N.O.A Scyllis Dive Watch

Yes, this is undeniably a nice watch, with a futurism industrial twist. It most reminds me of the style seen on mid 1990s nautical-themed science fiction TV show, “Sea Quest.” Notice the “techy” font used for the numbers and the rounded edges combined with sleek ridged rubber and you will know what I am talking about. Diving watches are probably the most popular segment of watches because they combine a legible style, good looks, and rugged endurance. Easily my favorite, I could outfit my entire collection with diving watches and be perfectly happy.

N.O.A is an interesting watch maker stealing the stoplight with its unique designs that combine fluid organic lines, futuristic looks, and practical features. The name actually stands for “None Of the Above.” The 4.80 Scyllis is easily my favorite watch from the maker, and it is their first attempt at a dive watch! We can thank N.O.A for the Scyllis name which means “sailor” and is more than a combination of the typical marine terms that comprise most diving watch names. It seems as though most watch makers have two lists of words that they combine in coming up with dive watch names. The first list has such terms as “ocean, sea, water, wave, tide, deep, dive, and submarine.” The second list accordingly has terms like, “master, lord, king, diver, dweller, planet, world, goer, etc…” See how you can come up with just about every dive watch name like that?

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The watch itself uses an ETA 2892 automatic movement which is probably the best and most versatile movement that ETA offers. I would have liked to see a power reserve indicator on the watch, but perhaps that is for phase two. The 4.80 Scyllis does feature an internal rotating bezel (with excellent looking raised indicators and the yellow industrial looking strip), and a helium escape valve (pressure release valve). These features combined with a water resistance to 300 meters make for a solid and capable diving instrument. Using an integrated rubber strap, the N.O.A 4.80 Scyllis will look good over a dive suit or on your wrist. Hands on the watch are legible being large and slathered in luminant; also typical of N.O.A style hands. I really want to experience one of these watches ASAP, but that will have to wait until at least after Basel World next month. Price has not been announced, but I imagine it will be a few thousand, nothing too exorbitant for a watch this great looking.

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