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There are literally hundreds of thousands of vintage, pre-owned, and no-longer-made luxury watches on the eBay marketplace platform at any given time. Over the last few years eBay has introduced appreciable platform and product enhancements, creating a seamless process for buying and selling watches of all types, with an exciting emphasis on timepieces with a price of $2,000 and over. Many of those products are now backed by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee which includes a series of safeguards, including third-party verification of watches before they reach the buyer.

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With so many options of exciting high-end and collectible timepieces on eBay, members of the aBlogtoWatch team collaborated with eBay to produce our first curated watches event on eBay where users can view a hand-picked selection of approximately 50 different watches that we think many timepiece enthusiasts will really take interest in.

To help explain the aBlogtoWatch curated eBay watches sale, aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams and aBlogtoWatch News Editor Sean Paul-Lorentzen browse eBay while discussing a selection of the watches they selected for the curated eBay event. We think it is a great way for audiences to understand the reasons behind the watches we chose and what they mean to us. The video is also a great way to vicariously enjoy how two serious watch enthusiasts shop and select timepieces.

The items participating in aBlogtoWatch curated watch sales event on eBay won’t last long. aBlogtoWatch even had to replace some items last minute before they sold. So, check out the interesting and important selection of harder-to-find or less-known watches that aBlogtoWatch found on eBay here.

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