We recently introduced the N.O.A Ghost collection of watches for 2013 with a sneak peak shot of the skeletonized, skull-emblazoned dial. Now you get to see the full collection along with the sister Skell collection of timepieces. Let’s get some initial confusion out of the way. First, the collections are pretty similar save for the skull on the dial, which one collection has, and the other doesn’t. N.O.A was smart enough to realize that the Punisher-style logo on the face was good for some, but certainly not all customers.

N.O.A will also release the same pieces without the skull. So here is where it gets confusing. The new piece with the skull and crossbones motif is called the N.O.A Ghost collection, while the watches without the skull are the Skell collection. Probably would have been better the other way around, but it wouldn’t be the Swiss watch industry without quirks.

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N.O.A-skell-ghost-watches-6 N.O.A-skell-ghost-watches-3

You’ll notice that the Skell and Ghost collections will be offered in a range of colors mixing black, white, and rose-gold tone. Probably the most interesting models mix black-colored steel with a white dial and strap. Cheeky. While most of the watches are in coated steel, a few apparently have titanium bezels.

The N.O.A Skell & Ghost cases are 44mm wide, and water resistant to 100 meters. Most of them will be offered in a cool sandblasted finish. Most people acquainted with N.O.A know them for their raised hour indicators on the sloped inner bezel ring. Of course they are coated in SuperLumiNova. This is one of the only circumstances that I will accept short hands.

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N.O.A isn’t totally clear on who produces the automatic skeletonized movement, aside from the fact that they are “Swiss Made.” They don’t look like ETA, and the uncommonly accessible price of the collection (for this brand), makes me think that the movements are from one of the newer or less common ‘technically’ Swiss Made brands. The movements should however make for a cool skeletonized look, offering just the time and all the “skelet-ness” you can eat.

N.O.A-skell-ghost-watches-12 N.O.A-skell-ghost-watches-7

So will you take your N.O.A Skell without the Skull, or enjoy your techno-punk style skull and crossbones dial in the Ghost collection? Why hold back? If you are going this far with a design you might as well go “Full Monty” and get a Ghost collection piece – in rose gold tone and white. Yea, because there is nothing that goes better with white alligator loafers and gold teeth like a matching watch with a skull on the dial. You player you. Don’t miss the metal bracelet option to go with the high-quality customer caoutchouc rubber straps. Prices for the N.O.A Skell and Ghost collection watches will range from $2,300 – $2,600. noawatch.com

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