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GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review

GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

Ah, the lowly nylon strap. These days, if people think of a nylon strap, they probably call to mind an inexpensive B10 (aka NATO) strap, or a simple one-piece with a thumbnail buckle. There is a whole other type of nylon strap, though, one that is a bit heavier-duty, and that of course brings a less-flimsy look to the table. Since I first discovered GasGasBones while looking for a velcro strap for my father-in-law, it seems fitting that we’re back talking about the brand with the popular GasGasBones Zero Zero velcro strap.

GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

Before we get into that, though, it probably makes more sense to talk about the overall collection that Carl Evans has built up over at GasGasBones. As I mentioned, I first came across him and his company when trying to find a good velcro strap. Today, his nylon strap collection boasts 25 different versions, with various differences in things like width, hardware, and some that are very model-specific (say, for your Bell & Ross). Don’t like nylon? Well, GasGasBones does offer 11 different leather straps as well, some of which are just leather versions of their nylon predecessors while others look like sharp two-piece straps. Based on what I have seen of his work (and I do believe Evans is creating all of these himself), I would not have any qualms about ordering a strap from him.

GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

Which brings us back to what we had sent over the pond for us to play with, which comes from the nylon collection. To start with, the GasGasBones Zero Zero watch strap is something that has a good bit of presence on the wrist, given that it has a 25mm width (at least for the nylon). It can still fit narrower lugs, however, as there are leather keepers sewn on (at the lug-to-lug dimension you specify) that can accommodate 20, 22, or 24mm lugs. That is just the start, though, as you have quite a variety of choices to make, as the strap is indeed one that is customized to your needs.

GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

Sure, the GasGasBones Zero Zero starts off with a basic design idea, but you do provide your wrist measurements (along with the watch-specific ones mentioned above), and then you get to choose things like the color of the keepers (which go between the lugs), the color of the nylon, as well as what sort of buckle you want to have. This is where some real fun can start, as Evans has really jumped into manufacturing more and more of his own stuff since I first made contact. With the buckles, you have a variety of options that can be machined into a laser-cut blank.

GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

In the case of the strap I was sent, all I knew was that there would be a surprise. Unwrapping it, and would you look at at that – it had the two-color aBlogtoWatch logo next to the brand’s red, white, and blue bullseye. Aside from being a rather cool personal touch for the strap, it shows how this is more than just a simple engraving. You can work with Evans to get the design or text that you want, and even work in some additional color.


GasGasBones Zero Zero Watch Strap Review Luxury Items

As it turned out, when the GasGasBones Zero Zero came in, I had also just recently gotten the Magrette Dual Time in for review, so it seemed like a great combination to test out. And talk about traveling the globe – a British strap on a New Zealand watch, all on the wrist of an American. Fortunately for me (and for anyone who purchases a strap from GasGasBones), Evans knows what he’s doing. The nylon is comfortable, and it’s pretty easy to get the velcro to hit where you want. I believe the fold-over is preset to the wrist circumference you provide, so it should be spot on.

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  • awildermode

    Great straps! Quality you can see from the pictures, even better when you see and feel the straps themselves.

  • iamcalledryan

    Really great. I recall these guys from the B&R forums a few years back – they have been doing great work for quite some time!

  • Berndt Norten

    Gas Gas Bones Zero Zero. The perfect watch for Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. What an absurd name for an interesting product. But it works–certainly got my attention!

    I’m J.E. double F. J A double R E double T. Jeff Jarrett…

  • Poor timing as he’s closed operations / orders until Jan 4. Looks good though, would like to see other colors, but that portion of his website is “hidden”. However:

    • Jeff Jenkins

      If you scroll to the bottom of Carl’s home page at GasGasBones and click on site map you can see all of his straps.

  • SuperStrapper

    Not a fan of ballistic straps, being a leather and hide guy myself, but I’ve said for years that if I ever change my mind, it’ll be with GGB.

    • resonator resonator

      What would your custom buckle be?

  • Nelson

    just not my style.

  • Astronuts

    I like the design. The biggest problem with straps when it applies to tool watches, is how funky they get. Velcro has been a bugger to clean and it also has a finite lifespan. When a strap gets smelly, it’s done… and you just have to change it out. This strap would be more suited to match an aviator on an old super compessor that you don’t want to get wet.

    • Jeff Jenkins

      I toss mine in with the wash and air dry them. They always come out like new. My oldest strap is about 5 or 6 years old and the Velcro still works great. Even if the Velcro eventually wears out it can be replaced or just buy a new one. These are fairly inexpensive. Virtually all non metal straps will wear out eventually.

  • Anyone else remember Reef watch straps from the early 90’s? Nylon and velcro and all the neon colors under the nuclear rainbow. Usually available wherever Oakley BIades were sold.

    • Astronuts

      Holy sh*t! I bought a cheap quartz Gruen at a duty free shop on spring break 1990…threw that bad boy on a Reef! Wish I still had it for laughs.

  • Larry Holmack

    Nice enough looking…just not my style…I kind of prefer leather straps…especially ones that I can distress.

  • Jeff Jenkins

    I have two of Carl’s Zero Zero straps along with 10 other straps from Carl’s collection. All are great straps: beautiful, comfortable, rugged and extremely well made to your precise specifications and all for a very reasonable price. Toss in Carl’s exceptional customer service and the fact he is just an all around great guy and you simply can’t go wrong.

  • Dave Ryan

    The leather parts that hold the spring bars are not centred on the strap.

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