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Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway

Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway Giveaways Luxury Items

There is a good chance that you got a new watch this holiday season (at least I hope you did). Maybe a loved one got you that new timepiece, or you broke down and gifted yourself (likely the best idea). We often get really excited about our new watches, but with the new addition to our collection, we find ourselves without a place to put it, and more importantly a way to conveniently wind that new automatic watch.

Looks like you need to get yourself a new watch winder. The handiest way to keep your automatic watches ready for action when you want to wear them. I used sit there and wind a bunch of automatic watches manually each day. It was a pain. If you don’t wear your automatic mechanical watch for a day or two it stops. Then you need to reset it when you wear it. If you only have one watch, this isn’t a problem – but as your collection grows… well you can see where these useful accessories come in quite handy. Good watch winders aren’t cheap. Sure you can get Chinese made watch winders for $50 – $100 – but you’ll have to get a new one each several months. Those ones just don’t last. Plus, they are often too  plasticy looking and not at all suitable for your new luxury love.

Orbita is the premiere American maker of watch winders. By watch lovers, for watch lovers – they do a great job of making items that play nice with our automatic watches, when we don’t. Their full range of winders offer items for single watches, to entire room set-ups. This month on you can enter to win an Orbita Sparta 1 Mini watch winder. I reviewed one of these impressive Sparta 1 Mini winders here. This is one of the best single watch winders on the market. American made. Low power consumption. Virtually silent. Easy to operate. Retail price is $195. Good luck!

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment should mention why you need a watch winder or why you prefer Orbita watch winders.


2. By entering you are opting in to potentially receive occasional watch related news letters or announcements. You may opt out at any time.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 1st, 2010 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Orbita, the sponsor of the Orbita watch winder giveaway here at!



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  • Red Wolf

    If I had an Orbita watch winder if would be the perfect excuse to purchase my current object of watch lust.

  • Ted Schleich

    Somehow, I never got around to buying a watch winder, so I still set everything by hand every time. An Orbita watch winder would solve that problem in style :-).

  • Great contest, thanks!! 😉

  • Jaeson

    ah, a winder would be nice. Tired of setting and re-setting.

  • TallyHo!

    I am crossing my fingers!

  • Brian

    Too many automatics, too few wrists and too few winders.

    I have a single Orbita winder and it is great. I would definitely get another if I had the chance.

  • Lawrence

    I don’t wear my automatic watch everyday so this would be great in helping me keep it wound all the time.

  • Bogdan

    I always wanted a Orbita winder.

  • Avicenna

    I bought one last year (Sparta in black piano finish) and it works great.

    Sure can use another one for other watches.

  • Paul

    It would be nice to have a good winder that didn’t make noise. My collection is growing and I need more wonders.

  • Orbita is the best name in winders, as far as I understand it. Their Sparta line is the more mainstream line. I have another brand of winder, but I would be more than happy to own a Sparta winder. The single watch would allow me to have a place for an additional automatic. Sounds great.

  • formularick

    Lucky me, not one but two new automatic watches for myself this holiday. Now, my winding needs exceed my available winders by ONE! Orbita certainly seem to be the best winders out there and I would love to have a single watch winder from this great U.S. company before investing in a multi-watch winder from them when my needs once again justify such an investment. Thanks in advance to Orbita and for this great giveaway!

  • Martin Kastenbaum

    I currently have one automatic and am ready to get more. Would be really nice to have a winder for the one I have. has become my favorite watch website!

  • Zadillo

    I need an Orbita watch winder because I’ve been reluctant to get an automatic watch without one.

  • Jordan Marra

    I need a watch winder because i have three automatic mechanical watches and i have to just alternate wearing them every few days and set the time/date after its been on my wrist! PITA


  • John

    I have an Orbita watch winder and they are great. I need another one to keep the automatics running when I am wearing the quartz.

  • Craig Thomson

    I would love an Orbita watch winder for my Longines Master Moonphase watch. Having a high quality winder from Orbita means that my watch will always tell me when the moon is full, even if I have not worn it for a few days. And having a quality winder, like an Orbita, means that there is no noise to keep me awake at night, and no worries that a cheap winder is not up to the job. Thanks Orbita, and thanks aBlogtoRead!!

