I was walking by Jewelry store at night gazing in the window to see if they had any interesting watches. Sometimes you get lucky and they don’t store them away for the night. I did see a few empty watch displays to my chagrin. But then, I saw something I’d never seen before. It was an amazing looking watch winder made to look like an oil derrick. Two fittings for watches were placed, one of each side. They spun around on an axis as the gold plated oil derrick model operated to pump adrenaline from my body forcing me to utter “coooool, I so want one.” Too bad they were closed, or that might have happened in a moment of temporary consumer craziness. I had to learn more about these novel watch winders, only knowing that the company who makes them is Kunstwinder, and the name of this splendid watch lover was the Industrial Collection Oil Barron. To my knowledge there aren’t any other watches winders that Kunstwinder makes, and the Oil Barron is the only piece in the Industrial Collection.

The particular model that I saw was the yellow gold plated Limited Edition Kunstwinder. However, there are steel editions available as well. I really don’t know too much about these watch winders or Kunstwinder as a company. Here is a run down though. The winder itself is plugged in for power. It sits on a wooden base, that has a drawer for watches or whatever can fit. The two watch “springs” that hold the watches in place are the same or similar to JFA watch winder springs (which is a good thing). That means it works for almost every watch for a secure fit that makes it easy to place and remove watches. The winder has two modes of operation. One is just continually spinning in the same direction, and other has the watches spin in alternating directions with pauses (to avoid over winding). Orange and green LED indicators give you an idea of the operating mode that the winder is in. The entire winder is covered with a rounded glass covering dome.

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You really need to view one of these winders to appreciate it. The operation is so fluid, the resemblance to actual horse head oil pump derricks is uncanny. It’s like a little reminder of how you made your fortune winding what you spent your fortune on! Really, the only place to display a Kunstwinder Industrial Collection Oil Barron watch winder is top a obsidian column in the middle of your watch appreciate room. You do have a watch appreciation room don’t you? Last I checked, there was even a guy selling them on eBay brand new. Price? Well, figure $4000 – $5000. Say, a couple of minutes worth of crude pumping?

See Kunstwinder watch winders on eBay here.

See watch winders on Amazon here. [phpbay]kunstwinder, num, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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