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Fortis F-43 Flieger Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm GMT Chronometer C.O.S.C. Dual Power Reserve Watch

Fortis F-43 Flieger Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm GMT Chronometer C.O.S.C. Dual Power Reserve Watch Watch Releases
The excessively long name of this reference number 703.20.92 LC05 Fortis watch pretty much says it akk. This is among the most complex and expensive Fortis watches I have ever seen. Limited to just 100 pieces the F-43 is a tour de force in its own right. Is it a good watch for you? Well that is for you to decide, but it does make for a good conversation piece.

Its full name is the Fortis Mens F-43 Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm GMT Chonomster COSC Dual Power Reserve. Did they really need to say “Chronometer” and “COSC?” No, it is practically redundant, but they did. According to Fortis this is the first watch in the world to have a mechanical movement that combines a chronograph, GMT indicator, alarm, and have dual power reserve indicators. I believe it. What is impressive is how the Swiss watch brand was able to get all of the indicators on the dial in a nicely balanced way. They were even able to include further redundancy on the dial by printing “GMT” right next to “UTC” under the second time zone indicator window.

Even if you don’t know everything that this watch does seeing the formidable assortment of crowns and pushers should tip you off that something special is going on here. There are two crowns and three pushers. Each of them is very large as well. I suspect that is because the case is also very thick and having super-sized pushers helps visually reduce the mass.

The case size is 43mm wide and Fortis doesn’t offer info to how thick it is. The movement is likely an exclusive to Fortis module put over a more standard movement. That would make for a pretty thick case – which is acceptable in this instance. Because the watch has an alarm, there are two independent mainspring barrels. One is for the alarm and other is for the time keeping and other functions. The dial has power reserve indicators for both of these mainsprings on the lower part of the dial. The movement is an automatic, and can be viewed through the sapphire display caseback.

For me Fortis is a brand I typically recommend for a really good sub $5,000 watch. Many are in the $2,000 range. There make a nice professional style sports watch for the money. This F-43 model however will retail for $20,850, and that includes a steel case. That is a lot of cash for a Fortis even though it is a limited edition. You do get a lot of watch though given all the exclusive features – so it is really up to the collector to decide. The watch dial done in relief and is silver opaline, and the case is matched to a blue alligator strap. One again, the limited edition Fortis F-43 watch will be limited to 100 pieces.

Tech specs from Fortis:

  • Fortis chronograph alarm GMT Swiss calibre F 2012, 13 ¼” movement, 39 jewels, 28,800 semi-vibrations/hr, Incabloc shock absorber, 2 spring barrels for independent power reserve of alarm and chronograph
  • Chronograph, second time zone/GMT features
  • Highly polished steel case, two-parts, 43mm diameter, pusher protection
  • Screw-down glass case back
  • Relief silver opaline dial; flange with alarm scale; second time zone/GMT; AM/PM indication; time and alarm power reserve indications; 30-min counter, 12-hr counter; triangles illustrating the direction of rotating the crown for quick adjustment of the date and alarm; Arabic numerals and indices embossed and dyed blue; hr and min hands dyed blue; hr, min hands and indices with luminous material and green afterglow in the darkness; alarm arrow head and alarm ON window in blue
  • Anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective on both sides
  • GMT indication on a disc at 12 o’clock, adjustable by additional crown at 10 o’clock, power reserve indications
  • Rotor engraved with the typical blue Fortis stars design and visible through glass case back
  • Croco leather strap blue padded, folding buckle in steel, with Fortis logo and “Limited Edition” engraved on buckle
  • Leather box, instruction manual with certificate of limitation, international warranty card, C.O.S.C. testing certificate
  • First and worlds’ only mechanical alarm Chronometer C.O.S.C with GMT indication and two power reserve indications; mechanical masterpiece with more than 500 parts
  • Limited edition of 100 pieces individually numbered (xxx/100)
  • Water resistant to 165 feet
  • 2-year warranty

See Fortis watches on eBay here.

See Fortis watches on Amazon here.Fortis F-43 Flieger Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm GMT Chronometer C.O.S.C. Dual Power Reserve Watch Watch Releases

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  • Eric S

    Split this watch in half, i.e. half the functions in one and the other half in another and… nah, forget it. Can’t believe someone would pay 20 large for a Fortis or even two. Seriously curious as to who would pay that kind of money for this watch.

  • Ulysses31

    Fortis was the brand that originally got me interested in high-end watches years ago.  I generally like the Fortis signature characteristics of big crowns, a classic case shape and very practical dials.  I’m impressed with how much this watch can do without making any crazy compromises to the look.  Considering the mass of functions and how much less some other brands offer for a much higher price, I actually think this isn’t a bad deal.  I’d be interested to see any other colour combinations, particularly a dark dialled version.  I do wonder how robust it is though.

  • CG

    100 pieces, lots of clear easy functions, handsome no nonsense classic styling… Price doesn’t seem out of line. Gives loyal 5 to 10k Fortis owners a chance to upgrade to something special… Very nice.

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny


  • Kris C

    It is really interesting, and kinda attractive in a nerdy sort of way: it looks good and balances well, but other watches beat this one up for it’s lunch money.
    I agree with Eric though, who pays $20k for a Fortis? They needed to creep on up to a pricepoint like this, not go from a main assortment that resides at prices sub 10% of this and then just splash down with a really opricey one-of-a-kind type affair.

  • AtSeaWatch

    It’s really cool looking.  Nicely done dial with good presentation of the complications.  Still, for $20K I’d take the new Clerc Hydroscaph and something from GO.