  • Anders Sederholm

    I really could use a watchwinder as I often switch between to watches depending on my mood. Sometimes i wear the same watch for many days in a row, and the i have to set and wind my second watch. Apart from that i have a couple of watches that i seldom wear. I could use the winder to make sure the lubricants doesn’t stiffen.

  • Ian McEwan

    Fantastic comp – thanks Orbita and ABlogToRead! I have lusted after one of these for ages – winning one would be the icing on the cake! A Sparta 1 Mini winder for about 40 automatics – it will be overworked but much appreciated! Cheers and thanks for the opportunity!

  • I don’t have a single watch winder and am in dire need of one. Can’t think of a brand I would rather have than an Orbita. =)

    Despite the fact I was a good boy this year. Santa did not come. So this would be a great late Christmas gift. =)

  • Brent Broussard

    I am looking for a watch winder that actually works and is easy to use. I currently have a Steinhausen that is sitting in the closet and not being used.

    Excellent way to get watch enthusiasts to take a look at your product.

  • Neil

    This past year I’ve bought five automatic watches and no winders. I’m in dire need of at least one winder and why shouldn’t it be the best.

  • Joel

    I have 6 automatics with zero winders. Everytime I think about getting one I dcide I would rather put the money towards another watch lol.

  • Rick

    I’ve been looking to get a watch winder now that I’ve started to wear automatic watches. Orbita was one of those choices.

  • John

    Would like to thank for this giveaway. Whoever wins this giveaway is sure lucky. I have watch winders but did not last long and I’m back to setting my automatic watches again. Having this Sparta 1 Mini Orbita watch winder is sure to please any automatic watch owner.

  • Curtis Doo

    A cool item to add to the ever growing list of things to buy!

  • Sharon

    For a person with carpal tunnel, this could be a real godsend

  • Bruce

    Orbita’s not necessarily my favorite mfr., although I’m watching one in action as I type. But I think it’s incontestible that a winder is a superior solution to winding your own all the time. I really don’t believe that manual winding works all the parts of a timepiece the way the fuller motion of a winder does. But winder companies don’t make this claim, do they? That winders are “healthier” for your watch?
    And yes, Orbita has certainly proven its reliability and durability.

  • Eric W.

    I would love to get one of these watch winders now that I am wearing an automatic watch! I just got my first automatic towards the end of 2010. This Orbita Sparta 1 Mini looks like a great winder!

  • John

    Orbita is made in the USA and they make quality products. The sparta design is impressive and would help me keep my autos wound.

  • BruceH

    I’m impressed with the Orbita bi-directional winding mechanism. No need to remember which of my watch winds CW, CCW or either way! Watch geeks should check out the watch database on the Orbita website!;)

  • Jake

    I just got a new Tag Caliber 5 that needs a different number of turns per day than my other 7750 watches… Perfect excuse for a new watch winder! – Jake

  • Martin Goh

    Come on, help a fellow watch guy out! I wanna buy either a Ball Ionosphere, or an Omega Planet Ocean, but I wanna take care of my precious Citizen Auto Diver (Don’t laugh).

  • Steven Hong

    A very nicely deailed and informative review of the Sparta Mini 1 watch winder, a model displaying excellent quality to price ratio, and deserving of consideration by watch geeks on a budget! I am trying to restore my old Seiko automatic chronograph, and this would be perfect to keep it wound properly.

    Thanks alot for your review


  • Keith Olender

    I’ve loved watches all my life, but have had little direction and education on the details of brands and movements until this blog and your podcast. I literally just purchased an Orange Monster to dip my toe in the automatic watch pool without jeopardizing my mortgage. I should have my new (first and only at the moment) automatic watch this week and would love to be able to treat it correctly from the start!

  • I have 27 automatic watches. I have no watch winder. I try to rotate through them, and try to wind them once a month. But I know that’s not enough.

  • Brad Smith

    I could really use a watch winder! I’ve heard that it isn’t good for an automatic watch run out of stored mechanical energy, and I’d like to take the best care of my watches that I can.

    Thanks for the work you do on this website, and for the great give-aways!

  • Anthony

    A watch winder would be great. Tired of setting my watch every time i want to wear it.

  • Joe Chulick

    It would be great to have another watch winder, especially of Orbita’s caliber

  • Gary

    Because of the economy I had to lay off the person I hired to wear my watches all day to keep them wound. Therefore I need a watch winder.

