Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Newcomer watch brand Gergé is less than two years old and has released their first "relationship" watch with high-end automobile wheel maker Giovanna. The wheel brand is best known for their Ferrari wheels that the Ferrari factory automatically included in their own car warranties if you choose to use aftermarket wheels.

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Gergé is spelled with the accented é so the enunciation it is actually "Ger-gey." The watches are subtle in their execution but have some interesting design elements. For instance, the dials are Côtes de Genève polished, but often with a special coating to give them a more polished look. Despite the high level of gloss on the dial they are very legible on most models. They did a good job keeping the readability factor high - a fact that I personally value a lot.

The cases are skeletonized on the sides - not the first time I have seen this but it keeps the case from being too ordinary looking. The cases are 45mm wide and wear quite comfortably. For these special limited edition Giovanna models, the case is done in titanium (with a blackish PVD coating) and ceramic (the bezel).  I love the crown and pushers as they are quite sturdy feeling.

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

As you can see, these watches come with two dials - the silvered version with Côtes de Genève, and a lightly textured black dial. Each of these watches seems to be available with each dial style. My favorite is the GM3 with the silvered dial. The GM3 contains an exclusive automatic monopusher chronograph movement developed for Gergè by Concepto. It is called the Calibre 2012 and is COSC Chronometer certified.

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

Gergé Giovanna GM1 & GM3 Watches Hands-On

The other model, the GM1, contains a modified Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic with the chronograph function removed. This leaves the subsidiary seconds dial and a day/date indicator. Only these limited edition Giovanna models have the black ceramic bezels. I really like the Giovanna logo on the dial, and the black and red color scheme work out very nicely. Straps are black alligator with white stitching.

The Gergé Giovanna models will be limited to 88 pieces for the GM3 versions and 288 pieces for the GM1 pieces . Prices are $3,890 for the Giovanna GM1 and $8,800 for the Giovanna GM3 watches.

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  • I love this GM 1!!! I have always said that my ideal watch would have the sub-second hand w/day-date. Don’t ask me why but those are the functions that I value in a watch although this is very rarely seen. Well done Gerge Giovanna!!!

  • kris c

    Very odd to take a 7750 and strip all chrono functions from it, just so you can have sub seconds and day/date. But what do I know.
    GM3 has my vote as well: I’ve always been a huge fan of the 7733 and 7734 movements, but they almost always come in cases under 40mm, and are of course manual wind. To get a bi compax chrono laid out like that in a modern case with auto winding is very attractive. Don’t know what I thuink of the crown though – one of those things you’d have to try on: the case is 45mm, and that is a massive crown sticking out like a monolith – it must add close to 10mm.

    Who cares though, at 88 pieces, I’ll probably never even get the opportunity to see one, let alone try it one. $3800 is not terrible, so why the limited run?

    • Kevin J.

      It’s actually not so uncommon to take a 7750 and turn it into a normal outo with day/date function. Just take a look at some of the Panerai models and also some Corums do the same execution.

  • Dangeruss

    That’s a really nice $850 watch… for $8,800. Not sure I need a foot of crown to adjust the time with. That seems a bit much. They’re fairly good looking, but I struggle to see the value when compared to other brands offerings. For $8800 I’ll take an Bremont and a Breitling please, or an IWC and an Omega.

    • Pete


      Another brand destined to be forgotten – the font of the numbers is very uninteresting, almost prefer the detail gone into the squiggly 8. An in-house bracelet might also complement it better.

    • amoeba

      $8800 is a bit high but it is an in house monopusher chronograph movement so its not ridiculous.

      The retail price of the Breitling B01 is probably higher than $8800.

      • charles

        sorry, BUT does Breitling even make a monopusher??I have never seen one.

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  • Lisa Clark

    I like the GM 1 model. I love black and red color scheme and would probably prefer the limited edition Giovanna models with black ceramic bezel.