from, I’d like to make
    the following very clear.

    1: The straps we sell are 100% made in Switzerland, no exception.

    2: We have never sold to you, of course we have the invoices to prove that.

    3: We did buy straps from you, AP – straps, which in fact were fake ripoffs.

    4: The fact that we made Paypal block your account to further prevent you
    from selling your plastic straps is the reason you’re leaving these

    Now, that being said, as you might be aware: As we take any comment (good or
    bad) very seriously and you can therefore be sure that in the next couple of
    weeks you will receive a letter from our lawyer in which you will be charged
    with indictments for several of your actions.

    To the public we like to say sorry for this from our side and please let the
    ramblings of an ill-minded person not stand in the way of tuning your watch
    with the best materials on the market.

  • Lawrence

    I wish they woul hug the case and not use an endlink. Something like the rubber straps. It is not impossible with leather.