  • Fabrizio

    I think watch winder is useful for two main reasons:

    1- keep running complicate watch
    2- test the watches for quite long time.

    So have one will be fine.

  • Rich

    Orbita makes a quality watch winder. I have the Orbita Voyager travel winder, but need something for home when my watch is not on the road. “Gotta run” it tells me.

    I sure miss it when it’s gone

  • Mitch

    I only have 2 automatic watches, but somehow they always seems to be reset all the time. A watch winder would definitely help alleviate this problem for me.

  • Shane

    Winning an Orbita winder would mean embracing the notion that I should have watches on winders. Which, given my growing collection, would mean alot more winders purchased.

  • Andrew Lang

    I just got my first automatic, and this winder would be great!

  • I would love to win this watch winder for my husband…I think that this would be awesome for him since he has way more watches than days of the week to wear them! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    mellisarock at yahoo dot com

  • Rob Land

    Like many others, a winder is something I have overlooked. What a great addition to any mechanical collection. Thanks to ablogtoread and Orbita for another great giveaway!

  • Elliot

    I just received my first automatic watch, and plan to add more to my collection, so I need a watch winder for when I get new ones, as well as for when I wear my quartz watch and want to keep my automatic ready to go.

  • I need a watch winder and prefer Orbita watch winders to start loading all my auto movement watches onto. Also I like your new Hourtime podcast it is good to hear about the watch market and watches I have not seen before. Thanks

  • Hallo, I have two automatic watches and hope the winder goes to me in Berlin.

    I like your podcast!

    Kind regards to Germany, Sven

  • Tin Horvat

    One of my automatics should find a nice home in this Orbita winder. Wish me luck Ivana!!

  • Darrell

    I have one automatic watch and I want one of these because it’s the absolute sign of complete unnecessary opulence, I love it.

  • Brian Gary

    I received my first automatic watch for my birthday, but I don’t have a winder. It would be great if I could bring home this great winder!

  • Orbita makes great products.

  • David Ray

    Quiet TIMEs make peace
    With new PIECEs like Fortis
    Doxa Longines Ball

  • David Ray

    new orbita means
    matching wrist to shirt to pants
    like that first watch SCORE!

  • Bill Meeks

    No room on either arm for another watch. Help!

  • Actually I’ve been given (by friends and family members) 4 watch winders that only lasted at the most 10 months…they do burn out.

    Orbita has been my (un-fulfilled) dream in watch winder desire since I was exposed to this trademark and their obsession with quality, finish and looks.

    Regrettably, you can’t find these here in Colombia where I live, so what better opportunity than this to have one, even if I have to leave it to lady luck (which by the way has been quite elusive for me).

  • James Daniels

    Hey, what a great giveaway item! I could really use a new Orbita winder because my very first quality Swiss Watch is on it’s way and at the moment, the only winding option available to me is to tie it to my five year old as she runs around all day (she has a motor on her, never stops!). I won’t be wearing the watch daily at work as I am in construction. A new Orbita winder sounds a bit better than the above 2 options as it won’t get ruined by concrete or smeared with peanut butter and jelly.

    Love the podcast, by the way!

  • Fred Fickey

    Winning an Orbita Watch Winder would give me an excellent excuse for buying a new watch. No sense in having an empty winder. Since Orbita Winders are so nice, I would have to get a really nice watch. I got my eye on one and all I need is a tiny, little motivation. Orbita, fix me up! I will make my local jewelers very happy. Its a win/win situation.

  • Scott

    I have one automatic watch now but am looking to get a Rolex Submariner shortly. I would love to match it’s quality with an Orbita Winder.

  • Nick Slater

    This watch winder looks very high quality. I have picked up several automatic watches recently and I am in need of a nice winder

  • John_Q

    I am really in desperate need of a watch winder. This Orbita Mini Watch Winder is just PERFECT!!

  • mark hunter

    Now that would really be the finishing touch to my automatic omega.

  • Zach

    I would use it to wind my IWC Portugese, which I take out only on fancy occasions and thus needs to be wound each time I take it out of its case.

  • Tim Powell

    Now that I have collected quite a few automatics I see the need for a watch winder, and my friends tell me Orbita is the best.

