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Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

American brand Farr + Swit has a simple goal: to encourage a modern audience to consider not just how they check the time, but, more importantly, how they spend their time. In an age in which constant connectivity is becoming the norm, Farr + Swit aims to build products that remind their customers to remain present in the here and now, to ignore the beeping notifications of an increasingly digital world, and to reconnect with themselves through nature. As such, Elmhurst local Adam Hodge teamed up with Andrew Paetzold and Zach Switalski to launch Farr + Swit. The trio’s flagship model thus far is the Seaplane Automatic, launched in May 2019.

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

The Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic watch is a born adventurer. Conceived as a daily beater, the materials, the fit, and the function were all chosen to reflect the go-anywhere, do-anything attitude the brand hopes to promote. Hodge has himself tested the Seaplane Automatic in some pretty challenging environments, wearing it frequently while hiking, skiing, and (on the odd occasion) swimming with sharks.

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

As well as providing customers with a reliable companion on their daily adventures, the Farr + Swit team aim to produce a product that will last for decades, once again shirking the transience of contemporary culture and investing in something appealingly anachronistic.

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

This idea of a well-made, well-used item being of emotional importance came about when his grandfather (whose name — Nelson Farrand — inspired the name of the company) passed down his watch to him —  an object he still cherishes. “There’s something to be said for items that aren’t easily replaceable,” says Hodge. “I wouldn’t pass down my iPhone to my children, but I’ll certainly pass down a well-made watch.”

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

Every element of the Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic has been tailored to perform in the wild. The high-contrast, highly legible dial in black and white is decorated with a mixture of Arabic numerals and stick markers, all of which are treated with high-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova to ensure optimal readability in the dark. The dial indices and markings beneath the sapphire bezel glow a bright blue in low light conditions thanks to the BGW9 Grade A EF luminant.


Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

To hammer home the American spirit of this release, Farr + Swit decided to have the silicone straps that are included in the package made by Barton Watch Bands in Austin, Texas. The leather straps are similarly American and come from just down the road in Batavia, Illinois. These straps use the world-famous leather of Chicago’s Horween tannery with stunning results. And to top it off, the boxes in which the Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic watches ship were made all the way down in Florida (bringing a little extra Southeastern sunshine to the Midwest in time for the winter months).

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

Ensuring that the brand’s inaugural timepiece lived up to the expectations of all three founders was essential. In order to guarantee top quality timekeeping performance, the team decided the movement had to be Swiss. By enlisting the Sellita SW200-1 to power the brand’s debut reference, Farr + Swit is ensuring excellent performance and the longevity of the timepiece (which will be easy to service thanks to the popularity of the caliber chosen).

Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic Watch Prepared For Adventure Watch Releases

And to ensure that every Farr + Swit Seaplane Automatic meets the high quality standards the brand has established, each and every piece is assembled by hand in the Midwest. The uncoated stainless steel version of the Seaplane Automatic retails for $629, while the black DLC-coated model costs $649. All models come with a one-year international warranty as standard, but this increases to two years once the watch has been officially registered with the brand. To learn more about the brand, please visit

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  • Nicholas Barkly

    Great looking watch…Colors, everything…I just wish it was at least a 44mm , preferably a 46mm or more .

    • Adam

      Thanks Nicholas. It is a 42mm but when you include the crown it stretches to 45.6mm. Perhaps in the future we may produce a larger watch but the models we have in planning at the moment are pretty close to the 42mm size.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    This is a nice looking watch with a decent movement. Price is reasonable. I am guessing that the bezel insert is not ceramic, but glass?? My only gripe is the hands, but I could live with them. Need more specs on this.
    I would wear this self described “daily beater” – Good job.

    • SuperStrapper

      My assumption as well, a (hopefully) sapphire insert.

    • Adam

      Correct. The bezel is a sapphire crystal insert. We decided on this so we could protect the lume long term and it has spectacular durability.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the feedback. Sizing of the watch is 42mm(45.6 including crown), 50.5mm lug to lug, 12.5mm tall, 22mm lug width. 100M water resistance and a sapphire crystal bezel insert.

    • SuperStrapper

      I like you chose sapphire over ceramic: care to elaborate on making that decision?

      • Adam

        Chose the sapphire crystal bezel insert for it’s durability and that it protects the lumed bezel markings for the long run. It has a great look and has been on some great divers in the past.

        • SuperStrapper

          Yes, absolutely. Ultimately i think a lumed ceramic insert would be my preference but I enjoy lumed bezel with sapphire inserts as well and would want to continue seeing them employed even as ceramics become more refined and accessable.
          I’d love to see both a ceramic cased dive watch with sapphire bezel and a sapphire cased diver with a ceramic bezel.

  • Pete Yo

    Nice looking watch. Checked out their website and they will give you $100 off this watch until December 20th. Might have found an nice daily beater.

  • Ron Crocker

    Usually not a fan of DLC, but I like this one – provides great contrast with the blue. Looks nice on the silicone strap with myriad options for a NATO. Price point all good. Could be this coming summer’s go to daily wearer – well done.

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