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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and chances are you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for that special someone. Flowers and chocolates are nice enough, but for the horologically inclined, nothing makes a finer gift than a well-crafted timepiece. And while the saying goes that it’s better to give than receive, it’s also nice to give and receive, especially for watch enthusiast couples looking to match their styles with what’s on their wrists. Hamilton offers a plethora of watch pairings across its collection to fit a variety of tastes, and more practically speaking, a variety of wrist sizes. So, if you’re looking to gift a watch to your partner this Valentine’s Day, check out these couplings from Hamilton’s catalog so the two of you can be in sync on your next outing together. 

The Steady Companion: Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm & 42mm

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Straightforward and dependable, the Khaki Field Mechanical is the watch equivalent of the partner who calls when they say they will. There’s no need for guessing games when it comes to telling the time, thanks to its eminently legible classic field-watch styling and the Super-LumiNova applied to the handset and dial plots. Inside, you’ll find Hamilton’s reliable H-50 hand-wound mechanical movement with 80 hours of power reserve; and in a small poetic analogy to any relationship, it only takes a little attention to keep things ticking. But don’t mistake steady for boring, as this watch takes on a completely different personality depending on whether it’s worn on the stainless steel bracelet or the textile NATO strap.

Pricing for the 38mm version starts at $495 on the strap and $575 on the bracelet; the 42mm version starts at $625 on the strap and $695 on the bracelet.

For the Weekend Adventurer: Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto 38mm & Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical 43mm

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The Khaki Pilot Pioneer carries on the same daring spirit as the WWII-era military timepiece that inspired it, the Model 23. It’s a perfect selection for the couple with a touch of wanderlust and a healthy sense of adventure. The textured black dial features tan Arabic numerals with cathedral hands, as well as a matching railway-track outer scale and bi-directional rotating bezel. The 43mm reference houses an ETA 6498-1 movement with a running small seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, while the 38mm version is a classic three-hander powered by Hamilton’s in-house H-10 movement. 

Pricing is $995 for the 38mm version, and starting at $1,295 for the 43mm version.

Salt in Your Hair, Don’t Care: Khaki Navy Scuba Quartz 37mm & Khaki Navy Scuba Auto 43mm

If you’re heading out for a day at the beach, the Khaki Navy Scuba has you covered with its aquatic-inspired design and robust water resistance. Equally at home in the ocean waves or underneath a cozy sweater at the post-swim beach bonfire, this collection comes in a variety of dials and strap configurations. Both the 37mm and 43mm versions share the same sporty diver’s-style watch DNA, with the latter offering a ceramic bezel and an upgraded water resistance of 30 bar (300m). 

Pricing for the 37mm quartz version starts at $495 on a textile NATO strap and $545 on a stainless steel bracelet; the 43mm version is available for $995 in a blue dial variant on stainless steel bracelet or a black dial reference on either rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet. 

Vintage American Chic: American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono Pink and Chronograph H

Chronographs are handy for timing all sorts of things, including, but not limited to, how long you might find yourself staring into your partner’s eyes. The retro vibe is strong with the Intra-Matic Chrono lineup, thanks in no small part to its 1960s design cues, from the bi-compax chronograph layout, its piston pushers, and the tachymeter scale running along the outer dial. The pink reference sports a beige gold and off-white color palette, while the Chronograph H can be had in either a black and white panda/reverse panda-style dial configuration, along with your choice of black leather strap or stainless steel Milanese bracelet.

Pricing for the Intra-Matic Auto Pink is $2295; the Intra-Matic Chronograph H is $2,045 on the leather strap, and $2,095 on the bracelet. 

An Afternoon at the Modern Art Museum: Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto 36mm & 42mm

With a precise dial cutout that highlights the in-house Hamilton H-10 movement beating away with its robust 80-hour power reserve, the Jazzmaster Open Heart makes no apologies for wearing its proverbial heart on its sleeve. The dial design takes traditional elements and gives the entire package a contemporary and daring flair that is sure to make a statement for any couple wearing this pair of watches.

Pricing for the 36mm version starts at $945 on a leather strap; the 42mm version starts at $995 on a leather strap.

Grab Your Quarters, I’ll Meet You at the Arcade: Ventura Skeleton & Ventura S Quartz

The iconic Hamilton Ventura somehow manages to be both retro and futuristic all at once, with its bold, original triangular case and striking dial details that evoke its proud place in history as the world’s first electric watch. The larger Ventura Skeleton Auto features a skeletonized dial within a rose gold, PVD-coated case, while the smaller Ventura S Quartz sports a striking 3D illusion pattern on a black or white dial with matching rubber strap. There’s a certain charm in its unconventional approach which makes these Venturas a fun and quirky pair of watches with a unique appeal. 

Pricing is $1,795 for the Ventura Skeleton and $725 for the Ventura S Quartz.

No matter the style or setting, Hamilton boasts a variety of timepiece pairings that are as unique as each couple looking to express their style together. For more information and to browse the entire Hamilton catalog, please visit www.hamiltonwatch.com

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