  • Joe Brusehaber

    I am in a quest for a watch winder and have been looking at the Orbita’s. I have to wind my Breitling Skyland by hand every time I want to wear it BC I do not wear it daily. This would really help me out.

  • Sky

    I love the fact that these are American made. I am a supporter of American companies and stress this to anyone who will listen.
    This watch winder will make a great addition to my watch collection.
    Thanks to Orbita for this opportunity.

  • Steve Jaccobs

    I’m about to buy a second automatic watch… It’d be great to get something to help (and American, too)

  • Barry Goldwater

    Automatics need more wrist time. This would help. Thanks ABTR. Big fan of blog and hourtime podcast. bg

  • KCD

    I would love an Orbita watch winder to keep my Tag Aquaracer going. This smart looking winder looks great and will keep my fav ready for action.

  • looking forward

  • Mke P.

    ORBITA… Just like the little cherry on top of a sunday. Not much to it but everyone will fight you for it. nom a nom….!

  • Bruce

    all the automatic watches – no winder. Plus it is like watching the clothes spin in the dryer

  • John Mestito

    Watch Winder:

    I need a proper watch winder. One thats made well, works well and won’t brea!!! Something “special” to handle my Dad’s Rolex Automatic Datejust (hand me down) from the 1970’s with care and love.

    That will enable me to be a more youthful autmatic watch to where during the week – IWC or a Bell and Ross.

    Thanks for keeping my watch passion going while working at the office.

    toronto ontario

  • Clint Dekoekkoek

    I have one Orbita, but I need one more!

  • Michael

    I could really use a winder! I’m tired of setting the time on my auto.
    And, I’ve heard that Orbita is a great company with great products!

  • I need an Orbita automatic winder as I have almost a dozen automatics and I can’t keep winding them all by hand!

  • Damon

    This would be a great start to the new year!

  • Patrick W

    As a professional student gawking over the automatic watches reviewed on this site for a long while now, I am finally coming close to owning a quality mechanical watch!

    I’m by no means financially well off nor do I own much of anything of luxury. But I have been saving up for that one watch I will purchase when I graduate from my current PhD program. The Orbita watch winder would be icing on my long awaited cake.

    Thank you!

  • David

    Wish I had a watch winder and this one looks amazing.

  • Orbita is the best winder out there – why wouldn’t anyone want a free one?

  • john

    Since my Chinese watch winder broke, my wife has lost many hours of sleep due do the ticking of four watches on my wrist.

    Thank you

  • Gerhard Zimmermann

    It would be great to finally get a watch winder for my modest collection of mechanicals! I understand Orbita is the best, and I would love to confirm this.

  • Bayardo

    I have 1 mechanical watch and a automatic one. i could use this whatch winder for my automatic watch.

  • Eitan Gal

    I don’t wear my automatic watch everyday so this would be great in helping me keep it in the Orbita wider “The best winder “I know

  • Brandon Putz

    Have an automatic, but no winder. Drats!

  • Jonathan

    I need an Orbita watch winder because everything else is just not good enough…

  • Dave C

    Great promo! Hope i win this for my rollie 😀

  • I just purchased my first automatic watch and could use a winder for the work days when I don’t wear it. Looks good in the closet too.

  • Nenad Volaric

    I would love to win Orbita Watch winder because it will keep my Submariner in perfect condition and I can go and buy another mechanical watch for everyday use

  • Sean

    Owning a quality watch winder would be the perfect excuse to get another fine automatic Tissot!

  • James Pennington

    I would love to own have an Orbita watch winder,as I can’t afford to buy one. Was given a watch for christmas but can’t wear it when at work.

  • Laurier Tremblay

    Currently have 4 Orbitas. Need a fifth for the new automatic I received for Christmas. It came with another brand winder which doesn’t keep the watch wound–piece of junk compared to my Orbitas.

  • J. Lloyd

    I need a watch winder, because my current method of doing back-flips is highly inefficient.

  • Lawrence Sanders

    Can always use a good winder. Currently have 4 automatics.

  • BCrawford

    Orbita’s customer loyalty is remarkable! I would like to join the flock and become a dedicated convert as well.

  • edward

    i own a few luxury timepieces, however finding a complement storage for them are difficult. however, Orbita’s watch winder just fit the bill=)

  • Dale Taylor

    I have inherited a Rolex from my father and would love an automatic winder to maintain it in top condition. Thank you for this opportunity

  • Jon

    I am what you would call hardcore…I typically wind my watches by hand while watching TV. I’ve swung my right arm back and forth so many times that people mistake me for a mutant due to my asymmetrical arms.

