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Founded in 2017, Genteel Handmade has become well-known in the watch community for its quality bespoke straps. Carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail, Genteel Handmade straps are beautiful, durable, and incredibly versatile. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so special.

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Each Genteel watch strap is created as a one-of-a-kind piece; accordingly, no two straps are exactly the same. What is particularly noteworthy is that each Genteel strap is crafted entirely by hand, without the use of machinery. In fact, each strap is cut and assembled by a single artisan, Vanoaga George, the founder of the brand. This results in a product that is not only unique but also symbolizes Vanoaga George’s devotion to his craft.

“I’ve always been fascinated by crafting & creating things with my hands. Since I was a child, I’ve disassembled everything in my house only to assemble it back with my own hands. My main goal with Genteel Handmade is, and always will be, to create unique watch straps that will last a lifetime. I create all my products entirely by hand because I believe that a mass-produced strap loses its uniqueness and personality.” – Vanoaga George, Founder of Genteel Handmade

Over the last few years, Genteel Handmade has expanded its range of materials and now offer over 80 leathers to choose from, as well as more than 20 thread colors. The brand carefully selects premium leather hides, such as supple calf leather, exotic leathers like alligator and ostrich, and rare materials like Himalaya and shell cordovan. Moreover, the brand offers virtually any possible strap width, including unconventional widths, such as 21/16 mm and 17/16 mm.  Additionally, Genteel offers a custom embossing service, allowing enthusiasts to personalize their straps further by adding their initials to the back of the strap. If you have a watch that has an unconventional case shape, Genteel even offers 100% bespoke straps that require special cutouts; Vanoaga George recently made a custom strap for a Lecomte watch, which makes the watch even more special.

With a myriad of color and texture options available, the sheer variety offered by Genteel ensures that there is something for everyone. The brand offers straps in six signature designs: classic, minimal stitch, stitchless, padded, box-stitch, and rally. This level of variety gives enthusiasts the ability to select even the preferred thickness of their strap — an important variable that helps determine both the aesthetic and comfort of a strap.

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One of Genteel’s most popular product collections is its Omega-Style Deployant Strap. These straps are specially made to a thickness of 2.5mm and designed to perfectly fit the Omega deployant clasp, which is an extremely popular attachment, given its compatibility with the iconic Speedmaster model. The Omega strap possibilities available for this clasp are somewhat sparse and arguably a bit ordinary — collectors are left to choose among a limited range of OEM colors and materials, including black nylon, black rubber, and black alligator. Thanks to Genteel, enthusiasts who enjoy a deployant clasp can now choose from a myriad of strap colors, textures, and materials for their Speedy, which most collectors agree is a “strap monster” (a watch that looks good on almost any strap variation). Collectors can design their own custom Speedmaster strap here.

Further, collectors can rest assured that their Genteel strap will fit their wrists perfectly, as every strap is made to order according to the exact measurements of the purchaser’s wrist. George at Genteel even created a sizing guide to help ensure perfect sizing.

All in all, Genteel Handmade watch straps give collectors the opportunity to create and own quality, bespoke straps that speak to their exact style and preferences. With such a wide variety of colors, textures, materials, and sizes, the sky is truly the limit with Genteel. If you have a unique design in mind for a new strap, send Vanoaga George an email at [email protected] and share your vision. Learn more at the brand’s website.

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