    The only remedy for this would of course be a watch winder.

  • Phil L.

    I desperately need a watch winder. Winding my automatic watches has become a major pain!

  • Dan

    I have just come into the market for a watch winder because I own several automatics and really need one. After much research I found that Orbita is definitely the winder to own due to its inherent high quality and value. Winning this winder would be a very nice start.

  • Absolutely the best winder in the business – LOVE Orbita! I have more automatic watches than winders – meaning I’m always swapping and rotating…this would fix everything!

  • rob b

    I would like another watch winder, as my chinese bought ones off Ebay never seem to last long until they become too loud. I’ve heard that Orbita’s don’t have that issue

  • tschwartz

    The significant other dislikes my morning winding ritual. It re-enforces her ” you can only wear one watch at time-why own more” argument. A winder could help with my marital bliss.

  • Adam

    I’d love an Orbita winder to give to my father. He recently retired from the post office and received a watch. He’s an vietnam vet who would never buy something like this for himself and I’d love to give him something for his dedication to his family and his country. I think Orbita winders would make a great representation of that feeling since they are so well built and reliable. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Orbita seems to be the winder of choice in the watch community. I have a couple of automatics, one with a date function that I wouldn’t mind not having to set every time I put it on.

  • Brad

    A watch winder would simplify my watch selection ritual greatly.

  • Amos Kwon

    I grow weary of keeping my 2009 New Year’s resolution to be more active (which coincidentally keeps my watch wound). This Orbita will give me a much needed break. Phew.

  • Howard

    Gave an Orbita for a gift at Christmas this year…. and I still don’t have one!

  • Jerry L Cochran, MD

    I was delighted to receive an Orbita Futura Three for Christmas. I had owned other watchwinders in the past, but had never had one last for more than 6 months. From my experience, the Orbita Corporation has produced a watchwinder that matches just about any watch you can imagine in terms of technicality and value. It is simply the best in the world.

  • Margaret robinson

    from the description,I gather it may not be entirely silent, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Winning this mini would be a great way to determine whether it’s worth it to also buy the handsome sparta 1 Tesla.

  • Margaret robinson

    oops, used my mom’s address earlier.

  • Andre

    I want this watch.. unfortunately i did not have money to have this great watch.. poor me.. just want to try some luck.. hope so..

  • I love the new design. I now have more than one self winding watches and this winder would be a welcome addition to keeping my watches wound, date set, etc.

  • Jeffrey

    I need this winder for my U-Boat which seems to have very small power reserve. I thought I could live without a winder, but I find all the resetting sort of annoying!

  • I promised my wife I would not keep more automatic watches than fit on my current watch winders nor would I buy another watch winder to satisfy my urge for more watches. I am stuck. But, if I WIN an Orbita watch winder……why, that’s a whole other story! Plus, you just don’t turn away from a top quality product.

  • Norm

    Thanks for holding the giveaway!

  • Nick Orloff

    Just wind it up and send it my way. Thank you!

  • Dan

    I’ve wanted a watch winder for some time now. Could really use one for my Breitling automatic. Thanks.

  • Joel R

    I just started purchsing automatic watches and just realized the value of winders. Orbita’s line are pretty snappy.

  • Michael

    I tried to use a jerry rigged watch winder, but it just doesn’t cooperate. It is a multi-watch winder, but the watches don’t receive the necessary 800 or so revolutions a day that they need to stay wound. I just don’t know how the cat can sleep close to 20 hours a day. That’s not active enough. There’s also the problem of removing the kitty litter from the watch, and there was the damage done to the first watch attached to that winder – the cat didn’t appreciate the watch and managed to race around the house banging into every wall. The watch was wound and the sapphire crystal was fine, but there were a few extra scratches on the case.

    Yes, I really need to win a proper watch winder…

  • Thomas

    If I had a winder I might be able to actually make it to work on time instead of fiddling with my watches every morning, setting them on time!

  • When I bought it, I vowed that my Orient semi-skeleton watch (my first automatic) would never stop, but now that I own more watches this mecomes ever more difficult to keep up with. A winder would be perfect for me. And I like this Orbita, it’s nice and compact and would go well with my desk.

  • Abel E

    “why I prefer Orbita watch winders”

    Because I find it very affordable as you cant get a good winder in this price range. Not to mention it was made in the USA which give me assurance that it will operate flawlessly and will not break down any time.

  • johnny

    My watch keeps stopping! and I can’t always wear the automatic watch… 🙁 It’d be nice to not shake my watch over and over every few weeks.

  • Sall

    I need a watch winder

  • Joseph A Hoepner

    I am a handicapped Vietnam Veteran who likes watches way too much. I have many automatics, but my latest acquisition does not have a winding stem whereas all others do. I really need a watch winder that will work with an automatic kinetic movement and the Orbita Sparta Mini 1 really appears to fit that requirement.

  • Stefan

    I need a watch winder because I want to buy another automatic watch so with a winder I can rotate them without resetting.

  • Jayde Van Cleave

    I’ve been reading this blog since December once a week and your review encouraged me to purchase a Magrette Moana Pacific. Now I’m waiting for their Pacific Diver that’s on it’s way so now I will need a watch winder! The real problem will be which one to wear each morning! Thanks for your great reviews!

  • Stephen

    It is recommended automatics be wound routinely in order to keep them oiled and running accurately. A winder is essential for those very special watches.

  • Gordon Chen

    If I had a watch winder, I could justify getting another watch :)!

  • dave

    Watch winders like these are great for vintage calendar watches that don’t have quick-set dates. If they are always (or mostly) up to date, it ensures they would get a lot more wrist time.

  • Henrik Norén

    If I win the winder I no longer have to look like a fool in front of my friends when I’m manually winding my second watch.

  • Dennisq

    This sounds like a great watch winder for the price range. Not to mention it was made right here at home, go US economy!

  • paul coulter

    this a better solution than my other wrist.

  • Joel

    Would love a new winder as I am tired of resetting!

  • caroline

    Great gift for my dad on his B-day

  • Peter Gregefalk

    Bought a cheap winder about two months ago. It has room for two watches. The first one I put in it worked just fine. The second one was just to heavy. If I have it running at night I wake up from the clunking noise the winder makes twice every rotation of the heavier watch. It’s a Seiko Black Monster, so it’s quite heavy. But I’d still like to be able to run my watches 24 hours a day. Yesterday I noticed that both watches had stopped running since I had forgot to turn it back on in the morning 🙁
    I suppose an Orbita winder will be of a more solid build.


  • Armand

    Yay, I just bought a automatic to put in it!

  • Jack Shih

    I have a single Orbita winder and it is the best. I would definitely get another for my wife if I had the chance.

  • Ray

    There is something truly melancholy about an automatic watch left to expend its reserve sitting in a watch box. In this regard the Orbita Saprta 1 Mini is the ‘tonic of life’ for automatics; and I have one such chronograph badly in need of the Ponce De Leon that is Orbita!

  • Sky

    Who won?

  • I’ve owned,used, promoted with Jean Marcel, and support Orbita watch-winders since their creation by Mr. Charle Agnoff. They are the finest, most reliable, safest for youe highest valued timepieces,, most origional, longest running (with special long-life battery) best supported (guaranteed and repaired), quitest running, programable watch- winders you can get! Wow, what a statement, especially coming from someone who is driven by the really Swiss, Fine Timepiece Business and I’ve lived it 24/7 for over 44 years! They are a company that really cares and is owned and run by people who really care!

  • Jerry L Cochran, MD

    I already has a three watch winder. The neatest thing about all Orbitas is that they do the job, perfectly, never cause any problems, are silent and are easy on the watches they wind. How many times in your life, with anything you use, do you see this degree of reliability? Orbitas are not the Cadillacs of watchwinders, they are Rolls Royces.

  • Stuart Gleich

    I already own an Orbita Voyager Watch Winder which is fantastic. I woud sure love to add this new windedr to my collection. Orbita manufacturers only top shelf winders.

  • stutaz

    I would love another Orbitat winder. I already own a Voyager which is top shelf, silent, extremely reliable, does the job.

  • Jean-Pierre HALBWACHS

    I really need this orbita watchwinder because I am too tired to spin on my head to wind up my automatic chronographs.

  • mnshgrg

    i would love to have one…

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